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Enjoy the list of our most recent animated movie and character articles. With new animated movies being released every month, be sure to check back soon for more updates and fun lists.

Frozen Characters

22 Famous Frozen Characters

Meet the Frozen characters from Disney’s Frozen and Frozen II. Two sisters, Elsa and Anna, will change the fate of Arendelle forever….
Encanto Characters

12 Magical Encanto Characters

Meet the Encanto characters from Disney’s gifted Madrigal family. Discover each family member’s unique gift and tour their magical home.
Popular Halloween Characters

Best 58 Halloween Characters

Halloween characters embrace the spirit of Halloween and are at the center of Halloween movies and shows. View our list…
Lil Rob and Meaty skaters

Rob Dyrdek’s Wild Grinders

Rob Dyrdek’s Wild Grinders is a skateboard cartoon series that revolves around Lil Rob, an energetic skater kid, and his…
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