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Count Duckula – Vegetarian Vampire Ducks Rule!

Count Duckula cast of 4 characters

Count Duckula is the main character in the animated cartoon of the same name. Count Duckula first made an appearance in the show Danger Mouse before being awarded his own show where he could spin off and shine as the hero.

The Count himself is inspired by Dracula and other vampire lore, which gives the cartoon a solid baseline to start with before sprinkling in some corny jokes and magic.

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Count Duckula Personality and Characteristics

Duckula isn’t big on traditional vampire activities and expectations he is told to live up to. Instead, The Count considers himself to be a vampire duck with modern views and new ways of looking at the world. One thing he really wants to change is being stuck in a dark and dreary castle. Duckula is even able to go outside during the day without any traditional vampire side effects.

the count duck playing the piano

Duckula is also recognized for his willingness to help others even though he is penniless and poor. He is often scrambling to make ends meet. This could be a reason why he is a vegetarian vampire duck, and his favorite food is broccoli sandwiches.

Count Duckula Physical Appearance

Count Duckula with cape

The Count is a green duck with black hair parted down the middle. He is much shorter than other characters in the cartoon series. He wears a traditional tux with a long black cape and a red bow tie. Although most vampire characters have fangs, Count Duckula has none.

Count Duckula Strengths and Abilities

Count Duckula eating soup

Duckula has some of the same abilities you would expect a vampire to have, such as not being able to see his reflection in a mirror and being able to teleport.

The Count also has abilities that most traditional vampires don’t like being able to go outside in the daylight and not depend on drinking blood. Instead, Count Duckula is a vegetarian vampire duck.

He also shows the ability to generate a lightning strike when his anger is pushed to the limit.

Count Duckula Picture Gallary

Cartoon Appearances

  • Danger Mouse – The Four Tasks of Danger Mouse
  • Count Duckula – 4 Season, 65 episodes
  • Danger Mouse – 2015 Reboot

Count Duckula Trivia and Fun Facts 

Count Duckula sleeping on a couch
  • Danger Mouse is shown wearing pajamas with a Danger Mouse logo.
  • Count Duckula gets over-excited and can’t get a complete sentence out smoothly.
  • Berries give him heartburn.
  • His vampire clan has a motto, “Work hard for blood.”
  • Although Duckula comes from a family of vicious vampire ducks, he turned out to be nice to others in the community, likely because he is a vegetarian vampire duck.

Supporting Characters

  • Igor
  • Nanny
  • Castle Duckula
  • Dr. Von Goosewing
  • The Crow Brothers
  • Gaston and Pierre
  • Pirate Penguins
  • Relatives
  • The Peasants
  • Towser
  • Narrator

Count Duckula’s First Appearance

The first appearance of Count Duckula is in an episode named The Four Tasks of Danger Mouse, where he appears as an evil vampire duck with no obvious fangs except when necessary.

He can fly without transforming into a bat. He is in a suit printed with the capital letter D on it, and his voice resembles that of a lisp when speaking.

He’s a Villain who’s interested in fame, but this contradicts Danger Mouse’s impression, resulting in a huge conflict between them.

count duckula reading a magic spell from a blue book

His evil schemes are crafted to make him increase his popularity by making sure he’s in the spotlight.

He even goes further to partner with Danger Mouse’s worst enemy, Baron Silas Greenback, on a certain occasion to conquer the Danger Mouse.

However, DM realizes his mission and stops him before he succeeds.

Television Series

In the series, it is discovered that Duckula was once a member of a long-time dynasty of vampire ducks and has reincarnated.

This is because he has been killed several times, but he’s brought back to life through sacrifices and offerings.

It’s believed that the Count Duckula cartoon before the Danger Mouse series might have been murdered even before the spin-off but was brought back into life.

count duckula talking to igor and blue duck

This is true because his Nanny (his housekeeper) and butler attempt to reincarnate him by pouring sacred blood into his life back casket and they succeed.

However, Nanny confuses a bottle of sacred blood with Tomato Ketchup, and although it succeeds in awakening Duckula, this transforms him into a veggie-loving vampire who hates blood.

He passionately loves show business despite being a fangless vampire. While he’s in a spooky ancestral home named Castle Duckula, he can teleport to virtually all places to seek fortune and fame.

However, the bad news is that he doesn’t succeed in his plans despite all that effort.

Danger Mouse Connection

As a villain, Count Duckula is a proud vampire duck in the Danger Mouse series. His voice has a lisp, but he would often mumble.

His ability to transform into a winged cricket bat helped him change his appearance to disappear in a smoke flash that could also transfigure his clothes.

count talking to nanny

Being famous became his main goal, which made him host displays where he could showcase his despicable presentations, such as singing and acting.

He’s best at blackmailing and applying excessive force to his opponents.

Igor and Nanny

Although he loses his lisp in the Count Duckula series, he has the ambition to be more famous and fortunate than his predecessors.

However, he’s more determined to earn his fortunes and fame genuinely. He is no longer happy living a vampire life and doesn’t want to reincarnate into a vampire anymore.

count duckula driving with igor in the front seat

Still, he faces a setback as Igor tries to convince him not to denounce his ancestor’s legacy as a vampire. He’s determined to change his ancestral background legacy by traveling through time.

Also, he’s very annoyed by his castle’s appearance as gloomy and dark. This makes him conspire to destroy the entire world.

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Popular Count Duckula Questions

Where can I watch Count Duckula?

count duckula's youtube channel screen shot view

You can watch Count Duckula on his YouTube channel. There are dozens of clips and videos of Count Duckula and his counterparts.

How did Count Duckula End?

count duckula logo

Count Duckula ended the series by stating that Gooswing was successful in defeating Duckula in an alternate universe reality which is why he does not see his reflection in mirrors.

How is Count Duckula a spinoff of Danger Mouse?

duckula waving his hands

Count Duckula appears in the series Danger Mouse before starting his own cartoon series. He appeared as a villain in Danger Mouse but is regarded as a hero in his own cartoon.

Is Count Duckula a villain?

count duckula reading a magic spell from a blue book

Count Duckula is a villain guest star in the Danger Mouse cartoon series. In Duckula’s own animated series, he is the main character and hero.

Is Count Duckula Disney?

count duckula eating dinner

Count Duckula was started by Cosgrove Hall Films and later acquired by Disney.

When Did Duckula come out?

duckula close up

Count Duckula came out in the UK on September 6, 1988.

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