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Dragon Booster 3 Season Recap

Dragon Booster 3 seasons

Dragon Booster was a Canadian animated series that ran for three seasons from 2004 to 2006. It was aired in the Toon Disney network in the U.S. and was created by Rob Travalino and Kevin Mowrer.

The animated series used the toon shading technique that renders a paper-like texture to emulate a comic book’s style.

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Plot Summary

It tells Artha Penn’s adventure, a normal 16-year old stable boy who was chosen by the dragon Beaucephalis to become the legendary hero who will save the planet by uniting the dragons and humans for all eternity.

In a world where humans and dragons live together in harmony, a powerful man consumed by greed seeks to attain world domination. He will not stop at anything to impend the Dragon-Human war that will destroy the planet so that he can rule the remainder of humanity.

Dragon Booster Season 1

Beaucephalis is a mighty dragon reared by Connor Penn, Artha’s father. When Paynn tried to steal the extinct dragon breed, he failed, but Artha’s father disappeared right after.

The newly chosen Dragon Booster needs to take care of himself by racing in the All-City Races to obtain money and train to become a Dragon racer.

He then met Mortis, a mysterious Dragon Priest who became his mentor to help him fulfill his destiny as the legendary hero.

Dragon Booster Season 2

The season opens with Cyrano being possessed by Samurox, the ancient leader of the Blue Draconium Empire. He then ordered every single blue dragon to war.

In the finale, darkness fell in Dragon City as the powerful Shadow Booster, Drakkus, returned to commence his ultimate evil plan.

Dragon Booster Season 3

In this final season, Artha was thrown into the deepest part of the city, the Waste Lands of Loan.

The legendary hero’s life was in jeopardy as the Propheci; a black-hearted dragon attempts to ambush him to prevent humans from controlling the dragons.

The season and the entire series ended with Artha competing in the Dragball Elimination Challenge in the Dragon City Racing Academy.

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Dragon Booster Characters:

Artha Penn

Son of Connor and Fira Penn, he is the ultimate Dragon racer with a challenging task to save the world from an imminent Dragon-Human War,


He is a Gold Draconium dragon, which is an extinct breed. Beaucephalis or Beau is the last of his kind, and he is the only dragon who can use all Draconium gear colors.

Word Paynn

Father of Moordryd Paynn and the ultimate villain in the series. He is a powerful man as he owns Paynn Inc., a big business that produces gears for dragon racing.

Connor Penn

Owner of Penn Stables, an establishment that raises and trains dragons. He is most notable for breeding Beaucephalis, the most valuable dragon in the entire series. As he went missing, Connor disguised himself as Mortis Dragon Priest.

Moordryd Paynn

Moordryd is the Son of Word Paynn and the leader of the Dragon Eye Crew. As a loyal son, he follows his father’s orders and embarks on dangerous missions for him to attain world domination.

Lance Penn

He is Artha’s kind-hearted younger brother and also a member of the Penn Racing Crew.

Parmon Sean

Bestfriend of Artha, he plays as a valuable member of Penn Racing Crew as he has profound knowledge of configuration and modification of gears.

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How many episodes are there in Dragon Booster?

Dragon Booster has a total of 39 episodes in 3 combined seasons.

How many seasons does Dragon Booster have?

Dragon Booster has 3 seasons that aired on television from 2004 to 2006.

How do I download Dragon Booster?

You can stream Dragon Booster on Prime Video with a subscription. You can also find some episodes on Youtube.

What happened to Dragon Booster Academy?

Dragon Booster aired from 2004 to 2006 and is currently not in production. Seasons 1, 2, and 3 can be found on Prime Video and Youtube.

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