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Elsa Coloring Pages (Free and Printable)

Elsa from Frozen and Frozen II

Elsa coloring pages are a Disney fan favorite! Elsa is an animated character from the Disney movies Frozen and Frozen II. The Frozen story was inspired by the novel, “The Snow Queen” which is a Danish fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen.

Elsa is the Queen in the Kingdom of Arendale and she has magical powers to create and transform snow and ice.

Throughout the film series, she struggles with her identity and where she comes from. She also tries to hider her powers before eventually taking a leap of faith and embarrassing her gifts.

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Else runs away to protect the ones she loves most only to later realize her kingdom needs her guidance and powers to save them.

Elsa often teams up with her sister Anna. She also creates a snowman with her magic named Olaf who brings joy and cheer to everyone he meets.

Anna and Elsa standing out side as fall leaves blow around

Below are some popular Elsa coloring pages that you can save or print. Just tap the image to enlarge it then save, screenshot, or print. Tap, save, print!

Elsa and Anna Coloring Pages

Elsa and Anna are very close sisters who have shown throughout the Frozen animated series that they love each other and will always be around to support one another. Here are some coloring pages with Anna and Elsa, sisters of Arendale.

Elsa Let It Go Coloring Pages

Elsa sings, “Let It Go,” which goes on to become one of the most famous Disney movie songs of all time. Here are some Elsa coloring pages around the theme of the hit song, “Let It Go.”

Elsa and Friends Color Pages

Elsa has many friends that join her in Frozen and Frozen II movies. Here are some coloring pages with Elsa and her friends Anna, Kristroff, Sven, and Olaf.

Elsa Coloring Pages

Elsa images of the beautiful and powerful Queen of Arendale. She leaders her people with love and kindness while also protecting them with the power of snow and ice.

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