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Granny Goodness DC Animated Universe

Granny Goodness was initially another desperate daughter of Apokolips. She was removed from her parents and trained to be one of Darkseid’s elite soldiers.

Part of her training was training her dog, named Mercy. As a final part of her initiation into her life as a Hound, her instructor ordered him to kill her beloved pet to test her loyalty. However, she, instead of kindness, killed her instructor.

Taken to Darkseid, Goodness revealed that she didn’t do it because she wanted to forgive the dog. Darkseid ordered the dog to kill Grandmother Goodness, and she was forced to euthanize her prized pet.

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Darkseid, impressed by such an act, made Granny Goodness one of his most fantastic chiefs, lieutenants, and generals.

Granny Goodness DC earned the nickname when she became the Apokolips Orphanage’s caretaker, the most recent training ground for Darkseid soldiers.

These facilities allowed Granny Goodness to impose her harsh and brutal training on several generations of soldiers.

Granny Goodness

Her demeanor was that of a loving, sweet, and sickly maternal figure as she tortured her defendants. Her most potent soldiers were part of the Female Furies, a group of soldiers specifically to serve Darkseid.

Granny Goodness DC was created in May 1971 by Jack Kirby and made her first appearance in Mister Miracle vol. 1 & 2. Darkseid ordered Grandma Goodness to set up a training center for his elite soldiers.

She used to torture and brainwashing to turn innocent children into warriors willing to kill and die for Darkseid.

Granny Goodness comic

Since the war between New Genesis and Apokolips, Granny Goodness moved to Earth, searching for children in orphanages to find new warriors for Darkseid.

One of the best soldiers of Goodness was Big Barda, the leader of the Furies. However, all of his plans and his schools were reversed by Scott Free.

Highfather’s son from New Genesis was brought to his orphanages as a peace treaty. Still, he resisted her manipulations, overcoming her attempts to break him.

Also, he fell in love with Barda, who later abandoned her role as a Furie member to escape Earth with him.

Granny Goodness Appearances

Granny Goodness also appears on Mister Miracle, where we discover that she was possibly a spy for Highfather before Big Barda killed her.

We also saw her many times outside the pages of the comics. She appeared in several animated series of the DC universe; among the most outstanding are:

  • Smallville: In this series, he appeared in the tenth season, where he directed the Female Furies.
  • Young Justice: Here, she appeared in the third season, where she was one of Darkseid’s spies on Earth.

She also has appearances in Superman the animated series and Justice League Unlimited. Also, she will have a significant role in the upcoming movie New Gods.

Granny Goodness is the boss of the Furies. Likewise, she raised Scott Free, Highfather’s son from New Genesis, who had been negotiated by Darkseid’s son as part of a peace treaty.

For a list of new animation coming soon and Wikipedia for more Granny DC info.

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