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Boov Pop! is a colorful and entertaining game for all ages. Children and adults can enjoy this game alike on your phone or tablet to kill some time or make your day a little more Boov-erific!

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Name and Creator: Home: Boov Pop! by Behaviour Interactive Inc.
Devices: iPhone, iPad, Android
Stores: iTunes, Google Play
Movie Review: Home Featured Animation Review
Facebook Page: Home: Boov Pop! Facebook Page

Home: Boov Pop! Review

When starting up Boov Pop! for the first time you are greeted by an option to sign with your Facebook account or play as a guest. In my demo video above I played as a guest and was able to continually go back as a guest and pick up on the level where I left off. Signing in with your Facebook account, however, would make it much easier to share your results on social media and challenge your friends.

Boov Pop is a puzzle game and you’ll find jumping into level 1 you are introduced with how to play the game. You simply connect as many as the same color bubbles in a line as possible and that’s about it. The ease of use for this app allows all ages to jump in right away and start playing without a bunch of complicated controls.

The graphics are similar to that of the movie and are very colorful. The characters from the movie are also a part of the game as they cheer for you and get nervous when you are down to your final moves.

Privacy and safety only come into question when signing in with your Facebook id and the potential of announcements being posted on your behalf or if someone were to play the game on your device. The only other concern is although the app is free to download there are options to make purchases inside the app. You or someone borrowing your device could purchase more lives to keep playing longer or the movie’s soundtrack as an example.

The bottom line is Boov Pop! is a great game that’s easy for anyone to enjoy and learn to play quickly. Download the app and try it out for free today. Below are some reviews from users in the iTunes store. Leave a comment below and share what you think of the game Boov Pop!

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