Animated Movie Reviews

It’s always a good idea to skim some movie reviews to set your expectations for movies especially kids movies. Some kids movies are great for a younger crowd and some are cater to both kids and adults. Sometimes watching a movie as an adult is like watching a whole new movie compared to how you remember it as a kid. 

Here are the most current movie reviews and links to pages for the top movies of previous years. 

SpongeBob flipping burgers with his original spatula

Top 5 SpongeBob Spatulas

SpongeBob is the most dedicated fry cook in Bikini Bottom, and his love for spatulas is exceptional. Which SpongeBob spatula is your favorite? The different…
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SpongeBob and Plankton

Top 8 SpongeBob Villains

The SpongeBob SquarePants series is never short of exciting villains whose evil actions have created a profound impact in the life of our favorite protagonist.…
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