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Pokemon Gravity Game Moves and Strategy

Pokemon Gravity game descriptions

Those who are in touch with Pokemon games may be aware of Pokemon Gravity. However, there could be many others who may not be aware of the same.

Hence, we are making an effort to help our readers better understand Pokemon Gravity and when and how gravity should be used in the TCG.

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What is Pokemon Gravity?

When we talk about pokemon move gravity, we are trying to take gravity to the next step. When Pokemon is put through an intense gravity situation, the field opponents tend to become grounded.

If this happens, you can reasonably assume that the grounded Pokemon will lose their immunity power. They may not be able to effectively handle ground-type moves because most prefer to be airborne or flying.

Pokemon that learn gravity

Apart from this primary difference, there are a few more reasons why experienced and skilled pokemon players use the much-talked-about Pokemon Gravity.

Gravity Additional Functions

When the opponents are subjected to heavy doses of gravity, it could impact their ability to use various other features such as bounce, high jump kick, fly, flying press, magnet rise, and a host of other such features.

Hence, it would not be out of place to mention here that if you are faced with a host of Pokemon flying, jumping, bouncing, and creating mayhem, it is time for you to start making use of the gravity move Pokemon.

Pokemon gravity egg move

Gravity Can Increase Accuracy

It would also be pertinent to mention here that gravity could enhance accuracy because it has some fantastic status-enhancing properties.

Gravity allows sufficient opportunities or five turns. There have been some findings that show this feature may increase accuracy by as much as 5/3.

As mentioned above, Pokemon has some lethal ground-based attack capabilities, and these are almost nullified and blunted.

When they cannot move to fly mode, this gravity feature ensures that they become easy targets when the gravity mode is on and working.

Several benefits could come your way when dealing with dangerous and deadly pokemon opponents if you use gravity against them. It could increase your chances of winning by quite a few notches.

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However, at the same time, please bear in mind that you have only five opportunities to use these intense gravity options.

In other words, all Pokemon players can expect to increase their accuracy and effectiveness statistics by multiplying it by 5/3. This advantage is quite huge and could make the difference between winning losing.

The grounded Pokeman are most impacted because of the lethal effects of intense gravity. These gravitational impacts lead to the release of sticky web spikes and toxic spikes, which can be devastating.

If you are a Pokemon player and would like to increase your effectiveness and chances of winning significantly, you must understand Pokemon move gravity and use it often.

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Does gravity increase accuracy?

Yes, gravity will increase all Pokemon’s accuracy by 66%.

What does changing gravity do in Pokemon?

Changing gravity improves the accuracy of all Pokemon and allows flying or levitating Pokemon to be open to ground attacks.

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