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Savi’s Workshop – Build Your Custom Lightsaber

Join the Jedi at Savi’s workshop and build your custom lightsaber! Travel to a galaxy far, far away, where you will find Black Spire Outpost at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Park for an immersive experience with the force.

Custom Built Lightsabers at Savi's workshop

Savi is a Jedi supporter and gathers scrap metal parts from around the galaxy to help build custom lightsabers for his Jedi friends and keep the resistance hope alive.

Once you arrive at Black Spire Outpost, you will be collected by Savi’s Gatherers, who will escort you to Savi’s Workshop’s secret location, which must remain a tight-lipped secret, so The First Order does not discover it.

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When you enter Savi’s Workshop, you will discover a treasure trove of pieces collected from throughout the Star Wars universe. Of course, anyone entering Savi’s Workshop’s primary objective is to build their own handbuilt lightsabers.

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The Builder will have the option of your own lightsaber experience where you choose all the individual pieces or legacy lightsabers inspired by sabers from the Star Wars films.

Choose Your Hilt

With Savi’s Gatherers’ help, your first step will be to choose your custom lightsaber hilt theme. Here, your options are Peace and Justice, Power and Control, Elemental Nature, or Protection and Defence.

Peace and Justice – Scraps from fallen Jedi temples and starship crashes are used in these Republic-inspired designs in memory of the past.

Power and Control – Originally, these hilts were forged by warriors from the Dark Side and feature elements of the Sith dark world and forgotten temples.

Scrap metal parts to build lightsabers

Elemental Nature – This hilt encompasses the force of good. The energy of all living things surrounding us and how harmoniously the universe can coexist.

Protection and Defense – These themes of scrap materials come from mysterious beginnings and have unusual markings. These hilts connect one with the old fountain of the force.

Many Star Wars fans will vouch for the great quality of the hilts. They do not feel like a cheap plastic toys you might buy at the store. They have some weight and feel strong and sturdy in your hand.

Lightsaber hilt design example

Choose Your Kyber Crystal

Perhaps the most exciting selection you will make is choosing your kyber crystal for your lightsaber. The kyber crystal provides a specific color for your lightsaber, with the options being: red, green, blue, or violet.

Red – Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Kylo Ren
Green – Luke Skywalker, Yoda, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Ashoka Tano
Blue – Obi-Wan Kanobi, Anakin Skywalker
Violet – Mace Windu

Next, Savi’s Gatherers will help you construct your lightsaber using parts and materials associated with your hilt theme selection. Each builder established a personal bond with their choices as they build their lightsaber, so choose carefully.

Kyber Crystal colors for custom lightsabers

Once completed, your lightsaber will be ready to help guide you on your adventures through the galaxy. The entire experience is an adventure, from the gathers bringing you to Savi’s workshop to the final product you take home.

Before You Arrive At Savi’s Workshop

Park visitors should note that Savi’s Workshop is a top-rated attraction at Walt Disney World: Hollywood Studios, and making advanced reservations is heavily advised; although same-day reservations are not available, you may be able to attend the attraction on the day (depending on availability for walk-ins).

You can make advanced reservations on the Disney World website or the Disney Experience Mobile App. The Disney: Hollywood Studios park is open from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, and you must have a valid ticket to enter the park on the day you have scheduled your reservation for Savi’s Workshop.

Hilt individual pieces to build a custom lightsaber

When booking your reservations for Savi’s Workshop, you must have a valid credit card (note: payment is due when you arrive at Savi’s Workshop, not beforehand).

Building your own lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop is $199.99 per lightsaber (plus tax), a fair price for a Star Wars fan. Simultaneously, entrance to Savi’s Workshop is limited to the builder plus a guest (at least one individual must be over 14). Only the builder will be able to build and receive a lightsaber.

Your lightsaber purchase will come with a black leather carrying case. You can always buy additional kyber crystals for different color blades and other scrap metal pieces to customize your hilt further.

Please note that your reservations will be nontransferable, and any custom-built lightsabers are nonrefundable and not eligible for discounts.

Arriving At Savi’s Workshop

You must arrive outside Savi’s Workshop no earlier than 15 minutes before your reservation time and be prepared to provide the credit card you used when making your reservation, your reservation confirmation, and a form of photo identification.

Your reservation party must arrive entirely, and Savi’s workers may not accommodate late arrivals. As you wait to build your lightsaber, Savi’s cast members will engage the builders and their guests and ask questions about what it is like living on Earth.


If you need to cancel your reservation for Savi’s Workshop, you must do so at least one day before your reservation. If you fail to do so or do not attend your reservation, they will charge the credit card you used when making said reservation. The charge is $199.99 per builder on your reservation.

Read more about scheduling your visit to Savi’s Workshop on Disney’s website. For more interesting articles, see our list of Disney movies and brush up on the most popular Disney characters.

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