Soul (2020)

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In Soul, a musician who has lost his passion for music is transported out of his body and must find his way back with the help of an infant soul learning about herself.

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Movie Details

  • Release Date: November 20, 2020
  • Run Time: 1h 47min
  • Director: Pete Docter, Kemp Powers
  • Writers: Pete Docter, Kemp Power, Mike Jones

Soul Cast and Characters

Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx
Joe Soul movie Pixar
Joe Gardner
Tina Fey
Tina Fey
Graham Norton
Graham Norton
Rachel House
Rachel House
Alice Braga
Alice Braga
Richard Ayoade
Richard Ayoade
Wes Studi
Wes Studi
Phylicia Rashad
Phylicia Rashad
Donnell Rawlings
Donnell Rawlings
Angela Bassett
Angela Bassett
Cora Champommier
Cora Champommier
Margo Hall
Margo Hall
Daveed Diggs
Daveed Diggs
Rhodessa Jones Soul movie Pixar
Rhodessa Jones
Esther Chae Soul movie Pixar
Esther Chae
22 Soul movie Pixar
Moonwind Soul movie Pixar
Terry Soul movie Pixar
Counselor Jerry (Alice Braga) Soul movie Pixar
Counselor Jerry
Counselor Jerry Soul movie Pixar
Counselor Jerry
Counselor Jerry (Wes Studi) Soul movie Pixar
Counselor Jerry
LIbba Gardner Soul movie Pixar
Libba Gardner
Dez Soul movie Pixar
Curley Soul movie Pixar
Dorothea Williams Soul movie Pixar
Dorothea Williams
Connie Soul movie Pixar
Melba Soul movie Pixar
Paul Soul movie Pixar
Lulu Soul movie Pixar
Miho Soul movie pixar
Mr. Mittens Soul movie Pixar
Mr. Mittens
  • Jamie Foxx – Joe Gardner
  • Tina Fey – 22
  • Graham Norton – Moonwind
  • Rachel House – Terry
  • Alice Braga – Counselor Jerry
  • Richard Ayoade – Counselor Jerry
  • Phylicia Rashad – Libba Gardner
  • Donnell Rawlings – Dez
  • Questlove – Curley
  • Angela Bassett – Dorothea Williams
  • Cora Champommier – Connie
  • Margo Hall – Melba
  • Daveed Diggs – Paul
  • Rhodessa Jones – Lulu
  • Wes Studi – Counselor Jerry
  • Esther Chae – Miho
  • Mr. Mittens

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Soul Verdict

Soul is an animated film that sets a deeper tone as it tackles some fundamental questions about the real priorities of life.

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Soul Quotes

Don’t worry, they’re fine. You can’t crush a soul here. That’s what life on Earth is for.
22 Soul movie Pixar
So what do you think you’ll do? How are you gonna spend your life?
I’m not sure. But I do know…I’m going to live every minute of it.
Joe Soul movie Pixar
Jerry and Joe

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Soul Plot Summary (Spoilers)

Disney’s Pixar has a strong reputation for making top-quality animated features. With a long list of hits that began with Toy Story back in 1995, they continue with the 2020 release of Soul. 

The movie has won over critics and audiences alike. It has been nominated for countless awards worldwide cartoon that sets a deeper tone as it tackles some fundamental questions about the real priorities of life. 

It uses the voice talents of some big Hollywood names including, Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey. It is a movie that can be watched by all the family and enjoyed on so many levels.

Soul Dez and Joe at the barber shop with Mr. Mittens

The main character is a man called Joe Gardner, who is unsatisfied with his job and his life, in general. He works as a music teacher at a middle school though his passion is to be a proper jazz pianist. 

This might be his dream, but his mother, Libba, disapproves. She works as a seamstress, and her feet are firmly on the ground, and she wants her son to do the same. 

But his former student, Curley, tells him about an audition coming up to join the jazz legend bandDorothea Williams. This is a chance of a lifetime and something that Joe Gardner can’t pass up. 

Soul Pixar movie Half Note Entrance

His piano playing impresses Dorothea so much that she hires him on the spot! His first gig will be that very night, and he leaves the club feeling elated. He needs to go home to prepare for the night’s performance – then falls down a maintenance hole!

Joe now finds himself as a Soul, and he is heading into the “Great Beyond.” As he finally gets his big break, he doesn’t want to die just yet and tries to escape. 

The attempt fails, and he ends up in the “Great Before,” where Soul Counselors, who all go by the name of Jerry, prepare unborn souls for life on Earth. Joe decides to pose as an instructor, and their task is to train them. 

Soul Pixar movie At The Half Note

He is assigned to instruct one of them called 22, a very cynical soul who has lived in the Great Before for a Millenium and views living on Earth as pointless. 

22 tells Joe that she has a badge that fills up with traits. For the badge to be completed, she needs to find her “Spark.” She promises Joe that she will give the completed badge to Joe when she finds it so he can return home.

Joe tries to help 22 in finding a passion, but this proves to be unsuccessful. So 22 decides to take Joe to “the zone,” which is where people go when they have reached a level of passion that puts them into a euphoric trance. 

Soul Pixar movie The Great Before

This is the place where lost souls remain when they become obsessed. It is here that they meet a sign twirler called Moonwind, whose task is to help rescue the lost souls who are trapped there. 

Moonwind agrees to help Joe return to his earthly body, and they find out that his body did not die; it was only in a coma.

Full of excitement, Joe rushes back to Earth but brings 22 with him by accident. This results in 22 entering Joe’s body and Joe ending up in the body of a Therapy Cat. 

Soul Pixar movie The Hall of Everything

But their sudden departure has not gone unnoticed, as Terry, who is an accountant, has the task of counting souls who are headed for the Great Beyond. She has discovered that the count is wrong and convinces the Jerry’s to let her bring the Missing Soul back.

Back on Earth, Joe and 22 manage to escape the hospital. 22 is frightened at first but soon feels more comfortable inside Joe’s body. It is then that she finds great enjoyment from all the little things in life. 

They go to Joe’s apartment, where they meet one of Joe’s students named Connie, who tells Joe that she will quit the band. But, before she leaves, Connie plays a Trombone solo that is so passionate it affects 22 greatly. 

Soul Moonwind Joe and Mr. Mittens near a crosswalk

She implores Connie not to give up but to continue as music is definitely her talent. Connie changes her mind and thanks Joe before leaving. They next go to get Joe a haircut and go to the barbers. Dez and 22 get into a deep and meaningful conversation.

When bending down, 22 rips Joe’s pants, so they go to see Libba to get them repaired. 22 talks with Libba and can get her to reconcile with her son. Libba accepts his passion for music and, in a sign of good faith, gives Joe his late father’s suit.

22 has experienced an epiphany and decides to find her purpose on Earth. So, before Moonwind can restore Joe, 22 refuses to proceed with Joe’s restoration and flees instead while Joe runs after her. 

Soul movie Pixar at the Barber Shop

Terry catches up with them and returns them to the Great Beyond, where 22 sees that her badge is now filled up. But Joe points out that the badge has been filled out with his experiences and tastes and not hers. 

22 is angry and throws the badge at Joe, then runs off into the zone. A Jerry explains to Joe that a Spark is not a life’s purpose but simply that a soul is ready to live. He returns to Earth and has a great first performance with the Dorothea Williams quartet though he is troubled by what has happened.

Joe vows to search for 22, who is now a lost soul and uses the collection of items from 22 to inspire him to play piano and enters the zone. 

Joe tries to return her badge, but it’s no use as she feels hopeless about her lack of purpose. Joe takes a maple seed that 22 had collected and convinced 22 she is ready to live.

With her badge, 22 returns to Earth, and Joe accompanies her for as long as he can. But, when he’s preparing to head into the Great Beyond, a Jerry stops him and gives him the great news. 

His actions have inspired them all so much they decide to give him another chance at life. Thanking them all, he returns to Earth and ready to live life to the fullest.

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