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Ugly Dolls Synopsis

In the joyful town of Uglyville, beauty is more than skin deep. Being different, strange, and oddly shaped is celebrated and embraced. Once in awhile a new member is dropped from the sky above to join the community who everyone greets with great enthusiasm.

Some of the members of Uglyville begin wondering if anything is on the other side of the mountain. Their curiosity and adventurous spirit takes over and they climb to the other side to discover another world, Perfection.

In the town of Perfection the Ugly Dolls must face what it means to be different and have what others may see as flaws. They are challenged with their desires to be loved and accepted and in the end have to determine if being who you truly are is what matters most.

What Parents Should Know

A heartwarming movie about the challenges we all face day to day with our unique differences. Ugly Dolls is a good reminder that beauty is found deep within and just being yourself is what really matters most.

Box Office

Coming soon…Opening weekend in the U.S. Ugly Dolls brought in an estimated $0 and came in first. The movie budget is estimated to have been $1.

Ugly Dolls Trailer and related Videos

[td_block_video_youtube playlist_title=”Ugly Dolls Trailer and related videos” playlist_yt=”qjoomsFNgwg, BvjR-d7p8Ok, AbBF5TuXX0I, 9dmVtBYbwPA” playlist_auto_play=”0″]

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Ugly Dolls Photos (click to enlarge)

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Ugly Dolls Twitter News

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Ugly Dolls Cast

For a complete cast visit IMDb

Kelly Clarkson | Moxy

Ugly Dolls movie 2019 Kelly Clarkson as Moxy

Nick Jonas | Lou

Ugly Dolls movie 2019 Nick Jonas as Lou

Janelle Monae | Mandy

Ugly Dolls movie 2019 Janelle Monae as Mandy

Blake Shelton | Ox

Ugly Dolls movie 2019 Blake Shelton as Ox

Pitbull | Ugly Dog

Ugly Dolls movie 2019 Pit Bull as Ugly Dog

Gabriel Iglesias | Babo

Ugly Dolls movie 2019 Gabriel Iglesias as Babo

Wanda Sykes | Wage

Ugly Dolls movie 2019 Wanda Sykes as Wage

Leehom Wang | Lucky Bat

Ugly Dolls movie 2019 Leehom Wang as Lucky Bat

Charli XCX | Kitty

Bebe Rexha | Tuesday

Lizzo | Lydia

Emma Roberts | Wedge Head

Laura Nicole Harrison | Jumbotron

Stephen Zimpel | Michael

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Ugly Dolls Games/Apps

Create your own Ugly Doll at their factory website. Click here. This is a picture of my Ugly Doll.

Ugly doll created by Featured Animation

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Ugly Dolls Soundtrack

Ugly Dolls movie 2019 soundtrack album cover

  1. Broken & Beautiful | Kelly Clarkson (3:38)
  2. Couldn’t Be Better | Kelly Clarkson
  3. Today’s the Day | Kelly Clarkson
  4. Couldn’t Be Better | Kelly Clarkson & UglyDolls Cast
  5. Today’s the (Perfect) Day | UglyDolls Cast
  6. The Ugly Truth | Nick Jonas
  7. You Make My Dreams | Pentatonix
  8. The Uglier Truth | Nick Jonas
  9. All Dolled Up | Janelle Monae & Kelly Clarkson
  10. Unbreakable | Janelle Monae & Kelly Clarkson
  11. The Big Finale | UglyDolls Cast
  12. Girl in the Mirror | Bebe Rexha
  13. Ugly (English) | Anitta
  14. Don’t Change | Why Don’t We
  15. Wallflowers & Weeds | Blake Shelton
  16. Ugly (spanish) | Anitta

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Ugly Dolls Review

Coming soon.

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Ugly Dolls Plot (with spoilers)

Ugly Dolls…coming soon.

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