Up (2009)

PG | 1h 36min | Adventure, Comedy

As a boy, Carl Fredricksen wanted to explore South America and find the forbidden Paradise Falls. About 64 years later he gets to begin his journey along with Boy Scout Russell by lifting his house with thousands of balloons.

Up Carl, Russell, and Dug hanging from a floating house
Rating 4 out of 5 stars

Up Verdict

Onward is a magical adventure that will tug on your heartstrings and have the whole family laughing. The winding quest is another home run by Pixar and Disney.

Movie Details

Release Date: May 29, 2020

Director: Pete Docter, Bob Peterson

Writers: Pete Docter, Bob Peterson, Tom McCarthy

Cast: Edward Asner, Christopher Plummer, Jordan Nagai, Bob Peterson, Delroy Lindo, John Ratzenberger, David Kaye and more

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Up Parents Guide

Parents should know that Up is a Pixar animation movie about an older gentleman following his life long dream of discovering a hidden paradise. There is mild violence throughout with aggressively trained dogs in some scenes, shooting guns, and tense moments when characters nearly fall from great heights.

There is also a theme throughout of old age, love, and death that may affect young kids in different ways. Overall the movie Up is a great Pixar film that highlights family, adventure, positive character traits.

Up Box Office

Opening weekend in the U.S. Up brought in an estimated $68,108,790. The movie budget is estimated to have been around $175 million. Up brought in a worldwide gross total at the box-office of $735,099,082.

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Up Review

Up top movie star voices are Ed Asner, Jordan Nagai, Christopher Plummer, Bob Peterson, Delroy Lindo, John Ratzenberger, and more. Featured Animation ranks this movie a 4.5 on a scale from 1 to 5.

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Up Plot Summary (Spoilers)

Up plot summary coming soon.

Up Soundtrack

  1. Up With Titles
  2. We’re In the Club Now
  3. Married Life
  4. Carl Goes Up
  5. 52 Chachki Pickup
  6. Paradise Found
  7. Walkin’ the House
  8. Three Dog Dash
  9. Kevin Beak’n
  10. Canine Conundrum
  11. The Nickel Tour
  12. The Explorer Motel
  13. Escape from Muntz Mountain
  14. Giving Muntz the Bird
  15. Stuff We Did
  16. Memories Can Weigh You Down
  17. The Small Mailman Returns
  18. He’s Got the Bird
  19. Seizing the Spirit of Adventure
  20. It’s Just a House
  21. The Ellie Badge
  22. Up With End Credits
  23. The Spirit of Adventure
  24. Carl’s Maiden Voyage – Skywalker Sound
  25. Muntz’s Dark Reverie – Skywalker Sound
  26. Meet Kevin in the Jungle – Skywalker Sound
  27. Composing For Characters: Michael Giacchino

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