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Which Encanto Character Are You?

Which Encanto character are you

Which Encanto character are you? The diverse characters of Encanto display many different strengths, weaknesses, and super abilities that frame their personalities and you likely have something in common with one or more characters.

The Encanto Madrigal Family photo

You’ll likely uncover many characteristics you have in common with the Encanto characters.

Finding similar strengths and gifts with more than one character is ideal. Embrace your gifts and talents to help those around you and those you love. Let’s find out the Encanto characters who are just like you!

The Encanto Madrigal family tree

Select a couple of the buttons below (orange) that align with your personality and character traits to see the characters from Encanto with whom you have the most in common. You may have more in common with the characters from Enacanto than you realize.

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Select traits (orange) to discover common gifts with Encanto characters


Mirabel Madrigal and her door

“The Brains” – Special in your own way! With your abundance of natural talents, a magical gift is not required to achieve your full potential and bring the family together.

You may see yourself as ordinary with no exceptional abilities but if you are determined and you persevere you can surpass those who don’t work hard. Embrace your wonder and imagination to pursue your happiness.

Sing along with Mirabel in Waiting on a Miracle.

Abuela Alma

Abuela and her door

“The Protector” – All the family honor, special gifts, and magic are under your protection. With the weight of the family on your shoulders, you try to do what is best for the whole.

Your determination and duty are to the entire family and you are that glue to hold it all together. Strive to do your best and lead the family by teaching those around you to maximize their gifts.

Sing along with Abuela and the whole family in The Family Madrigal.


Luisa and her door

“The Brawn” – You are hard-working, accountable, and courageous. Your inner strength can be more impressive than your exterior brawn.

Bravery and duty strengthen your purpose and you are stronger than you know. Continue to strengthen your mind and muscle to explore your full potential.

Sing along with Luisa in Surface Pressure.


Isabela and her door

“The Beauty” – Poised and graceful in all that you do, many look to you in amazement but you offer more beauty than what is on the surface.

Your beauty will bloom while you embrace duty to yourself and your family. Beautiful people are more than skin deep and when you challenge this belief you’ll uncover impressive gifts and qualities in yourself.

Sing along with Isabela in What Else Can I Do.


Julieta and her door

“The Healer” – Unwaveringly supportive and welcoming of every person for exactly who they are as an individual.

While the magical gift of healing people through food is wonderful; the true heroic power is sharing unconditional love! Use your warmth and kindness to heal others physically, spiritually, and mentally.

Sing along with the popular Encanto song, Two Oruguitas.


Bruno and his door

“The Visionary” – You are often three steps ahead of everyone else, if not more. Your visions and dreams of the family are fair and honest, intending to mean no harm.

Though your expertise in everyone’s unknown is second nature to you, communicating your thoughts to others requires a delicate touch. Choose your words carefully with the best intentions.

Sing along with the hit song, We Don’t Talk About Bruno.


Pepa Madrigal and her door

“The Firecracker” – Vibrant and emotional, you wear your heart on your sleeve. You are very passionate about family, the future, and everything around you.

Holding back your emotions will box you in. Live free and embrace your cloudy days and sunny skies. With your energy, you can move mountains and inspire.

Sing along with Pepa, family, and townsfolk in All of You.


Dolores and her door

“The Listener” – Don’t let the timidness fool you. Extraordinary hearing can be both a curse and a blessing, but always being in the know is bound to yield rewards.

Knowledge is power. Use your listening skills to gather information and help those when you can.

Sing along with Dolores in We Don’t Talk About Bruno, All of You, and more Encanto songs.


Antonio and his door

“The Interpreter” – Reserved and shy, with young nervous energy. When you can talk with animals, you’ll surround yourself with many loyal friends.

Your heart and kindness are bigger than you know. Keep establishing relationships with nature and family while building bridges of communication between your many different types of friends.

Sing along to the film’s title song, Colombia, Mi Encanto.


Camilo and his door

“The Performer” – Center stage is your happy place. Theatrical and creative in almost every aspect, your imagination is a gift others wish they could harness.

Be creative, be imaginative, and continually push your unbridled ideas to enrich the lives around you.

Sing along with the Spanish and English versions of Dos Orugitas.

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