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The Verdict

Wonder Park will leave you wondering why you didn’t rent this on video instead of seeing it in the theater.


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Wonder Park Synopsis

June is a young girl with a creative imagination. June and her Mom spend play time imagining and building an amusement park called Wonderland. One day the park comes to life as June stumbles on the park in the woods. June and her friends must bring the park back to life and save it from being torn apart by the Chimpanzombies.

What Parents Should Know

Wonder park is a fun adventure for young animated movie fans. The story centers around June and her creative imagination. Her mom and her have spent years building an imaginative Wonder Park. After some time June’s mom becomes sick and June has a hard time dealing with the “unknown” of her mom’s illness.

Once June enters her own imagined Wonder Park the action jumps into high gear. June and her friends battle against the Chimpanzombies to keep them from tearing the park apart. There are also a couple love references and a quick kiss on the cheek. The film also dodges curse words by substituting them for clever phrases such as “son of a woodchuck.”

Box Office

Opening weekend in the U.S. Wonder Park brought in an estimated $15,853,646 and came in second to Marvel’s Captain America. The movie budget is estimated to have been $100,000,000.

Wonder Park Trailer and related Videos

[td_block_video_youtube playlist_title=”Wonder Park Trailer and related videos” playlist_yt=”DxHecFErS18, liA3KLCtvWs, 9A5Nn5Y8XwQ, 6AI4JeuIb3s, hFJWrvinxDk” playlist_auto_play=”0″]

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Wonder Park Photos (click to enlarge)

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Wonder Park Cast

For a complete cast visit IMDbJ

Brianna Denski | June

Sofia Mali | Young June

Jennifer Garner | Mom

Ken Hudson Campbell | Boomer

Mila Kunis | Greta

John Oliver | Steve

Ken Jeong | Cooper

Norbert Leo Butz | Peanut

Matthew Broderick | Dad

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Wonder Park Games/Apps

Wonder Park website games

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Wonder Park Soundtrack

Wonder Park 2019 soundtrack

  1. When the Ideas Come from You (6:23)
  2. Operation Loop de Loop (3:32)
  3. Without Wrecking the Neighbourhood (0:51)
  4. Hideaway Medley (4:58)
  5. Look How Big You’ve Gotten (2:33)
  6. One the Way to Camp Awesome (1:33)
  7. Entering Wonderland (4:04)
  8. We’re at War (3:29)
  9. The Darkness (1:31)
  10. You’re Embarrassing the Team (3:12)
  11. Nobody’s Pin Cushion (2:04)
  12. On and Off Switch (2:18)
  13. Fireworks Falls (3:00)
  14. Zero G Land (3:50)
  15. All My Fault (5:29)
  16. Wrecking the Neighbourhood (2:49)
  17. A Terrible Turn of Events (3:42)
  18. I Got This Greta (2:13)
  19. I Lost Her Too (2:04)
  20. To Clockwork Swings (4:00)
  21. You’ll Hear Me in the Wind (3:02)
  22. Peanut’s Next Wondrous Invention (3:09)

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Wonder Park Review

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World wraps up the film series and delivers a better ending than Even Hiccup and Toothless could have hoped for.

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Wonder Park Plot (with spoilers)

The film opens on the deck of a ship where trappers guard caged dragons. Hiccup and Toothless land on the ship along with other warriors of Berk to free the captured dragons.

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