The Pirates: Band of Misfits (2012)


3 | Action | 2018

What Parents Should Know


Mr. Incredible is left alone to care for young Jack-Jack while Helen is saving the world.


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The Pirates: Band of Misfits Storyline

After dozens of years and failed attempts to be crowned Pirate of the Year, Pirate Captain and his goofy crew of misfits set out again to capture the most booty and finally win the top prize. After many fruitless attempts to pillage and plunder the Pirate Captain and his crew meet an quite fellow named Darwin who promises ‘untold riches’ for their prized parrot Polly back in London. As the Queen, Darwin, and the Pirate Captain peruse their own agendas everyone will have to make some tough choices. Will the Pirate Captain choose fame and fortune or his crew?

The Pirates: Band of Misfits Details

Rated PG | 1hr 28min | Claymation

Studio/Year: Aardman Animations, Sony Pictures Animation | 2012
Directors: Peter Lord, Jeff Newitt
Voices: Hugh Grant, Salma Hayek, Jeremy Piven
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Family
Official Website: The Pirates
Official Facebook Page: The Pirates
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The Pirates: Band of Misfits Review

I found myself looking forward to this movie’s release this past summer. I believe it was the first of three claymations of the year and I was looking forward to something besides 3D animation.

Although after almost falling asleep a couple times I found myself wondering, “What is going on with this movie!?”

The claymation was good and didn’t take anything away from the movie, however it didn’t really add any extra pizzaz either. It was just good. They just didn’t seem to push the boundaries with it or try anything new.

The story could have been much better. I think this is where the film let me down most of all. The story wasn’t very interesting and it didn’t have much to do with pirates or competing with other pirates. It probably could have been better if they would have left London out of the story and focused more on competing with the other pirates crews.

[quote picture=”” name=”Pirate Captain” align=”right”] “Behind every captain, there’s a crew. Sure, some of you are as ugly as a sea cucumber, some of you are closer to being a chair or coat rack than a pirate, and some of you are fish I’ve just dressed up in a hat…”

“Fire all things that go bang!” [/quote]

The comedy was also pretty terrible. You can usually count on an animated movie to get some laughs or have some funny moments but those were few and far between in this flick.

I could give other reasons why I didn’t enjoy this movie or ways it could have been better but I’m getting tired just writing about this movie. 6.5 stars on IMDB will back me up on this.

The Pirates: Band of Misfits Extras

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