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Featured Animation’s Backstory

Featured Animation was established in 2013 by Brandon Crombar to celebrate animated movies. What started out as a journey to explore all film genres quickly turned to a laser focus on animation.

Featured Animation is dedicated to the love and enjoyment of animated movies, characters, and songs. Our blog and social media channels aim to bring you news, reviews, lists, and opinions about animation. 

Animated movies are fun for all ages, and we all have childhood favorites. Mine were Lion King and Aladdin.

Brandon Crombar and Tiffany Cheng visiting the Nashville Zoo
My wife and I visit the Nashville Zoo.

Animation can make you laugh, like Robin Williams as the Genie in Aladdin or Pixar’s movie Onward which tugs at your heartstrings. 

There is something special about taking a blank page, squeezing your creative juices, and creating a film for all ages to appreciate and enjoy. Animation is the ultimate expression of creativity and teamwork. 

So if you’re an animation fan who loves Disney movies, Disney characters, cartoon characters, Disney songs, etc., then bookmark our blog for the latest animation news. 

Brandon and his dog Ace
Brandon and his dog Ace

Animation is a big category and continues to trend upward! Featured Animation starts with recent reviews and lists, so don’t forget to check out our new animated movies page for the most up-to-date releases.

As animated movies are released, our blog and channels will add videos about new releases, ratings, related games or apps, and more.

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