About Featured Animation

Featured Animation is your new resource for animated movie news, reviews, games, and more. We focus mostly on animated movies that you can see at the box office on the weekends. There are some great animation movies that squeak by the box office and straight to video that deserve to be mentioned as well. Occasionally there are even live action movies that feature an animated character such as the brilliant movie, Paddington.

Animated movies continue to be one of the biggest and most profitable movie genres. Each year your can find animated movies in the top 10 (gross income for the year).

2018 – Incredibles 2 and Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch.

Animation films appeal to all ages. They include excitement and humor for adults and kids alike. It’s enjoyable to re-watch Disney classics for example and pick up on funny moments you may have missed as a kid. It’s also fun to be in the movie theater and hear a bunch of kids laughing about something little that I wouldn’t have thought to be an LOL moment now that I’m an adult, such as The Croods character Belt. There really is something for everyone and all ages in animated movies.

While brainstorming the launch of this site, FeaturedAnimation.com I’ve tried to think of pages to include that you the animation fan would enjoy. Within this website we’ve included reviews (currently working on adding all old and new animated movies to our site), animation shorts, coming soon calendar, the best games and apps, studio info and projects, award winners, store to rent or buy movies, and potentially some interviews, which can all be found in the menu bar above.

If you have ideas/suggestions of some pages you would like to see included, such as coloring pages or something else then please let us know. Us our contact page to send us a quick email with your suggestions.

And now…a little bit about Brandon Crombar (the movie fan behind FeaturedAnimation.com)

Hey, I’m Brandon and I’m a Chicagoland resident who works a normal 9 to 5 job.

I really love the city of Chicago with the exception of the frigid winters. When I’m not at work I enjoy watching movies, especially animated flicks. I’m continually impressed with the visual quality and technological advancements in animation and how fast the genre is growing worldwide. Just look at the How to Train Your Dragon series quality improved from movie to movie.

In my free time I also enjoy sports, fantasy football, and visiting with close friends for dinner.

My all time favorite animated movie is Finding Nemo and yes I’m looking forward to the sequel Finding Dory (update: Finding Nemo is still a little better).

I used to blog about feature films in general, just about anything you could see at your local theater. Most of the time it was a blast and I learned a lot about the movie industry.

However, after a string of bad movies piled up I was getting sick of loading these garbage movies. The occasional great movies were few and far between and I knew it was time to make a change.

After a few days of brainstorming a new approach I decided I would focus solely on animated films. Some of my other favorite movies are Aladdin, Jungle Book, The Lion King, and Toy Story. Not to mention another bonus about animation is that almost every animated movie is rated G or PG, family friendly.

I love learning behind the scenes secrets of how the animation processes come to life. Technology keeps advancing and now days there seem to be many ways to create an animation film.

Don’t miss a beat! Connect with me and other animated movie fans on Facebook or Twitter. We welcome all ages who enjoy animated movies and I look forward to talking about animated movies with you.