12 Magical Encanto Characters

Meet the Encanto characters from Disney’s original gifted Madrigal family in the mountains of Columbia. Discover each family member’s unique gift and tour their magical home.

Encanto Characters

When Mirabel discovers the family’s magic is fading, she sees an opportunity to step up and prove her worth to the family since she is the only member without a special gift. 

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Please enjoy our list of Madrigal family members and their small community at their magical house in the Disney film Encanto. How many Encantor character names can you think of before viewing the full list below?

12. Mirabel

Mirabel in Encanto

Mirabel Madrigal is the primary hero of Encanto. She is Julieta and Agustin’s youngest daughter and Alma’s granddaughter. The uniqueness of her character is that, unlike her family, she doesn’t have any magical powers.

Mirabel Madrigal and her door

Her extraordinary family, the Madrigals, are known for their supernatural gifts. Their magical residence is hidden in the lap of the Columbian mountains.

As the Encanto main character, Mirable exudes confidence while sporting her short curly hair and flower dress. Mirable is the only character with glasses, and she sings Waiting On A Miracle and The Family Madrigal with her whole family.

A typical Columbian teenage girl, Mirabel Encanto, has golden brown eyes and dark brown curly hair that comes to her chin. She wears round green framed glasses and blue pompom earrings.

Her choice of clothing has a personal touch that mirrors her personality, which is based on the 19th-century Andean style dress with a floral print.

11. Abuela Alma

Abuela in Encanto

Alma Madrigal, or Abuela, is one of the well-known characters in Encanto who’s also a deuteragonist of the film. She is considered the family’s matriarch and blessed with a Miracle Candle that can grant gifts.

Abuela and her door

Abuela is the mother to Pepa, Bruno, and Julieta. Being the true source of the magic, she also stands as the head figure of the village where she resides with her family. The song Dos Oruguitas shows a flashback of Alma’s love story.

Alma Madrigal has silvery white braids with some black highlights. The brown eyes and dark purple mourning shawl are the physical qualities that help to discern her.

While she is pretty old, Alma Encanto’s face has few wrinkles, and her younger self shows her smiling and cheerful appearance. She also wears a white shirt and a collar that all women in the clan wear except Julieta.

10. Julieta

Julieta in Encanto
Julieta and her door

Julieta is one of the many supporting Encanto cartoon characters. Julieta Madrigal is the first daughter of Pedro and Alma Madrigal and mother to Luisa, Mirabel, and Isabela.

What’s unique about her is that she cares about her family and the entire town. Julieta’s magical strength lies in healing others with food.

Julieta Encanto has brown, curly hair studded with white and silver highlights turned into a messy bun. The dark brown eyes and complexion make her different from other female characters from Encanto in her family.

She wears a baby blue top and keeps the sleeves folded. On top of that, she puts on a Tiffany blue dress. But the most incredible part of her dress is the apron with mortar and pestle embellished on top of it.

9. Agustín

Agustín in Encanto

Another essential supporting character of Encanto, Agustín, is married to Julieta and the father of Mirabel, Luisa, and Isabela. As he is married into the family, he doesn’t have any magical power.

He is a middle-aged man with a tan, thin, and tall physique, and he wears glasses similar to his daughter Mirabel. Agustín Encanto wears a white shirt and keeps the sleeves rolled up with a blue vest and tie.

The innovativeness of his appearance lies in the fact that he wears mismatched socks. One is bright colors to showcase Mirabel, and a purple-colored sock with dumbbells to symbolize Luisa.

8. Isabela

Isabela in Encanto version 2

One of the main Encanto characters, Isabela, is the eldest daughter of Agustín and Julieta and the eldest granddaughter of Pedro Madrigal and Alma.

Isabela and her door

Isabela Madrigal is often depicted as the golden child of the Madrigal family with beauty, grace, and an extraordinary gift of growing plants and making flowers bloom. 

Isabela Encanto is a young adult in the family with deep brown skin, eyes, and a complexion. The makeup she wears consists of rosy blush and reddish-brown lipstick.

She puts on a lavender-pink satin dress with loads of frills embellished with flowers. She has orchids embroidered on her neckline, representing Columbia’s national flowers. Isabel and Mirable sing, What Else Can I Do together.

7. Luisa

Luisa in Encanto
Luisa and her door

Luisa is one of the primary characters of Encanto and the second daughter of Agustin and Julieta. Her superhuman strength is her gift.

Paired with her hard work and determination, she takes care of her family’s chores with the help of her super strength whenever heavy lifting is needed. Luisa Madrigal sings the popular song Surface Pressure.

Luisa Encanto is a muscular young girl with light tan skin and hazel eyes. She keeps her hair braided on a single side and is tied in a bun with a red ribbon.

She wears a long dark blue skirt and a white short-sleeved shirt. She also wears blue strapped shoes and a purple bracelet on her right wrist.

6. Pepa

Pepa in Encanto
Pepa Madrigal and her door

Pepa is an overly emotional and dramatic woman with the magical ability to control the weather, and she is often shown with a cloud hovering over her head.

Pepa is the second daughter of Pedro and Alma Madrigal. She is overly dramatic, and at times, she behaves like a drama queen. Pepa and the family sing about her crazy wedding day.

Pepa Encanto is a middle-aged woman with dark green eyes and hip-length hair tied in a braid with a yellow head scarf.

She always puts on a dress with double-scalloped collars and sun symbols presented in them. After a closer look at her dress, one can see the rain motif on her dress.

5. Félix

Félix in Encanto

Félix is a supporting character from Encanto who is the husband of Pepa Madrigal and has three children: Camilo, Dolores, and Antonio.

Since Félix Madrigal married into this family, he possesses no magical strength. Despite this shortcoming, his fun-loving and carefree nature contributes to managing his wife’s rollercoaster of emotions.

Félix Encanto is a middle-aged man with dark skin and dark hair that is beginning to gray. He has brown eyes and black and grey hair stubble on the chin.

Félix wears a conventional bright yellow guayabera studded with triangular shapes, showing the emotional and mental stability that he provides to his family. Sometimes, Félix appears wearing orange striped pants that remain fastened with a belt and contrasting socks in a yellow shade.

4. Antonio 

Antonio in Encanto
Antonio and his door

One of the youngest Encanto cartoon characters, Antonio, is Pepa and Félix’s youngest son. Antonio Madrigal is also the younger sibling of Camilo and Dolores.

Although he is an introvert, he is genuinely warm at heart. At a young age, the magical gift he has been endowed with is the ability to talk to animals.

Antonio Encanto is a small, dark-skinned boy with beautiful curls and brown eyes.

He usually wears a long-sleeved yellow shirt with collars, and his signature look is hanging a red scarf around the neck. Antonio also wears green khaki pants. 

3. Camilo

Camilo in Encanto

Camilo is the middle child of Pepa and Félix. Camilo Madrigal has the magical power to transform into other characters instantly and loves to entertain.

Camilo and his door

He is often described as the one who has yet to discover his authentic self. He uses his extraordinary power to tease his acquaintances and make them laugh.

Camilo Encanto is a teen with golden skin and curly dark hair that compliments his looks. His eyes are brown, and he has freckles on his cheeks and nose.

Camilo wears a button-down shirt in a white shade, and Camilo always keeps those long sleeves rolled to his wrists. He also wears a striped yellow colored ruana on top of the shirt with several chameleon motifs.

2. Dolores

Dolores in Encanto

Dolores is a supporting Encanto character and the eldest child of Pepa and Félix. Dolores Madrigal is also the older sister to Camilo and Antonio, and her magical superpower lies in the ability to hear the unheard.

Dolores and her door

Her hearing power is so strong that she can hear secrets whispered in other rooms. However, she often fails to hide the secrets she listens to with her superpower.

Dolores Encanto appears in a long red skirt along with a frilly yellow and white top, having golden sound wave motifs in her dress that symbolize her special power of hearing.

She has dark brown curly hair, which she ties into a bun. She uses a red ribbon bow for her hair, red lipstick, a red and golden choker necklace, and heart-shaped earrings.

1. Bruno

Bruno in Encanto

Bruno is the third child of the triplets and the only son of Pedro and Alma. Bruno Madrigal has the unique ability to see the future. After a few honest yet dark predictions, he became a reclusive individual and estranged from the Madrigal magic family.

Uncle Bruno is the star character in the record-breaking hit song, We Don’t Talk About Bruno. Although Bruno’s pet rats don’t count as an official Disney sidekick we have another post for those unsung heroes.

Bruno and his door

Bruno Encanto attempts to manage the anxiety by performing superstitious rituals like throwing salt over the shoulder or knocking on wood.

Bruno is a goofy individual who loves acting and encourages his family members to express their emotions rather than bottling them up.

Compared to his sisters, Bruno is comparatively shorter. He has a pale complexion and messy, curly black hair beginning to gray.

His eyes are hazel green, and the eye bags under his eyes are also noticeable.

He generally wears a reddish-brown shirt that he keeps cuffed at the elbows with a long green hooded cloak and sandals.

His choice of dark green patterns and hourglass prints further enhanced the magical power of precognition.

Encanto Movie Details

The Encanto cast is led by director Byron Howard, who also directed Zootopia and Tangled, and Jared Bush, co-director of Zootopia. Charise Castro Smith co-directed. Clark Spencer and Yvett Merino were producers for the film. Jared Bush and Castro Smith also doubled as screenwriters for the movie.

Encanto is a new Disney animated movie starring the voice talent of Stephanie Beatriz, Mariá Cecilia Botero, Angie Cepeda, Wilmer Valderrama, Diane Guererro, Jessica Darrow, Carolina Gaitán, Mauro Castillo, Ravi Cabot-Conyers, Rhenzy Feliz, Adassa, and John Leguizamo. Lin-Manuel Miranda is credited with the Encanto song lyrics.

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In Disney’s enchanting animated film, “Encanto,” a vibrant cast of characters takes center stage. Each character possesses a unique name, adding to the mesmerizing allure of the story. The Encanto character names provide a glimpse into the rich tapestry of this unparalleled tale.

One of the pivotal encanto movie characters is Mirabel, a spirited young girl who brims with curiosity and determination. Alongside Mirabel, the encanto cast characters include her colorful family members, each blessed with extraordinary powers bestowed upon them by their sacred Encanto.

Meet the Encanto Characters

From the enchanting Abuela, whose wisdom serves as the foundation of their magical family, to the resilient Isabela, with her ability to make flowers bloom, and the enigmatic Antonio, gifted with the power of communicating with animals, the encanto characters capture our imagination and hearts.

These captivating characters in Encanto demonstrate the power of familial bonds and the strength found within every individual. The Encanto characters, both male and female, come together to weave a tale of hope, love, and self-discovery.

As we immerse ourselves in the vivid world of Encanto, we are reminded of the beauty of family, the power of individuality, and the magic that exists within us all. Discover the wonders of Encanto, and let the enchantment sweep you away.

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