The Owl House Characters 15 Heroes and Villains

Meet The Owl House characters presented by Disney Television Animation on Disney+. When Luz, a teenage girl, accidentally finds herself transported to the Boiling Isles, she discovers a new world of possibilities. 

the owl house characters cast

Missing summer camp and learning magic under the guidance of the Owl Lady may be the best thing that ever happens to Luz.

As soon as you begin this animated series, you will become a big fan of Luz like I did as she navigates her new surroundings and makes new friends. My experience with The Owl House TV show was entertaining, and I found myself looking forward to the next episode.

The Owl House Characters Behind The Scenes

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I enjoyed seeing her calm, cool, and collected in a new world as she found magic and pursued her new passion. The Owl House character’s names are in the same universe as Gravity Falls, Amphibia, and Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

The Owl House cast was directed by Chris Buck and director Jennifer Lee. Chris Buck also directed the Disney movie Tarzan, and Jennifer Lee directed the Frozen Fever short. The executive producer for Frozen was John Lasseter, and Frozen II was Bryon Howard

Owl House Cast & Characters

  • Sarah-Nicole Robles – Luz Noceda
  • Alex Hirsch – King
  • Wendie Malick – Eda Clawthorne
  • Tati Gabrielle – Willow Park
  • Issac Ryan Brown – Gus Porter
  • Matt Chapman – Supporting Characters
  • Mae Whitman – Amity Blight
  • Eden Riegel – Boscha
  • Cissy Jones – Lilith
  • Grey Griffin – Supporting Characters
  • Dee Bradley Baker – Supporting Characters
  • Kimberly Brooks – Skara
  • Zeno Robinson – Hunter
  • Bumper Robinson – Principal Bump
  • Matthew Rhys – Emperor Belos
  • Mela Lee – Kikimora
  • Ryan O’Flanagan – Edric Blight
  • Dana Terrace – Tiny Nose
  • Arin Hanson – Supporting Characters
  • Roger Craig Smith – Supporting Characters
  • Erica Lindbeck – Emira Blight
  • Fryda Wolff – The Collector
  • Elizabeth Grullon – Camila
  • Avi Roque – Raine Whispers
  • Jorge Diaz – Mattholomule
  • Kari Wahlgren – Supporting Characters
  • JB Blanc – Supporting Characters
  • Kevin Michael Richardson – Supporting Characters
  • Gary Anthony Williams – Supporting Characters
  • Jim Pirri – Alador Blight
  • Shannon McKain – Morton
  • Debra Wilson – Terra Snapdragon
  • Rachael MacFarlane – Odalia Blight
  • Keston John – Darius
  • Fred Tatasciore – Slitherbeast
  • Kevin Locarro – Braxas
  • Ally Maki – Viney
  • Natalie Palamides – Teen Ed Clawthorne
  • Eric Bauza – Supporting Characters
  • Alex Lawther – Philip Wittebane
  • Isabella Rossellini – Bat Queen
  • Deb Doetzer – Gwendolyn Clawthorne
  • Jake Green – Teen Boy Blue Hair
  • Parvesh Cheena – Tibbles
  • Noshir Dalal – Graye Vernworth
  • Noah Galvin – Supporting Characters
  • Michaela Dietz – Vee
  • André Sogliuzzo – Garlog
  • Peter Gallagher – Dell Clawthrone
  • Steve Blum – Salty
  • Keith Ferguson – Bald Man
  • Abigail Zoe Lewis – Child Eda Clawthorne
  • Christopher Swindle – Supporting Characters
  • Robin Atkin Downes – Adegast
  • Billy Kametz – Nevareth
  • Chris Houghton – Bill
  • Harvey Guillén – Angmar
  • Carter Jones – Young Gus Porter
  • Nik Dodani – Gavin
  • Eileen Galindo – Supporting Characters
  • Felicia Day – Bria
  • Blu del Barrio – Teen Raine Whispers
  • April Stweart – Oracle Teacher
  • August Forman – Piercings Student
  • Lily Sanfelippo – Child Lilith
  • Anairis Quinones – Azua
  • Stephen Sandoval – History Teacher

15. Luz Noceda

luz noceda in the owl house

Luz is the hero of Owl House characters and is voiced by Sarah Nicole Robles. She is an enthusiastic teenage Latina girl who stumbles upon a portal to Boiling Isles in the Demon Realm, where magical creatures are real, and humans are the lesser race.

She chooses to become a witch apprentice student under Eda The Owl Lady at Hexside Academy. With Luz’s mentor in place, she is eager to find a place to fit in as she feels like an outcast and takes quickly to learning magic. Luz is also the first confirmed bisexual lead character introduced by Disney. Luz’s girlfriend is Amity Blight after starting out as rivals.

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She has brown eyes that perfectly match her tanned skin tone and burgundy hair that she styles in a pixie cut. She wears an indigo and white half-sleeved hoodie with cat ears, jean shorts, dark capris pants, and white loafers. 

She also accessorizes with ebony earrings. Her pajama set comprises shorts, a tank top, and socks in greys, purples, indigos, and whites. Her shorts are embroidered with an orange moon and star. 

14. Eda Clawthorne

eda clawthorne in the owl house

Edalyn Clawthorne the Owl Lady is a rebellious witch voiced by Wendie Malick. She was cursed as a teenager by her older sister, Lilith, causing her to run away and blossom into the most potent and sought-after wild witch in Boiling Isles.

Despite her rebellious nature, Eda Clawthorne is a confident and caring hero, evident in her role as Luz’s mentor in life to help her study magic. Although Eda’s teaching methods are unusual, she knows powerful spells and strives to help Luz in her study of magic. Eda also transforms into the Owl Beast when she doesn’t drink her daily elixir.

Eda Clawthorne is tall and slender. She has ivory skin, sharp ears, maroon lips, one golden eye, and thick gray unkempt hair long past her waist. She also has gold fangs that protrude, an oval amber stone on her breastbone, and dirty yellow talon fingernails. She wears a short-sleeved two-tone maroon and ruby dress with grey leggings and high-heeled brown boots.

13. King

king in the owl house

King is a small yet confident demon who used to claim he was the King of Demons before joining Luz and Eda at the Owl House and is voiced by Alex Hirsch. King Clawthorne is one of the cutest and best of the Owl House character’s names. He serves as a loyal friend and an important ally throughout the series, providing comic relief and emotional support.

King is a short, stout creature with charcoal gray fur, a fluffy tail, and two small horns on his head with the left one broken missing the point. He has a round face with large yellow eyes and a wide mouth full of sharp teeth. King wears a brown collar with a large gold medallion.

12. Hooty

hooty in the owl house

Hooty is the sentient owl-like being who resides within the Owl House, functioning as the house’s security system and informant. He often provides valuable information and assistance to the main characters, although his quirky personality can sometimes be overwhelming.

Hooty’s physical appearance is that of a large, elongated owl head with a long, snake-like body. He has big, round eyes and a sharp beak, and his body ends in a point resembling a tail.

11. Willow Park

willow park in the owl house

Willow Park is a friend of Luz, Gus, and Amity and goes to the same magic school with them. She is naturally gifted at plant magic but is rendered incompetent because she is forced into the abomination track at school.

She is a friendly witch who likes tending to plants and gets frustrated when she fails, which she does a lot thus getting dubbed ‘Half-a-Witch Willow.’

She is short, chunky, and light-skinned, with dark navy blue hair spotting a few free strands. She dyes a portion of her loose streaks green and braids her hair into pigtails. Just like any other witch, she has pointed ears.

She dresses in her official school uniform with round gold-frame glasses. She wears a yellow dress with a blue tie and long sleeves, light leggings with grey stripes, and brown boots at home. 

10. Gus Porter

gus porter in the owl house

Gus Porter is a witch student at Hexside and former Human Appreciation Society president. He is friends with Luz, Willow, and Amity, whom he attends school with. He is a young and intelligent witch interested in researching human culture.

He is tall with brown skin, dark brown hair, dark gray eyes, arched upper lip, and pointed ears like his fellow witches. He wears a dark grey tunic and boots to school. He is in the illusion track; thus, his sleeves and leggings are light blues. While on earth, he wears jeans, blue shirts, and sneakers or boots.

9. Amity Blight

amity blight in the owl house

Amity Blight is a talented young witch who initially starts as a rival to Luz but eventually becomes Luz’s girlfriend and love interest. She is an ambitious student of the Hexside School of Magic and Demonics, coming from a powerful and influential family.

Amity Blight has mint-green hair styled into a bob with two asymmetrical bangs, and her eyes are golden-amber. Later she dies her hair from green to purple. She often wears her Hexside uniform, which consists of a gray tunic and red vest.

8. Hunter

hunter in the owl house

Hunter is a skilled and driven young witch, serving as the Golden Guard and the Emperor’s right-hand man. Throughout the series, his loyalty is tested, and he finds himself questioning his allegiance as he interacts with Luz and her friends.

Hunter has silver-white hair, a distinctive scar across his left eye, and red eyes. He wears a blue cape and armor with gold accents, signifying his high-ranking position in the Emperor’s Coven.

7. Lilith Clawthorne

lilith clawthorne in the owl house

Lilith Clawthorne is Eda’s elder sister and the former leader and lead historical scholar of the Coven Emperor. She lives with her parents and tries to compensate for the lost time while developing a cure for Eda’s curse.

Just like her sister, she is tall and slender, with sharp ears, claw-like fingernails, and ivory skin, but on the contrary, she has green eyes, and her hair is dark navy blue. Her face is also paler and spots prominent wrinkles. She wears greys long-sleeved dresses and laced boots. She accessorizes with black lipstick and a light blue stone on her breastbone.

6. Hieronymus Bump

hieronymus bump in the owl house

Hieronymus Bump is the eccentric and sometimes bumbling principal Bump of Hexside School of Magic and Demonics. Although he can be strict and demanding, he shows a genuine concern for his students’ well-being and education.

Principal Bump is an older tall humanoid creature with white skin. The most surprising part of his appearance is his crimson mask with horns and pointed devil tail. He wears a black robe with a golden collar that covers his shoulders and a blue sash around his neck.

5. Camila Noceda

camila noceda in the owl house

Camila Noceda is Luz’s caring and loving mother, who resides in the human world. Throughout the series, she struggles with her daughter’s absence and becomes involved in the magical world, attempting to reunite with Luz. Camila is one of the favorite mom characters in the Owl House series.

Camila has short brown hair and sometimes wears it in a bun. Her eyes are a warm brown behind her large square glasses with red trim. She often wears casual, comfortable clothing, such as a loose-fitting sweater and jeans, with an air of practicality.

4. Emperor Belos

emperor belos in the owl house

Emperor Belos is the main antagonist of the Owl House. He is the emperor of Boiling Isles and a witch hunter. He has a soft-spoken personality that masks his deceptive and selfish nature. He uses his position to manipulate others and let them die for his cause to return home.

Emperor Belos has pale skin that matches perfectly with his long ash-brown hair. His hair is always styled down and draped over his shoulders. He also has a large pointed nose, blue eyes, and a small chin.

He dresses formally and accessorizes with a golden mask, two majestic horns, and a huge white and brown cape. The mask makes his eyes appear hollow, but when the mask is off, his eyes glow.

3. Kikimora

kikimora in the owl house

Kikimora is Emperor Belos’ helper voiced by Mela Lee and delivers his demands to lower-ranking subjects in and outside the Emperor’s Coven. Sometimes Kikimora is shown putting up a fight, but for the most part, she has a minor role in season 1. In season 2 Kikimora shows more of her aggressive nature when she attacks Hunter with her dragon.

Kikimora is a short character with a white coat with navy blue sleeves. The coat collar covers her mouth, and in later episodes, it is revealed she has two teeth. She also has an unusual hairstyle in the shape of a large hand that is dark gray with green fingertips with the “fingertips” molded around her forehead and the palm of the hand looking hairdo on the crown of her head.

2. Odalia Blight

odalia blight in the owl house

Odalia is the antagonist of Owl House. She is the wife of Alador, the mother of Edric, Emira, and Amity, and the CEO of Blight Industries. She is a scheming and authoritative woman who controls her employees and other members of Blight Industries. 

She is a curvy woman who resembles her children. She has Amity’s clustered hair mixed with a mint green tone like Edric and Emira. She wears her hair in a high bun. She often wears violet shirts, white dresses, navy pants, and grey boots with heels. She accessorizes with a necklace embellished with a pink oval gem, golden earrings, and purple lipstick.

1. The Collector

the collector in the owl house

The Collector becomes a major villain from season 2 to season 3 and is voiced by Fryda Wolff. The Collector is a child-like character who is surprisingly powerful. He has God-like ancestors who were powerful and decided the fates of many species.

After being stuck in the In-Between Realm for centuries, The Collecter gets an opportunity to earn his freedom by helping Emperor Belos with his Day of Unity celebration. After the event, Emperor Belos breaks his promise and doesn’t free The Collector, but later King is able to free him, and The Collector takes over the Boiling Isles with King as his sidekick.

The Collector has the appearance of a young child with white hair and red eyes. The left side of his face is blue like a moon. He wears a purple and navy blue onesie with dark blue shoes and a navy blue hat with a star pattern.

The Owl House Characters Photo Gallery

Supporting Characters

Below is a list of all Owl House characters not mentioned above.

  • Warden Wrath
  • Adegast
  • Tibblet-Tibblie (Tibbles)
  • Patch (The Demon Hunters)
  • Tom (The Demon Hunters)
  • Roselle and Dottie
  • Piniet
  • Merchant
  • Greater Basilisk
  • Grometheus (Grom)
  • Wortlop
  • Jacob Hopkins
  • Bill (Titan Trappers)
  • Tarak (Titan Trappers)
  • Katya, Tinella (Tiny Nose)
  • Snaggleback
  • Steve
  • Morton
  • Braxas
  • Alador Blight
  • Vee / Number 5
  • Perry Porter
  • Captain Salty
  • Gilbert and Harvey Park
  • Jean-Luc
  • Gwendolyn Clawthrone (Gwen)
  • Malphas
  • Keeper of the Looking Glass Ruins
  • Amber
  • Derwin
  • Dell Clawthorne
  • Flora D’esplora
  • Masha
  • Professor Hermonculus
  • Hexside Guards
  • Faust
  • Boscha
  • Emira and Edric Blight (Em and Ed)
  • Matt Tholomule (Matty)
  • Viney
  • Jerbo
  • Barcus
  • Amelia
  • Skara
  • Cat
  • Eileen
  • Bo
  • Selene
  • Bria
  • Gavin
  • Angmar
  • Bat Queen
  • Owlbert
  • Lilith’s Palisman
  • Hawksley
  • Clover
  • Emmiline Bailey Marcostimo
  • Frewin
  • Maya
  • Viney’s Palisman
  • Flapjack
  • Ghost
  • Stringbean
  • Raine Whispers
  • Darius Deamonne
  • Eberwolf
  • Terra Snapdragon
  • Arian Graye Vernworth
the owl house characters luz and amity holding hands

Popular Owl House Characters Questions

Is Luz in Owl House a boy or a girl?

Luz in the Owl House series is a girl.

How old are the Owl House characters?

The kids in Owl House are around the age of 14 when the series begins.

What is Luz Noceda’s age?

Luz Noceda is a 14-year-old girl with a Dominican-American background.

How old is Eda the Owl Lady?

Eda Clawthorne who is also called the Owl Lady is in her mid-40s.

Does Luz have a dad?

Luz had a dad when she was a young girl. Her father passed away at a young age, his name was Manny Noceda.

Who did Luz kiss?

Luz kissed her formal rival and now girlfriend, Amity Blight.

Conclusion and More Character Lists

Whether you are enjoying The Owl House or one of the other animated series in the same universe like Gravity Falls, Amphibia, or Star vs. the Forces of Evil, you will be given a unique storyline with fun and lovable characters to cheer for. You are sure to love this series just as I did.

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