17 Arthur Christmas Characters Deliver A Christmas Miracle

Meet the Arthur Christmas characters from Aardman Animations and Sony Picturers Animation. When Santa’s goofy but caring son, Arthur, discovers the elves missed a child on Christmas, he embarks on a mission to deliver the last child her Christmas gift before Christmas morning.  

Arthur Christmas Characters and cast

Arthur Christmas is one of the best Christmas movies that takes a different look at Santa’s entire family while blending technology with the old-school delivery method. It’s an engaging story with lively main characters to show how the Santa Clauses’ lineage is passed from one generation to the next.

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Arthur Christmas Cast and Characters

  • Arthur – James McAvoy
  • Steve – Hugh Laurie
  • Grandsanta – Bill Nighy
  • Santa – Jim Broadbent
  • Mrs. Santa – Imelda Staunton
  • Bryony – Ashley Jensen
  • Peter – Marc Wootton
  • North Pole Computer – Laura Linney
  • Chief De Silva – Eva Longoria
  • Gwen – Romana Marquez
  • Ernie Clicker – Michael Palin

17. Arthur

Arthur Claus in Arthur Christmas

Arthur Claus is the main hero of the movie and a very caring young man. Arthur is Santa’s misfit son and is in charge of reading all of the children’s letters mailed to Santa.

When Arthur discovers a young girl named Gwen won’t receive her Christmas gift from Santa due to a technical glitch, he jumps into action. With a misfit crew to save Gwen’s Christmas morning, Arthur overcomes many setbacks and obstacles to save Christmas. 

Arthur’s physical appearance is a growing teen with average height. He is thin, unlike his parents, and has light skin with a sleek face.

He has a large round nose and messy, short brown hair. Arthur wears an ugly Christmas sweater that is green and decorated with a Christmas tree ornament design. He is also shown wearing blue jeans and furry brown slippers with eyes and a nose. 

16. Steve

Steve Claus in Arthur Christmas

Steve Claus is Santa’s oldest son and is currently in charge of delivering Christmas presents to all the children worldwide. and is expected to become the next Santa.

He runs a military-style operation that is very organized and calculated with futuristic technology to deliver gifts fast and undetected. Steve’s strict leadership style is often interpreted as being heartless, but Steve shows his softer side when he lets down his guard at the end of the film. 

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As is apparent from Steve’s character, he has a physique that resembles a modern-day military man. Steve has a large round nose like Arthur.

His spiked gray hair shows his age, and his gray goatee is shaped like a Christmas tree. His outfit has a red, green, and black pine tree camo print, further emphasizing his military style with tall black boots.

15. Santa

Malcom Claus in Arthur Christmas

Malcom Claus is also known as the current Santa. He is a joyful and hefty character who cares deeply about giving children gifts and upholding the spirit of Christmas.

Although Santa is a celebrity and inspiration to his elves, he is now growing forgetful and less involved in daily operations in his old age. The current Santa Claus will retire soon, and Steve is next in line to take over. 

Santa’s physical appearance follows the traditional overweight and jolly character. He has the family’s large round nose and light-colored skin tone and wears a full white beard and mustache with a red coat and white fuzzy mittens.

Santa’s red coat also has military achievement patches and epaulets on his shoulders to show his rank. Keeping with the army style, Santa also wears a red military beret rather than the traditional long stocking cap. 

14. Grandsanta

Grandsanta in Arthur Christmas

Grandsanta is Arthur’s grandpa and former Santa Claus. In his retirement, he often talks about how he was able to deliver presents in the old days with reindeer and without all the new tech that Steve uses. Retired Grandsanta helps Arthur deliver Gwen’s missing Christmas present using the old sleigh pulled by reindeer. 

Grandsanta’s physical appearance is like that of an older grandfather. He has become skinny, has a white beard, and has a large round family nose. His outfit is a mixture of traditional and military uniforms and several medals. He wears red pants with green suspenders, black boots, and a white button-up shirt with his sleeves rolled up. 

13. Mrs. Santa

Margaret Claus in Arthur Christmas

Margaret Claus is also known as Mrs. Santa. Like her husband, Mrs. Santa has a warm, caring, and kind personality. Everyone is equal in her eyes. Additionally, she believes in Arthur more than anyone and sees brilliance in him. Mrs. Santa is keen to help Grandsanta and Arthur while they head out to accomplish a mission.

Mrs. Santa’s physical appearance is like that of a sweet grandma. She has a medium plump build and short gray hair with large curls. She wears a green sweater over a green dress and a white pearl necklace. She also has a silver snowflake brooch pinned to her dress. 

12. Gwen

Gwen in Arthur Christmas

Gwen Hines is another unforgettable character that the story focuses heavily on. She is a young girl who writes a letter to Santa asking for a bike for Christmas.

After a series of mishaps due to a glitch in Steve’s technology, Gwen is the only child who does not have a gift under the tree. Arthur and Grandsanta embark on a mission to deliver the bike to Gwen before she wakes up on Christmas morning.

Gwen’s physical appearance is that of a little girl who believes in Santa. She is small, has short brown hair, and has rosy cheeks. Gwen wears a pink hat, blue coat, and green gloves when playing in the snow. 

11. Bryony

Bryony in Arthur Christmas

Bryony Shelfley is an expert package-wrapping elf. Her world-class wrapping skills are displayed when she wraps Gwen’s bike in seconds. Bryony is the first to report the undelivered bike, drawing attention to the technical error. Bryony, Arthur, and Grandsanta all make it their mission to be sure Gwen gets her Christmas gift. 

Bryony’s physical appearance is a tiny elf with pointy ears, fair skin, short brown hair, and a blonde streak down the middle. Bryony wears a green camo uniform with a black vest and black military boots. She has a piercing on her right eyebrow and black fingerless gloves.

10. Peter

Peter in Arthur Christmas

Peter is Steve’s assistant and is firmly committed to Steve’s technological ideas. Peter does backbreaking work to make things right and is often spotted bringing coffee to Steve. Throughout the movie, Peter tries to do tasks that make him a great assistant.

The physical appearance of Peter is similar to the other elves, who are short and skinny. Peter has fair skin, pointy ears, and short brown hair parted down the middle. He is well dressed in a green button-up shirt tucked in, a red tie, red pants, and black boots.

9. Ernie Clicker

Ernie Clicker in Arthur Christmas

Ernie Clicker is a retired elf who helps Steve and Santa track down the crew of Arthur, Grandsanta, and Bryony. They aim to assist them on their mission to deliver the last Christmas gift before dawn. 

Ernie’s physical appearance is an elderly short elf with a fair skin tone. He has white eyebrows and no hair. Ernie wears round glasses, a light green suit with pants, and pointy slippers. 

8. Chief De Silva

Chief De Silva in Arthur Christmas

Chief De Silva is a supporting character in the movie; her personality isn’t highlighted much like the others. She is the leader of the UNFITA and the one responsible for investigating the mysterious sightings in the night sky with other world leaders. 

The physical appearance of Chief De Silva is like that of corporate women. She is professional and has a slender body structure. In the movie, she wears a navy suit. She wears a pearl necklace like Mrs. Claus and earrings as well.

7. North Pole Computer

North Pole Computer in Arthur Christmas

The North Pole Computer has little to do in the movie except for communications. Moreover, it’s the system that holds the underground command center. Sometimes, it plays music in mission control as well.

Regarding the physical appearance of the North Pole Computer, think of it as a big screen with lots of activities. It has several buttons in different colors to represent other advanced functions.

6. Retired Reindeer

Retired Reindeer in Arthur Christmas

The retired reindeer used to pull Grandsanta’s slay and now spends his days loafing around with Grandsanta at the North Pole. The retired reindeer joins Arthur, Grandsanta, and Bryony as they journey to Gwen’s house to deliver her present. 

5. Elf Battalion

Elf Battalion in Arthur Christmas

The Elf Battalion is sneaky, quick, and expert at delivering presents to children on Christmas Eve with military precision. In the opening scenes, the Elf Battalion uses the latest technology and gadgets to sneak around undetected, stuffing stockings and deactivating toy noises with expert precision. 

4. Flying Reindeer

Flying Reindeer in Arthur Christmas

The Flying Reindeer enjoy their time off at the North Pole until Arthur and Grandsanta call on them to pull the old red sleigh on a mission to save Gwen’s Christmas season. 

3. Store Owner

Leaping Deer Auto Owner in Arthur Christmas

The Store Owner of Leaping Deer Auto runs outside to defend his property when he hears Arthur and Grandsanta trying to steal his reindeer sign. 

2. Captain Marino

Captain Marino in Arthur Christmas

Captain Marino is called to duty when he must disable a loud children’s toy to prevent the Elf Special Forces and Santa from being discovered by the Awake Kid. 

1. Awake Kid

Awake Kid in Arthur Christmas

The Awake Kid almost catches the elves delivering gifts. Still, the Elf Battalion can outsmart the child and not be discovered. 

Arthur Christmas Characters Conclusion

While Arthur is the story’s underdog, the film has the magic of Christmas and some comedy. With the addition of great Arthur Christmas characters, this film is one you will want to watch every holiday season. 

The Arthur Christmas cast was led by directors Sarah Smith and Barry Cook. Sarah also directed Ron’s Gone Wrong, and Barry also directed MulanCheryl Abood and Peter Baynham were co-executive producers for the film. Peter Baynham and Sarah Smith also doubled as screenwriters for the animated movie.

We hope you enjoyed our cast of Arthur Christmas and the spotlight on each of the Arthur Christmas characters. Enjoy this Christmas movie for all ages and check JustWatch to find out where to stream the movie around the holiday season.

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