Disney Princes List: 10 Hunks and Heros

While the spotlight shines bright on the Disney Princesses, animation fans should not forget about their male counterparts, The Disney Princes.

10 Disney Princes

Many Princess movies wouldn’t be complete without the contribution of Disney Prince characters. Here is a list of Disney Princes and Disney heroes that make Disney movies into magical love stories.

List of Disney Princesses and Princes

  1. The Prince (Prince Florian) with Princess Snow White
  2. Prince Charming (Prince Henry) with Cinderella
  3. Prince Phillip with Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)
  4. Prince Eric with Princess Ariel
  5. The Beast (Prince Adam) with Princess Belle
  6. Aladdin with Princess Jasmine
  7. John Smith with Princess Pocahontas
  8. Li Shang with Princess Mulan
  9. Prince Naveen with Princess Tiara
  10. Flynn Rider (Eugene Fitzherbert) with Princess Rapunzel

Many Disney fans ask themselves, how many Disney Princes are there? Seven Disney Princes are born into royalty, including Prince Florian, Prince Charming, Prince Phillip, Prince Eric, Prince Adam, Prince Naveen, and Prince Eugene. Only one prince is royalty by marriage, Aladdin. The final two princes, John Smith and Li Shang, are not royalty by birthright or marriage.

All 10 Official Princes

All Disney Princes have a unique story. Some stories are rags to riches, and others are about appreciating what you have. One thing they all have in common is finding true love. ❤️

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1. Prince Florian (The Prince)

Prince Florian looking up and singing near Snow Whites balcony

The Prince appears in the classic fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and his love for Snow White is evident. He is shown with short brown hair and an athletic, handsome build. Florian is the first Disney Prince.

As he travels near the castle, he hears Snow White singing with her beautiful singing voice and can’t help but love what he hears. He joins her in singing the song, but she gets scared and runs into the castle. 

He continues to sing under her balcony after falling in love with her. However, they don’t meet again after this until Snow White gets poisoned by the evil Witch. 

The Prince Florian kissing Snow White to waker her up from a deep sleep

The central theme here is the Prince’s love for the princess. The Prince brings her back from her deep sleep with a True Love kiss. 

They ride into the sunset, get married, and live happily ever after. Love brings them together, and the same love enables them to stand against all odds and be happy together forever.

2. Prince Charming (Prince Henry)

Prince Charming wearing a white and gold suit

Prince Charming is a popular one. He appears in Cinderella as the Prince pursuing Cinderella. Just like his name suggests, he appears as the most handsome one among the princes of Disney. He is shown with short brown hair combed over and a tall stature.

His family pressures Prince Charming to marry, and after finding no suitable matches, he comes up with an idea on his own. He decides to throw a royal ball and invite all of the single ladies in the Kingdom to attend the dance and meet him in person. 

Prince Charming meets Cinderella at the royal ball and is immediately mesmerized by her beauty and grace. They share a dance and begin to fall in love. The two develop a strong connection in a short time at the royal ball. 

Prince Charming dancing with Cinderella

Their time together is cut short at midnight as the spell her Fairy Godmother performed ends. Cinderella flees to protect her identity and not be embarrassed. Her carriage turns back into a pumpkin, and her beautiful ball gown turns back to her raggedy cleaning maid dress. 

After the royal ball, Prince Charming’s love for Cinderella is undeniable, and he must find her so they can be together. As Cinderella fled at midnight, she lost a glass slipper. Charming announced that whoever the shoe fit would be his Princess. 

Eventually, the Grand Duke makes his way to Cinderella’s house, and she tries on the slipper, which is a perfect fit. Prince Charming and Cinderella are finally together, and their love blossoms as they get married and live happily ever after. 

3. Prince Phillip

Prince Phillip wearing a bland and brown suit, red cape, and red hat with purple feather

Prince Phillip is the handsome Prince in Sleeping Beauty. He is shown with short brown hair, slender, and tall. From the onset, Prince Phillip’s love for Princess Aurora is evident. Ever since childhood, one could tell they were destined to be together. 

Phillip and Aurora are intentionally separated at a young age for Princess Aurora’s protection against Maleficent’s curse on her. Fate has a way of bringing them back together, and they have a chance to meet in the forest, which rekindles their love. 

Prince Phillip leaning in to kiss Princess Aurora while she lays asleep

Although they don’t remember each other from childhood, they feel something familiar and fall deeply in love. When Aurora turns 16, Maleficent’s curse sends Princess Aurora into a deep sleep.  

With the good fairy’s help, Prince Philip battles the evil Maleficient and eventually wins. With True Love’s first kiss, he awakens Sleeping Beauty, bringing Aurora back to life, and they live happily ever after. 

4. Prince Eric

Prince Eric smiling on the beach with short black hair and blue eyes

Prince Eric is the Prince in The Little Mermaid. Eric is human and has medium to long black hair. Eric falls in love with Ariel after she saves him from drowning. She sings to him, and as he slowly recovers, she swims away to protect her true identity. 

Eric’s deep love for Ariel encourages him to make a vow that he will never marry any other person apart from the one who saved him. The one with the beautiful voice is the one that he will marry. 

Ariel ends up selling her voice to Ursula, the sea witch, in exchange for legs. When Ariel comes to the shore as a human who can’t speak, it is difficult for Eric to recognize her. 

Prince Eric and Princess Ariel sitting in a row boat at night holding hands

The fact that she didn’t have the same beautiful voice she once had when Ariel met Eric for the first time made it hard for Eric to recognize her. Later, Ursula turns into a beautiful lady, Vanessa, and uses Ariel’s voice to lure Eric to marry her. 

Just before Eric marries Ursula, Ariel appears at the wedding and manages to get her voice back. Ursula tries to break the love between Eric and Ariel, but in the end, the Prince and Princess win the love they both deeply desire. 

They love each other more than ever, get married, and live happily ever after. In The Little Mermaid II sequel, Prince Erica and Princess Ariel are the first Disney couple to have a child named Melody. 

5. Prince Adam (The Beast)

The Beast turning back into his human form Prince Eric with a kiss from Belle

Prince Adam is the main male protagonist in Beauty and the Beast. He has long red hair as a young man. At the young age of 11 years old, he is transformed into a beast by an enchantress. He is an arrogant and selfish guy. It is his attitude that leads him to be transformed into a beast. 

The Beast is given ten years to find true love. After an older man named Maurice comes into his castle, the Beast locks him in his dungeon. Maurice’s daughter, Belle, begins to look for him and discovers he is locked in the castle. The Beast accepts Maurice’s freedom in exchange for his daughter, Belle.  

The Beast and Belle feeding the birds

While spending time together in the castle, Belle and Beast develop deep feelings for one another and fall in love. Later, Belle finds out her father is deathly ill, and he must let her go to him. When Belle leaves, the Beast’s heart is broken.

Belle’s departure made the Beast so weak that he couldn’t defend himself when attacked by Gaston. When Belle finally comes to rescue the Beast, he regains his power and fights back. He loved her so much that he had no reason to fight. 

Princess Belle and The Beast dancing in her yellow ball gown

Eventually, Belle’s love for the Beast is so much that it manages to break the spell. After the spell broke, Beast returned to his human form as Adam, and they lived happily ever after.

6. Prince Aladdin (Prince Ali Ababwa)

Aladdin wearing his purple vest and small red hat with medium length dark brown hair

Aladdin is the male lead, an inspiring rags-to-riches story about love and perseverance. Before he became a prince, he was an orphaned thief. He has medium-length black hair, a pet monkey named Abu, and a flying carpet called Rug Man. 

Aladdin first meets Princess Jasmine in the market, where she is disguised as a commoner. Aladdin saves her and shows her around. They quickly realize they have a lot in common, and their feelings for each other begin to grow before they are separated. 

Prince Ali Ababawa riding into Agrabah on an elephant

After several ups and downs, Aladdin finds himself with Abu, a magic carpet, and a Genie who will grant him three wishes. Aladdin tries to use his wishes to impress Princess Jasmine, but she is not impressed with his showing off his new wealth. 

After a romantic magic carpet ride, Jasmine realizes that Prince Ali Ababwa is the street boy Aladdin she fell in love with earlier. Since Aladdin is not a Prince, the law says they can not marry. 

Aladdin kissing Princess Jasmine while she leans over her balcony

An evil sorcerer named Jafar wants the genie from Aladdin so he can be the ultimate ruler. Jafar gains his desired powers and banishes Aladdin so the two can not be together. 

Eventually, Aladdin fights his way back, and along with Princess Jasmine, they overthrow Jafar to save the Kingdom. Jasmine’s father, the Sultan, changes the law so she can marry whomever she wants. Princess Jasmine marries Aladdin, and he officially becomes a Prince. 

7. Prince John Smith

He appears as the male interest in Pocahontas. He is handsome and the only Disney Prince with long blonde hair. John Smith and Pocahontas enjoy getting to know each other at first by sharing everything they know about their own culture with one another. 

Prince John Smith in his blue armor under coat and medium long blonde hair

After introductions, John missteps and accidentally insults Pocahontas when he talks about how his people have helped savages improve their lives with large homes and roadways. 

John tries to apologize when he realizes how upset Pocahontas is, but she instead shows him the beauty of nature that surrounds them. As an explorer, one can tell that he is an adventurous man ready to discover new things and opportunities. 

John begins to understand her people and respect how they live. Pocahontas and John fall in love even though she is engaged to a fellow tribe member, Kocoum. 

Pocahontas looking into John Smith's eyes as he lays on his back

Through a series of unfortunate events, Kocoum attacks John for kissing Pocahontas. John’s best friend, Thomas, comes to save him and kills Kocoum. This causes a lot of anger among the tribe, and John Smith is sentenced to death. 

Before John’s execution, Pocahontas’s love for him is displayed as she throws her body over his to protect him from being killed. She saves his life, and the Powhatans and Settlers agree peacefully. 

Outraged by the peaceful resolution, Governor Ratcliffe shoots John Smith, but he survives. John has to be shipped back home for medical attention and has a tearful goodbye with Pocahontas. 

8. Prince Li Shang

Prince Li Shang with his black hair in a man bun and wearing a red scarf

Captain Li Shang is the Prince in the film Mulan. He is a capable and muscular fighter with long black hair tied up in a man bun and the son of the army leader, General Li. 

He meets Mulan when she joins the army disguised as a man. Li Shang teaches soldiers how to fight, and you can quickly tell he is not a man who settles for less. 

Prince Li Shang and Mulan talking under a tree with orange leafs

He is a thoughtful and reserved Prince who doesn’t just do things without taking calculated steps. We can say that he is the opposite of the prince in the film. Mulan is adventurous and ready to do risky things, while Li Shang employs his sharp instincts when making decisions. 

Mulan is a woman disguised as a man while fighting in the army is enough proof of her adventurous self. Through the fighting experiences that Li Shang and Mulan have, they become good friends and develop love interests towards each other by the film’s end when he discovers Mulan’s true identity.

9. Prince Naveen 

Prince Naveen wearing his royal suite, blue sash, and gold crown

Prince Naveen is the spoiled Prince from the animated film The Princess and the Frog. He is cut off financially by his parents, who are the rulers of Maldonia, and Naveen decides to leave for New Orleans. 

Prince Naveen is naturally good with all the ladies, but he focuses on the wealthiest Sugar Baron’s daughter, Charlotte La Bouff. Naveen hopes to marry rich and set himself up for the lavish, easy life he has grown accustomed to. 

Prince Naveen and Tiana dancing

Later, a voodoo man, Dr. Facilier, tricks Naveen and turns him into a frog. Soon after, Naveen the frog accidentally turns Charlotte’s best friend into a frog as well. The two get chased into a swamp, and a long adventure begins as they need to work together. 

As they get to know each other, they fall in love, and after some ups and downs, they eventually marry as frogs. When they kiss, they turn back to their human form and return to their real life. They are both happily Prince and Princess and live happily ever after running Tiana’s restaurant. 

10. Prince Flynn Rider (Eugene Fitzherbert)

Prince Flynn Rider smiling and holding up a leather bag with a stolen crown inside

Eugene Fitzherbert is a skilled thief who uses his charming smile and good looks to his advantage and goes by Flynn Rider. He has medium to long brown hair. He wears a green vest with a long white shirt and brown pants with boots. 

After successfully stealing the lost Princess’s crown, he attempts to hide in a forest tower. While in the tower, Flynn is captured and tied up by Rapunzel. She offers him freedom and the stolen crown if he takes her to the floating lantern ceremony in her local Kingdom. 

Flynn and Rapunzel enjoy a beautiful evening at the lantern ceremony and begin to fall in love. Rapunzel offers Flynn back the crown he stole, and he returns it and spends more time with Rapunzel. 

Prince Flynn Rider and Rapunzel sitting on a row boat holding hands during the lantern ceremony

Flynn meets up with the Stabbington Brothers to return the stolen crown, but he ends up in jail instead, and Rapunzel is now in danger as they come for her hair, which has magical powers. 

Pup Thugs and Maximus help Flynn escape from jail to rescue Rapunzel. In the end, Flynn helps to cut Rapunzel’s hair and set her free while she uses magic tears to heal his wounds. 

In the Tangled series show that follows, Flynn discovers he is the Prince of the Dark Kingdom and marries Rapunzel in the animated short Tangled Ever After. 

Unofficial Disney Princes

Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck bumping fists

Mickey Mouse

Donald Duck

Bambi | Bambi

Peter Pan | Peter Pan

Arthur Pendragon | The Sword in the Stone

Robin Hood | Robin Hood

Taran | The Black Cauldron

Darkwing Duck | Darkwing Duck

Simba | The Lion King

Kovu | The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride

Simb and Kovu

Quasimodo | The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Phoebus | The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Hercules | Hercules

Tarzan | Tarzan

Ralphie | The Princess and the Frog

Emperor Kuzco | The Emperor’s New Groove

Milo Thatch | Atlantis

Sora | Kingdom Hearts

Yao, Ling and Chien Po | Mulan

Prince Edward | Enchanted

David Kawena | Lilo & Stitch

Lilo and Stitch dancing outside

Jim Hawkins | Treasure Planet

Kenai | Brother Bear

Jack Skellington | The Nightmare Before Christmas

John Rolfe | Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World

Harris, Hubert, and Hamish | Brave

Kristoff | Frozen

Kion | The Lion Guard

Popular Disney Prince Questions

Who are the princes in Disney?

1. Prince Florian/Ferdinand – Snow White
2. Prince Charming – Cinderella
3. Prince Philip – Sleeping Beauty
4. Prince Eric – The Little Mermaid
5. Prince Adam (The Beast) – Beauty and the Beast
6. Aladdin (Prince Ali Ababwa) – Aladdin
7. John Smith – Pocahontas
8. Li Shang – Mulan
9. Prince Naveen – Princess and the Frog
10. Prince Eugene Fitzherbert (Flynn Ryder) – Tangled

How many princes does Disney have?

There are 10 official Disney Princes and 13 official Disney Princesses.

Who is the most popular Disney prince?

The most popular Disney prince is Aladdin who becomes a prince by his marriage to Princess Jasmine.

Who is the most recent Disney prince?

The most recent Disney prince is Flynn Rider who marries Rapunzel in the Disney film Tangled.

Who is the bravest Disney prince?

The bravest Disney prince is Aladdin who overcomes many challenges and villains for the princess he loves, Jasmine.

What is Snow White’s prince called?

Prince Florian is Snow White’s prince who rescues her from her deep sleep with a kiss.

In the enchanting world of Disney, the allure of charming princes captivates audiences of all ages. From the classic tale of Snow White, we are introduced to the handsome Snow White Prince, whose name is often associated with pure royalty.

As we delve into the extensive Disney Prince list, we uncover a realm filled with names that evoke a sense of grandeur and admiration. These Disney men, princes of exceptional charisma, have won the hearts of many with their captivating stories.

But how many Disney princesses are there? Right now there are ten. Let us not forget the beloved Cinderella Prince, whose name resonates with elegance and charm. All the Disney princes, each with their unique names, have become icons of love, courage, and nobility.

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