40 Trolls Characters Meet the Colorful and Lovable Cast

Meet the Trolls Characters from DreamWorks Animation, who is also the creator of the animated films Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, The Bad Guys, and Kung Fu Panda.

trolls characters

Trolls is a 2016 musical comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation. The movie is based on the Troll dolls created by Thomas Dam.

The film follows the story of two trolls, Poppy and Branch, on a mission to save their friends from the Bergens, who believe that eating trolls will bring them happiness on their special holiday, Trollstice.

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Trolls Cast and Characters

  • Anna Kendrick – Poppy
  • Justin Timberlake – Branch
  • Rachel Bloom – Barb
  • Kelly Clarkson – Delta Dawn
  • Anderson .Paak – Prince D
  • Sam Rockwell – Hickory
  • Zooey Deschanel – Bridget
  • George Clinton – King Quincy
  • Mary J. Blige – Queen Essence
  • Kenan Thompson – Tiny Diamond
  • Christopher Mintz-Plasse – King Gristle Jr.
  • Christine Baranski – Chef
  • Russel Brand – Creek
  • Gewn Stefani – DJ Suki
  • John Cleese – King Gristle Sr.
  • James Corden – Biggie
  • Jeffrey Tambor – King Peppy
  • Ron Funches – Cooper
  • Aino Jawo – Satin
  • Caroline Hjelt – Chenille
  • Kunal Nayyar – Guy Diamond
  • Quvenzhané Wallis – Harper
  • Walt Dohrn – Smidge, Fuzzbert, Cloud Guy, Mr. Dinkles, Tunnel Troll
  • Rhys Darby – Bibbly
  • Ricky Dillon – Aspen Heitz
  • Meg DeAngelis – Moxie Dewdrop
  • GloZell Green – Grandma Rosiepuff
  • Kandee Johnson – Mandy Sparkledust
  • Grace Helbig – Sugary Cookieloaf
  • Jamie Dornan – Chaz
  • Flula Borg – Dickory
  • Ester Dean – Legsley
  • Ozzy Osbourne – King Thrash
  • Charlyne Yi – Pennywhistle
  • J Balvin – Tresillo
  • Anthony Ramos – King Trollex
  • Gustavo Dudamel – Trollzart
  • Karan Soni – Riff
  • Eric André – John Dory
  • Kid Cudi – Clay
  • Daveed Diggs – Spruce
  • Troye Sivan – Floyd
  • Camila Cabello – Viva
  • Amy Schumer – Velvet
  • Andrew Rannells – Vaneer
  • RuPaul – Miss Maxine
  • Zosia Mamet – Crimp

40. Poppy, Queen of Pop

queen poppy in trolls

Poppy is the lead character in the Trolls franchise and is the current Queen of the Pop Trolls, who is voiced by Anna Kendrick. Poppy is the popular girl troll from Trolls. She serves as the Pop Queen and is one of my favorite characters, and she will be one of yours too. She is the daughter of King Peppy, who saved his subjects from the Troll-hungry Bergens.

Queen Poppy is an eternally happy and beloved leader of the Trolls. Poppy fully embodies the happy forest, happy tree, and happy creatures that sing, dance and hug. She is kind, energetic, enthusiastic, and committed to helping all the Trolls in her community even though her strategies to protect the Trolls need help from Branch.

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Poppy’s physical appearance is a cute pink troll with pink eyes and hot pink hair. She wears a green headband with blue flowers, and her dress is blue and green with white decorative trim. Poppy’s signature move is her hair flip, which she uses to show her positive attitude and confidence.

39. Branch

branch in trolls

Branch is a prominent character in the Trolls franchise and is voiced by Justin Timberlake. He is cautious and always assumes the worst outcome. Branch lives in Troll Village and is a member of The Snack Pack, a group of Trolls who are friends with Poppy.

Branch’s cautious nature is focused on his fear of the Bergens, which often leads him to take extreme measures to protect himself and his friends. I liked watching Branch because he is very practical and strategic about protecting all trolls.

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Branch’s unique appearance sets him apart from the others in Troll Village. He has a dark blue complexion and wears a green vest and brown shorts with green patches. Unlike most of the other trolls, his black and not colorful. Branch’s eyes are also unique, as they are a bright blue color that stands out against his dark skin. Overall, Branch’s distinctive appearance reflects his cautious and reserved personality.

38. Biggie

biggie in trolls

Biggie is a big blue guy in a little vest of the Snack Pack and is easily moved to tears at hug time and voiced by James Corden. Biggie is known for being a big softie and unafraid to cry happy tears. Biggie is the only Troll who carries around his pet, a bright neon yellow worm, Mr. Dinkles, whom he loves dearly.

Physically, Biggie is a large, blue troll with a round belly and a happy expression. He has short light blue hair on his head and wears an undersized purple vest. Biggie’s most notable feature is his size, which makes him stand out among the other trolls. Despite his large size, Biggie is often portrayed as timid and shy but still loves dressing up Mr. Dinkles in cute outfits and joining in on flash mob dances.

37. Mr. Dinkles

mr. dinkles in trolls

Mr. Dinkles is the best friend of Biggie and is voiced by Walt Dohrn. Mr. Dinkles is carefully protected by Biggie and carried everywhere with him.

He provides comic relief throughout all three Trolls films with funny voices, photo shoots, and chilling with Tiny Diamond. Mr. Dinkles is one of the most unique Trolls characters names which matches his personality perfectly.

Mr. Dinkles is a small neon-yellow worm with pink circles around his black eyes and blue lips. He wears a small green hat and is often shown wearing different costumes.

36. Creek

creek in trolls

Creek is the most positive and zen character from the Trolls franchise voiced by Russel Brand. Creek is a close friend of Poppy, her former crush, and is considered the secondary hero of the first Trolls movie.

He is portrayed as a charming troll who can cheer others up while stealing the spotlight. When he sings, everyone listens. Creek is also known for his good looks and charisma, which makes him popular among the trolls.

Creek is a slender purple troll with blue to green ombre hair. He has distinctive freckles made of glitter and an orange nose. Creek’s outfit is no shirt and yellowish green pants.

35. DJ Suki

dj suki in trolls

DJ Suki is a supporting character in the Trolls franchise voiced by Gwen Stefani. DJ Suki is a musical troll who can always be counted on to provide the beats for any impromptu musical moments in Troll Village. She is among the Trolls kidnapped by Chef Bergen in the first film and later becomes a member of the Trolls’ community.

Physically, DJ Suki is a slender troll with pink skin, orange hair, and a turquoise nose. She wears white and blue headphones made of yarn with a gemstone belly button ring. She also wears a sleeveless top and shorts made from white yarn with three bracelets on each wrist.

DJ Suki’s personality is upbeat and positive, and she is always ready to lend a helping hand to her friends in Troll Village.

34. Cooper

cooper in trolls

Cooper is a giraffe-like troll character in the Trolls franchise voiced by Ron Funches. I love Cooper’s super smiley personality and harmonic skills. In the first film, Cooper is seen as one of the many trolls captured by the Bergens. Poppy and Branch later rescue him and joins them on their journey to save their friends.

Cooper is a colorful character with bright blue dreadlocks, a big smile, and a full coat of troll hair. He is known for his green newsboy cap; unlike most other trolls, he has four legs like a giraffe or an alpaca. I enjoyed Cooper’s fun-loving character who is always ready for an adventure.

33. Guy Diamond

guy diamond in trolls

Guy Diamond is a glitter troll from the Trolls film franchise voiced by Kunal Nayyar. Guy Diamond is portrayed as a flamboyant and confident troll who loves to dance and sing. He is also known for his glittery appearance, which makes him stand out from the other trolls in his birthday suit.

Guy Diamond has a silver glitter body, white hair, and a green nose. He also has a matching green bracelet on his left hand. His body is covered in glitter, which makes him the living disco ball at every party and when he dances, he shakes off clouds of glitter.

32. Tiny Diamond

tiny diamond in trolls

Tiny Diamond is a fan-favorite character in the Trolls universe voiced by Kenan Thompson. He first appeared in the movie Trolls World Tour and later in the series Trolls: TrollsTopia. He is a hip-hop rapping Troll who is the son of Guy Diamond and loves performing for his friends.

Tiny Diamond is a small kid Troll, as his name suggests. He has a glittery Troll appearance, just like his dad Guy Diamond with a green nose. He also wears diamond stud earrings and oversized glasses with yellow lenses. Despite his size, he has a surprisingly deep voice that helps his big personality stand out.

30 & 31. Satin and Chenille

satin and chenille in trolls

Satin and Chenille are conjoined twins in the Trolls franchise, voiced by Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjelt. Satin and Chenille are known as The Fashion Twins and love showing off their new glamorous outfits. They are fashion designers known for creating outfits worn by the other trolls.

Physically, Satin is a light pink troll, and Chenille is a light purple troll. The twins are conjoined with their hair loop which is an ombre color beginning with turquoise on their heads to purple and then to pink where their hair loop joins.

Overall, Satin and Chenille are beloved characters in the Trolls franchise. Their unique appearance and fashion sense make them stand out, and their close friendship with Poppy adds an important dynamic to the series. Satin and Chenille’s ability to work together despite their physical limitations also serves as an important message about the power of teamwork and friendship.

29. King Peppy

king peppy in trolls

King Peppy is the brave leader of the Trolls, voiced by Jeffrey Tambor. He is Poppy’s father and the former king of the Trolls. King Peppy is known for his bravery and leadership, having saved his fellow Trolls from the evil Bergens 20 years ago. Peppy tough Poppy to be a very friendly troll and enjoys pop music.

King Peppy is a short orange troll with red and gray hair, eyebrows, and a fu-manchu mustache. He wears a bright green vest and army-green pants. His eyes are large and light brown, and he has a small yellow nose.

28. Grandma Rosiepuff

grandma rosiepuff in trolls

Grandma Rosiepuff is a beloved troll caretaker from the 2016 animated film Trolls voiced by GloZell Green. She is the grandmother of Branch, one of the supporting characters in the movie.

Grandma Rosiepuff is known for her patience and ability to keep young trolls safe so they can learn to let their hair down and enjoy life. She is also surprisingly strong and fast, as she is often seen chasing after trouble-making young trolls.

Grandma Rosiepuff is a purple Troll with mint green hair, eyes, a nose, and lipstick. Her hair is tied in a large updo and curls towards her face in a beautiful pattern. She wears a light yellow dress with a cozy knitted red sweater vest. Despite her age, Grandma Rosiepuff is full of energy and always ready to lend a helping hand to her fellow trolls.

27. Moxie Dewdrop

moxie dewdrop in trolls

Moxie Dewdrop is the Razzle Dazzle dance inventor in the 2016 DreamWorks Animation film, Trolls and voiced by Meg DeAngelis. She is one of the rock trolls and has a minor role in the film. Overall, Moxie Dewdrop is a fun and energetic character in Trolls.

Although she has a minor role, her love for music, interpretive dance with Cybil’s spoken word, and dance-offs with Guy Diamond make her a memorable character in the film.

Moxie Dewdrop is a Troll with magenta skin, pink eyes and nose, and light pink hair. She wears a yellow and orange dress with glitter blush on her cheeks.

26. Smidge

smidge in trolls

Smidge is a small troll with a deep booming voice played by co-director Walt Dohrn. She is a member of The Snack Pack, a group of Trolls who help Poppy and Branch on their adventures. Smidge is known for being one of the strongest Trolls who loves to work out and jump rope with her own hair. She is a fierce fighter and will do anything to protect her friends.

Smidge’s hobbies include weightlifting, listening to heavy metal, and crocheting. Despite her small size, Smidge is incredibly strong and can lift objects that are much larger than her. Her deep voice is often used for comedic effects in films.

Smidge is a tiny yellow Troll with a shockingly deep baritone voice. She has extra long blue hair and a big pink bow. She also wears a pink dress and has a pink nose with blue eyes.

25. Fuzzbert

fuzzbert in trolls

Fuzzbert is a Troll made entirely of neon green hair with two bare feet showing at the bottom and is one of the many voices by co-director Walt Dohrn. Fuzzbert has a hard time hearing with all that hair, but on a positive note, he loves to dance and is nick-named Twinkle Toes.

Physically, Fuzzbert is a small and furry creature with a round body and visible arms or head. The only visible body part Fuzzbert has is his feet. He has neon green hair, and despite his small size, Fuzzbert is a lively and energetic character who brings joy and laughter to the Trolls Village.

24. Barb, Queen of Rock

barb queen of rock in trolls

Barb is the main villain of DreamWorks animated film Trolls: World Tour voiced by Rachel Bloom. She is the rebellious leader of Hard Rock and the queen of the Hard Rock Trolls. Barb is a fierce-looking Trolls queen with the toughness and attitude of a rock star. Barb is one of my favorite cartoon villains dedicated to her Rock music.

This rock troll has a disdain for other music genres and sets out to capture all the other Troll tribes’ guitar strings to unify them under rock music.

Barb is an imposing purple-colored Troll with a red mohawk, pink eyes, and dark makeup. Her left ear has the point torn off and missing with one silver hoop earring on the left ear and two on the right ear. Barb also wears a torn white sleeveless shirt, black leather cuffs on her wrists, black shorts, and black fishnets.

Her red and black guitar is designed to look like a menacing weapon with a skull on the headstock and a blade on the body.

23. Riff

riff in trolls

Riff is a die-hard rocker sidekick and second in command to Queen Barb and is voiced by Karan Soni. He is Queen Barb’s loyal Rock Troll and the secondary antagonist in the movie. Riff is a member of the Hard Rock Trolls and plays the drums in Barb’s band.

Riff is a gray troll with a purple nose and long black hair. He wears a black knitted hat pulled down over his eyes, black leather gloves, a white tee, black jeans with holes in the knees, a light blue jean jacket, and a red bandana hanging out of his pocket.

22. King Thrash

king thrash in trolls

King Thrash is a retired King of the Hard Rock Trolls voiced by the rock legend Ozzy Osbourn. Thrash is also the father of Queen Barb and recently passed his crown down to her. Thrash still has a lot of life left and enjoys strolling around in his motorized wheelchair when he’s not rocking out.

King Thrash has a rough and tough appearance. He is a purple Troll with frizzy black hair and red eyes. He wears a black leather jacket with spikes, black pants, and black boots.

21. Debbie

debbie in trolls

Debbie is Queen Barb’s pet bat and serves as one of her loyal henchmen. Debbie is known for her sharp senses and keen hearing, which she uses to help Queen Barb track down the different types of music in the Trolls universe. Despite her small size, Debbie is a fierce fighter and is not afraid to use her wings and sharp teeth to defend her queen.

Debbie’s physical appearance is that of a small purple bat with a large white hair mane and sharp white teeth. She has oversized red eyes and a small purple nose. Her wings are leathery black, and she does not have arms.

20. Chaz

chaz in trolls

Chaz is a romantic troll who plays the alluring saxophone music and is voiced by Jamie Dornan. He turns on the pop trolls when Queen Barb, a rock troll, offers him a new house if he can track down Queen Poppy and steal her string.

Chaz’s physical appearance is a blue troll with red eyes. His long red hair matches his red mustache and a heart-shaped patch of red chest hair. To complete his look, Chaz wears black leather pants.

19. Delta Dawn

delta dawn in trolls

Delta Dawn is the mayor of Lonesome Flats and is voiced by the talented music artist and The Voice Coach Kelly Clarkson. Delta Dawn is in charge of the Country Trolls, leading the community with a firm but fair hand. The Trolls of Lonesome Flats love country music and will do whatever it takes to defend their way of life.

Delta Dawn is an orange troll-like centaur character who is a colorful and vibrant character with bright red hair and a miniature white cowboy hat. Her lower half is her horse legs which are light green with a turquoise tail. She also wears a short-sleeved green flannel that matches her tail color.

18. Hickory

hickory in trolls

Hickory is a Country Music Troll with traditional cowboy values and rugged attractiveness and is voiced by Sam Rockwell in Trolls World Tour. Hickory also has a smooth singing voice that impresses all the ladies. When Hickory senses the Pop Trolls are in danger he rides in to save Queen Poppy.

Hickory is a half-troll and half-horse character that is the color green with orange hair and an orange tail. He wears a tall cowboy hat, an open brown vest, and blue jeans.

17. Dickory

dickory in trolls

Dickory is an Austrian Yodeler voiced by Flula Borg. Dickory is part of a yodeling duo and feared bounty hunter. Dickory loves music and will do whatever it takes to save his music, even if it means ending up taking the string from the pop trolls.

Dickory is a small green troll with bright orange hair, a mustache, and a beard. His wardrobe is a traditional Austrian outfit with lederhosen and a feathered green hat. He is often seen carrying a large yodeling horn, which he uses to communicate with his brother and to capture Trolls. Despite his small size, Dickory is a formidable fighter and is not to be underestimated.

16. King Quincy

king quincy in trolls

King Quincy, also known as Q, is a character from the animated movie Trolls World Tour voiced by George Clinton, the “Godfather of Funk.” He is the leader of the Funk Trolls in Vibe City, who hates auto-tune.

King Quincy is a charismatic and confident character who loves to perform and entertain his fans. Throughout the movie, King Quincy plays a key role in the plot as he helps the other Trolls to defeat the evil Queen Barb to save the music world while also reconnecting with his long-lost son, Cooper.

King Quincy is a giant giraffe-like Funk Troll with four legs. He is pink and has feathered pink hair on the left side of his head and blue and pink dreads on the right. He also has a neon green nose and a turquoise beard.

Q also knocks it out of the park with his over-the-top costume. He wears gold starburst sunglasses, a gold streamer-style outfit with a large gold cape, and five gem toe rings.

15. Prince D

prince d in trolls

Prince D is also known as Prince Darnell and is voiced by Anderson Paak in Trolls World Tour. Darnell has always felt a part of him was missing, and when he was older, King Quincy told him the story of his missing brother they never found.

Later, in his youth, Darnell started experimenting with his parent’s funk music and then started going by the name Prince D.

Prince D has a unique giraffe-like appearance with a pink body and four turquoise legs. His hair is made into short blue dreads, and he wears a gold star earring on his left ear.

14. Queen Essence

queen essence in trolls

Queen Essence is a chill and calm Funk Troll, voiced by R&B icon Mary J. Blige in Trolls World Tour. She is the queen of the Funk Trolls and the matron of the Funky Family.

Thanks to Essence’s leadership Funk Trolls no longer have to worry about Pop Trolls stealing their beats. The negativity of their Pop Troll interactions quickly melts away when Essence and her family are reunited with their long-lost son, Cooper.

Queen Essence has a unique appearance compared to the other Trolls characters but closely matches her family’s giraffe-like body shape with four legs. Essence is a blue troll with silver and gold streamers on her body and a purple nose. Her hair is made up of blue dreads tied up in a large bun, and she wears a gold-knitted crown.

13. Tresillo

tresillo in trolls

Tresillo is the leader of the Reggaetón Trolls and is voiced by J Balvin. The Reggaetón Trolls are a group of Trolls who are known for their love of reggaetón music. In Trolls World Tour, Tresillo goes toe to toe with the K-Pop Gang with his signature song “Mi Gente.”

The Reggaetón Trolls are characterized by their vibrant and colorful appearance. Tresillo, the group leader, is a blue troll with yellow, orange, green, and pink dreads. He also has a lime green nose and red and green button earrings. On his chest, you can see a colorful tattoo of three musical notes.

12. The K-Pop Gang

k pop gang in trolls

The K-Pop Gang is a group of five female trolls who are major antagonists in DreamWorks’ Trolls: World Tour. They are voiced by the K-pop girl group Red Velvet members and are known for their musical performances and dance moves.

The K-pop gang is portrayed as upbeat and competitive and determined to prove that K-pop is the best music genre in the world.

The K-Pop Gang is an all-female group and wears stylish, colorful outfits with matching hair in blue, green, red, purple, and yellow that reflect their K-pop image. They also wear colorful and sparkly makeup that accentuates their cuteness.

11. King Trollex

trollex in trolls

Trollex is the Techno king and a supporting character in the movie Trolls World Tour voiced by Anthony Ramos. He is the king of the Techno Trolls and is known for his fun-loving personality and for making sure everyone parties safely. When King Trollex meets Barb, she pressures him to choose between his people or his string.

Trollex is a Techno Troll with a unique appearance. He has a neon blue body, which makes him stand out from other characters in the movie. He has neon rainbow arms, neon green hair, neon green eyes, and a neon pink heart on his chest. He also wears a pair of pink headphones on his head, which symbolizes his love for music.

10. Legsly

legsly in trolls

Legsly is the tallest of the Pop Trolls and is voiced by Ester Dean. Legsly is a member of The Snack Pack, a group of Trolls who love to eat snacks and party. Her role in the film is minor, but she adds a fun and quirky element to the group and can’t understand why some trolls don’t get the idea of “Hammer Time.”

Legsly is a colorful purple troll with orange pigtails and bangs. She wears green overall shorts with a colorful right ankle bracelet.

9. Pennywhistle

pennywhistle in trolls

Pennywhistle is a tiny little tin whistle that lives in Symphonyville, voiced by comedian Charlyne Yi. She is a member of the orchestra, and even though she isn’t the loudest member, she always makes her presence known with her sweet and melodious tunes. Pennywhistle always projects her bright and sunny personality to whomever she meets.

Physically, Pennywhistle is a small and slender whistle with a shiny gold body and black eyes with three lashes each. Overall, Pennywhistle is a charming and endearing character who adds a touch of sweetness to the Trolls World Tour movie.

8. Trollzart

trollzart in trolls

Trollzart, also known as Wolfgang Amadeus Trollzart and voiced by Gustavo Dudamel. The enthusiastic conductor is the leader of the Classical Trolls. All the Trolls in Symphonyville move in step to Trollzart’s baton and enjoy the rhythmic expression of the music.

Physically, Trollzart is a yellow Troll with large yellow hair the curls on both sides. He wears a black tuxedo tailcoat with golden yellow cord edges. He is often seen carrying his conductor’s baton, which he uses to lead his orchestra. His appearance is designed to resemble the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

7. Cloud Guy

cloud guy in trolls

The Cloud Guy helps guide Poppy and Branch along their journey to find Bergen town and is another character voiced by Walt Dohrn. Cloud guy has an expressive personality that likes to joke around. Cloud Guy especially enjoys teasing Branch who tends to be uptight. When Cloud Guy gets scared his cloud body rains.

The Cloud Guy’s physical appearance is of a fluffy white cotton cloud with long skinny purple arms and legs. He also has purple eyes and wears long white tube socks with two red stripes around the top.

6. Chef

chef in trolls

Chef is one of the most popular Bergens responsible for catching Trolls for their holiday feast, Trollstice which is the only way they can feel happy, and is voiced by Christine Baranski. When the Bergen’s celebration is foiled by King Peppy who helps his Trolls escape through an underground tunnel, Chef makes it her mission to find the Trolls characters.

The chef is a large ugly creature like most of the Bergens. She is purple in color with a pink nose, light blue hair, and a jagged row of lower teeth. She also has a large saggy chin fat and red beady eyes. Chef wears a white chef uniform with a matching tall white hat and a brown fanny pack.

5. Prince Gristle (King Gristle)

king gristle jr. in trolls

Prince Gristle also goes by King Gristle Jr. and is the King of Bergen’s son voiced by Christopher Mintz-Plasse. When his father, King Gristle Sr. is removed from the throne by the Bergens for ruining Trollstice, the new King Gristle Jr. vows to bring back the Troll treats and restore Bergen Towns’ day of happiness.

Prince Gristle Jr. is a short Bergen with green hair and pointed flat ears. He wears a red and white striped shirt that is too small, blue pants, a fur fringe royal mantle cape, and socks with sandals.

4. Bridget

bridget in trolls

Bridget is the most innocent and kind Bergen voiced by Zooey Deschanel. She works for Chef as a dishwasher and general maid. When Queen Poppy discovers the soft-spoken Bridget’s crush on King Gristle Jr., she arms her with the confidence she needs to take a chance to go on a date with the new King.

Bridget is a small Bergen like King Gristle Jr., and she has rainbow hair that she wears down and in pigtails. She also has crooked teeth and a unibrow. Bridget wears two different pink outfits in the films and two different sets of pink shoes.

3. King Gristle Sr.

king gristle sr. in trolls

King Gristle Sr. is the former King of the Bergens and is voiced by John Cleese. When King Gristle Sr. is in charge, the Trolls make an unexpected escape on Trollstice Day, and the King tells Prince Gristle they will never ever be happy again.

King Gristle Sr. is a tall dark green Bergen with red eyes, bushy gray eyebrows, and gray hair. He wears a gold crown, burgundy button suit and pants, and sandals. He also wears an elegant fur fringe royal purple mantle cape.

2. Bro Zone

The Bro Zone group is back! This energetic boy band used to include Branch which comes as a big surprise to Poppy and the rest of the Trolls. Branch believes the band walked out on him and he has never forgiven them. After their time apart to reflect can they move on to bigger and better things?

bro zone in trolls

1. John Dory

John Dory is Branch’s long-lost brother and is voiced by Eric André. He acts as the spokesman and leader of the Bro Zone boy band. John Dory is ready to make amends for the band break up and get the band back together again!

John Dory is a blue Troll with green spikey hair and a purple nose. He wears big green ski goggles with a bright pink lens and a brown coat with a fluffy white and brown dotted collar.

john dory in trolls

Trolls Band Together Characters

Here are some new Trolls 3 characters expected in the November 17, 2023 release date for Trolls Band Together. John Dory, Clay, Spruce, Floyd, Viva, Velvet, Vaneer, Miss Maxine, and Crimp.

The Trolls cast was directed by Mike Mitchell and co-director Walt Dohrn. Trolls 2: World Tour cast was directed by Walt Dohrn and co-directed by David P. Smith.

The movie was praised for its animation, music, and voice acting and was a commercial success, with Trolls grossing over $347 million worldwide and Trolls 2 grossing $49 million worldwide, released just as the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns began in spring 2020.

Enjoy our list of all the Trolls movie characters including Trolls characters, Trolls World Tour characters, and Trolls Band Together characters. Dive into the Trolls character names!

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Popular Trolls Characters Questions

What are the Troll’s names?

The Trolls Names are Poppy, Branch, Cooper, Biggie, Mr. Dinkles, Guy Diamond, Tiny Diamond, Smidge, Fuzzbert, DJ Suki, Satin, and Chenille.

Who is the villain in Trolls?

The villain in Trolls is the Bergens, especially Chef who hunts down the Trolls. In Trolls World Tour the villain is Barb, the Queen of Rock.

What kind of Troll is Poppy?

Poppy is the Queen of the Pop Trolls who are also known as the Rainbow Trolls.

Who is the most popular character in Trolls?

The most popular character in the Trolls three movie franchise is Poppy who is always the lead character.

What are the 6 types of Trolls?

The six groups of Trolls are the Pop, Funk, Country, Techno, Classical, and Rock Trolls.

What is the glitter Troll name?

Guy Diamond and his son Tiny Diamond are silver glitter Trolls.

Trolls Characters Conclusion

The movie features a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique personality and traits. I am positive you will enjoy all the upbeat songs and positive messages just as I did when I saw the film now streaming on Netflix.

The main characters are Queen Poppy, the optimistic and energetic leader of the trolls, and Branch, a grumpy and cautious troll reluctant to join Poppy on her mission. Other notable characters include Creek, a smooth-talking troll who is not what he seems, and DJ Suki, a musical troll who helps Poppy and Branch along the way.

trolls characters from trolls 1, 2, 3

The Trolls movies feature a wide range of characters, each with unique personalities, roles, appearances, and voices. From the happy-go-lucky Poppy to the grumpy Branch, the Trolls movie characters are a diverse and colorful group that adds to the charm of the film.

The Trolls characters are a significant part of what makes the movie so entertaining and enjoyable. I especially loved their infectious energy, catchy songs, and lovable personalities when I watched the films. The Trolls are sure to win the hearts of viewers of all ages.

Whether you’re a fan of animation or music or just looking for a fun and uplifting movie, Trolls is a must-see film that is sure to put a smile on your face. I hope you enjoyed our Troll movie characters list. Visit DreamWorks official Trolls website for more.

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