9 Adventerous Strange World Characters

Meet the Strange World characters from Disney’s original action-packed adventure. Follow in the footsteps of a historic family of explorers, the Clades, and their diverse group of friends.

Strange World Characters

In this uncharted and strange living landscape, this group of adventurers will see unimaginable sights and challenge the depths of their friendships.

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Strange World Cast and Characters

  • Jake Gyllenhaal – Searcher Clade
  • Dennis Quaid – Jaeger Clade
  • Jaboukie Young-White – Ethan Clade
  • Gabrielle Union – Meridian Clade
  • Lucy Liu – Callisto Mal
  • Alan Tudyk – Duffle

Strange World is Disney’s 61st animated feature film starring the voice talent of Jake Gyllenhaal, Dennis Quaid, Jaboukie Young-White, Gabrielle Union, Lucy Liu, and Alan Tudyk. Enjoy our list of Strange World names.

Strange World Family Photos

9. Searcher Clade

Searcher Clade in Strange World

Searcher Clade is a family man at heart, and although he grew up as an explorer, he claims not to be like his father, the outgoing adventurer. Searcher is more reserved and calculated than his family and friends. He would rather take the long, safe route than the risky shortcut.

Searcher is married to his partner Meridian and father to Ethan. As an adult, Searcher becomes a Pando farmer, an electrified green plant he finds while exploring with his dad. Pando proves to be a good energy source for the town.

Searcher’s physical appearance is slender and average height with a large nose, a short full brown beard, medium-length brown hair, and light skin color. Searcher wears a light green shirt with a brown collar and brown buttons. His pants are a darker shade of green with a brown belt and brown buttons. Additionally, he wears a green wedding band on his left hand.

8. Meridian Clade

Meridian Clade in Strange World

Meridian Clade is a talented pilot who can pilot all types of land vehicles and spaceships, including skiffs in the Strange World. She has a witty sense of humor and isn’t afraid to ask the obvious question. Meridian is married to Searcher, and they have a son, Ethan.

Meridian’s physical appearance is an average, slender build with dark skin tone and big hair tied up with a turquoise headband. She wears a green shirt with short white sleeves and a different green vest with short white sleeves in the Strange World of Avalonia. She wears khaki pants, several bracelets on the left wrist, and a diamond ring on her wedding finger.

7. Ethan Clade

Ethan Clade in Strange World

Ethan Clade is the 16-year-old son of Searcher and Meridian. Ethan is a curious teenager who longs for adventure beyond the family farm. His enthusiasm for exploring that he gets from his grandfather helps him easily make new and interesting friends.

Ethan’s physical appearance is that of a growing teen of average height. He’s thin like his parents and has brown skin with medium-length dreadlocks that fall to his cheeks. Ethan wears a gold earring on his right ear and a blue hat.

Unlike his parents, who wear green, Ethan wears a blue short-sleeved coat over a red shirt and yellow scarf. His blue coat has a red trim. He also wears green shorts just past his knee and blue boots.

6. Jaeger Clade

Jaeger Clade in Strange World

Jaeger Clade is the outgoing, enthusiastic explorer of the family. His fearless leadership often takes center stage as he leads the charge through the new strange world. After being separated from his family for several years, Jaeger is thrilled to find out he is now a grandpa to Ethan. Jaeger is one of the most knowledgeable Strange World characters to help the Clades and Callisto finish their quest.

Jaeger Clade’s physical appearance changes throughout the movie with different hairstyles and outfits. Jaeger’s size stays the same as a strongly built large man with a light-colored skin tone. He has a brown mustache and brown hair when he gets lost hiking with his family.

Later, when he reunites with the family, he is shown with a long gray beard, gray mustache, and long gray hair, showing his age. In the film’s second half, Jaeger loses the beard and only has the gray mustache and hair. He has a large round nose like his son Searcher and a light-colored skin tone.

Jaeger’s outfits also change slightly with a similar color scheme. When the family finds him, Jaeger wears a brown weathered shirt, brown leather shoulder armor, and green pants. When he shaves the beard, he changes into a nice white shirt with short sleeves and wears leather wrist coverings.

5. Callisto Mal

Callisto Mal in Strange World

Callisto Mal is Avalonia’s courageous leader. Callisto recruits the most adventurous family she can think of, the Clades after convincing Searcher, Meridian, and Ethan to embark on an epic quest. Callisto leads them on a mission into the strange world on her spaceship called Venture.

Callisto’s physical appearance is an athletic, strong build with a small nose and braided ponytail mohawk for most of the film while in the strange world. She is shown with her long hair down when she recruits the Clades and has a light to medium-colored skin tone.

She is always shown with a small gold hoop earring on her left ear and a dangling beaded earring on her right ear. She wears a white long-sleeve shirt with sleeves pushed up to her elbows and green shoulder pads on the outside. She also wears blue pants, tall brown boots, and black leather glovlettes (fingerless gloves).

4. Splat

Splat in Strange World

Splat is a blue troublemaking blob. He is one of the strangest of the Strange World creatures. He first meets Ethan in a dark cave, and they become fast friends. The family quickly adopts Splat, and he joins the quest to explore the strange world further with his new friends.

Splat’s physical appearance is short, round, and squishy. He is bluish-purple in color and glows in the dark cave where Ethan found him. He has six legs and four antennas. Sometimes, all his feet are shown on the ground, and other times, he walks perfectly fine on just two legs. Splat often provides comic relief because he is stretchy, bouncy, and nearly indestructible.

3. Legend

Legend the dog in Strange World

Legend is the Clade family dog. Ethan brought Legend on the great adventure, which was a big surprise to Searcher. Legend sticks close to Searcher as his sidekick in the strange world and jumps in his arms at any sign of danger.

Legend’s physical appearance is a shaggy sheepdog with a big black nose and pink tongue. He appears to be a large dog, about eighty pounds. Legend is a cheerful dog with three legs who loves new adventures just as much as any other Clade.

2. Duffle

Duffle in Strange World

Duffle is an experienced Lieutenant pilot who likes to have a good laugh. Duffle jokes with Searcher about their doomed quest and then breaks into a big laugh. Later, Strange World Duffle is attacked by a large bright pink flying monster who grabs him by the neck with its large neon pink tongue when it crashes through the windshield of their ship.

Duffle’s physical appearance is a slim guy with a large nose, a thin handlebar mustache, medium-length brown hair, and light-colored skin. He wears a white collared shirt and a brown leather helmet with goggles that he never pulls down over his eyes.

1. Caspian

Caspian in Strange World

Caspian is an outspoken adventurer and a big Jaeger Clade fan. Caspian is brave enough to tell Searcher he is a big fan and bold enough to ask for Searcher to forge his dad’s autograph. Later, Caspian meets Splat, who loves how cute Splat is and wants to merchandise him before getting his hand slapped.

Caspian’s physical appearance is a thin build with dark-colored skin. He has jet-black hair combed backward and a black mustache and beard to match. Caspian is one of the only characters with glasses. They are gold wire frame glasses with round lenses. He also wears a green and white uniform with brown buttons. Around his waist, he wears a brown utility belt, and around his wrists, he wears brown leather straps.

Strange World Supporting Characters

Here is a list of supporting characters, Strange World creature names, spaceship names, and Strange World obstacle names.

Meet the characters from Strange World
  • Kardez – Driver of Ethan’s crew who pulls a Medic Primal Outpost card.
  • Azimuth – Ethan’s friend who pulls a Cook Primal Outpost card.
  • Diazo – Ethan’s crush who pulls an Explorer Primal Outpost card and offers to trade with Ethan, who pulls a Farmer card.
  • Ro – Clade Farms customer who takes a delivery near the town square.
  • Pulk – Captain Pulk first discovered the dying Pando and helped lead the exploration mission.
  • Penelope – Jaeger’s wife and Searcher’s mom who moved on from her relationship when Jaeger was missing for 25 years in the Strange World. Penelope is 60 years old and works out five days a week.
  • Sheldon – Penelope’s new relationship partner.
  • Reapers – Large round blobs with several arms threatening to eat everything in sight.
  • Venture – Callisto Mal’s large spaceship.
  • Doomgeyser – Deep from within the ground, a giant geyser spews acidic green water into the sky. This is the feature Jaeger calls the burning sea.

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Strange World Characters Questions

Who’s the villain in Strange World?

The villain in Strange World is the green electrified plant called Pando. The Clades initially set out to explore how to save the Pando, which has provided a source of energy for the town. Searcher and Ethan are the first to discover that Pando is the enemy and must be stopped.

How old is Ethan Clade?

Ethan Clade is a 16-year-old boy who has a crush on Diazo and enjoys playing Primal Outpost with his friends.

How old is Searcher Clade?

Searcher Clade is a 40-year-old father to Ethan and husband to Meridian. Searcher started his own farming business after discovering the green electrified Pando plant while exploring the mountains with his dad, Jaeger.

Who are the main characters in Strange World?

The main characters in Strange World are the Clades, including Searcher Clade, Meridian Clade, Ethan Clade, and Jaeger Clade.

Is Strange World a Disney movie?

Yes, Strange World was created by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Strange World Details

The cast of Strange World is directed by Don Hall, who also directed the Oscar-winning Big Hero 6 and Raya and the Last Dragon. Co-director and writer Qui Nguyen also was a co-writer on Raya and the Last Dragon. Strange World is produced by Roy Conli, who previously was a producer for Big Hero 6 and Tangled.

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