65 Best Cartoon Characters with Glasses

Some of our favorite cartoon characters with glasses share common traits: intelligence, cleverness, honesty, or dependability, but wearing glasses can also be stylish & sophisticated. Check out all these animated characters rocking out their eyeglasses!

cartoon characters with glasses

As someone who has needed glasses most of my life, I have always cheered for our “four-eyed” friends, and I hope you enjoy our list of animated characters with glasses. Can you think of a cartoon with glasses? Test yourself and see how many you can think of before you see our list.

65. Mirabel Madrigal | Encanto 2022

Mirabel in Encanto

Mirable Madrigal is the youngest child of Julieta and Augstín. Mirable is the most caring and beautiful of the Encanto characters and the only one without a special power in a family full of magical gifts. Mirabel is now one of the most popular Disney characters with glasses. Mirabel wears round, green-framed glasses that compliment her look. 

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64. Bellwether | Zootopia 2016

Assistant Mayor Bellwether in Zootopia

Dawn Bellwether is the Assistant Mayor of Zootopia until her clever plot to embellish the ‘savage predator’ conspiracy is uncovered. Perceived as a little, harmless sheep, her image is complete with speckled red & orange glasses as she plays into the modest and innocent image. However, Bellwether wears blue-framed glasses in the scene where she is discovered as the mastermind behind the plot. 

63. Caspian | Strange World 2022

Caspian in Strange World

Caspian is an outspoken explorer on the expedition team with the Clades and other Strange World cast members. Caspian is a supporting character that provides a couple of moments of comic relief. He has black hair combed back and a thick matching beard with round wire frame glasses. 

62. Laurel Lightfoot | Onward 2020

laurel lightfoot in onward

Laurel Lightfoot is a blue elf in the Pixar animated movie Onward. She is the mother to the main actors, Ian and Barley. Laurel does a fantastic job balancing her sons’ personalities and joins the quest to help them accomplish their goal of seeing their dad. Her cute wing-swept glasses complement her pointy elf ears.

61. Velma Dinkley | Velma 2023

velma in scooby doo

Velma Dinkley is one of the most popular female cartoon characters with glasses who stars in the Scooby-Doo franchise. Several films and cartoon series depict Velma as an intelligent woman. Moreover, she has a tremendous interest in science and possesses excellent analytical abilities with an affinity for solving mysteries.

Velma Dinkley is usually portrayed as a character wearing a bright orange turtleneck sweater with a pink pleated skirt. Velma Dinkley wears black square glasses, which she frequently loses.

60. Dexter | Dexter’s Laboratory 1996

dexter in dexter's laboratory

Dexter is the main character and protagonist of Dexter’s Laboratory and is considered one of the most nerdy cartoon characters with glasses. He is shown as one of the world’s greatest inventors and often develops incredible devices.

Dexter is a short boy with curly red hair inherited from his mother. He wears a white lab coat and a pair of semi-circular glasses. 

59. Scrooge McDuck | Christmas on Bear Mountain 1947

scrooge mcduck in several disney cartoons and movies

Scrooge McDuck is one of the original Disney characters. Scrooge lives in Duckburg city and is a rags-to-riches business tycoon who only cares about increasing his wealth. He is often shown playing around in his big money vault.

Resembling his nephew Donald Duck, Scrooge has an orange bill and wears a blue or red frock coat and Pince-Nez glasses. He popularized the trend of wearing Scrooge glasses. In the series, he is depicted as a businessman with a Scottish accent.

58. Sam Sparks | Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2009

sam sparks in cloudy with a chance of meatballs

Sam Sparks, also known as Samantha Sparks, is the secondary main character of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. She starts her career as a skilled weather intern who dreams of becoming a reporter.

Sam has stylish large glasses that draw attention to her big teal eyes. She is often shown wearing a pink top, brown shorts, and a blue jacket.

57. Carl Fredricksen | Up 2009

carl fredricksen in up

Carl Fredricksen is the protagonist of Disney and Pixar’s animated movie Up. He is depicted as a retired and bad-tempered balloon salesman. Following the death of Carl’s wife, Ellie, he becomes very lonely. At times he is shown to be a stubborn character, but fans discover he is kindhearted.

No other cartoon character can wear rectangular glasses better than Carl. His thick and black rectangular glasses have seen a lot. Undoubtedly, he is one of the most adorable cartoon characters wearing glasses.

56. Marcie | Peanuts Comic Strip 1971

Marcie a Peanuts Character

Marcie is a fictional character from Peanuts, an educated girl sometimes depicted as terrible at sports. Marcie is close friends with the athletic and tomboyish Peppermint Patty. 

In Peanuts, she is defined as the soft-spoken voice of reason to Peppermint Patty. Marcie wears round glasses with opaque lenses. She wears her dark brown hair in a bob style.

55. Judy Funnie | Doug 1991

judy funnie in doug

Judy Funnie, sister of Doug, is a force to reckon with. Judy Funnie is showcased as someone bold and dramatic. She tends to express her views clearly. Judy also has a great interest in theater arts and is well-versed in the ethics of modern fashion.

Judy Funnie has red hair and always tends to cover her hair with a purple beret. She often is seen wearing a purple sweater dress and dark shades.

54. Simon | The Chipmunks 1983

simon in alvin and the chipmunks

Simon Seville is a cartoon character from Alvin and the Chipmunks. He is an adorable little guy depicted as a character with immense love for his family and friends. However, Simon is also someone who creates a lot of trouble. He is the smartest of the Chipmunks.

Simon is commonly dressed in a dark blue top and a pair of blue round glasses showing off his high IQ. 

53. Margo Gru | Despicable Me 2010

margo in despicable me

Margo Gru is a fictional character from the animated Despicable Me movie series. Margo has appeared in all three of the Despicable Me movies and starred in various mini-movies.

Margo Gru is a pale-skinned young girl with brown hair. She sports a ponytail and has brown eyes. She wears black square-rimmed glasses, and her glasses reveal a lot about her intelligence. Her appearance and style depict that she is sensitive and straight to the point.

52. Doc Dwarf | Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 1937

doc in snow white and the seven dwarfs

Doc dwarf from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a popular cartoon character. He may be underrated compared to the other characters, but he has a unique personality. Doc is the leader of the seven dwarfs group.

Doc is a well-known cartoon character with signature tinted glasses. These glasses reflect his wise and calm nature. He is seen wearing a red dwarf tunic with brown pants and a brown hat.

51. Linda Gunderson | Rio 2011

linda gunderson in rio

Linda Gunderson is one of the major characters from Rio and Rio 2 and the former owner and best friend of Blu. As Linda gets older, she opens a bookstore called Blue Macaw Books.

She wears glasses of a circular shape with a bright blue shirt. She also wears tan-colored pants, white socks, and black footwear. 

50. Edna Mode | The Incredibles 2004

edna mode in the incredibles

Edna Mode is the ultimate combination of unconventionality combined with creativity. She is a fictional character in The Incredibles and Incredibles 2. She is depicted as a skilled designer who gained fame after designing clothes for various superheroes.

She is a half-Japanese and half-German fashion designer. Her round glasses reveal a lot about her intellect and abilities. In all her appearances, she can be seen wearing a knee-length suit. She usually wears black tights and black shoes that show her confidence.

49. Toby Turtle | Robin Hood 1973

toby turtle in robin hood

Toby Turtle is an animated character from Disney’s Robin Hood movie. Toby is friends with Sis, Tagalong, and Skippy, who all want to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow. Toby also attends the arrow shooting tournament and cheers for his dad, who is a competitor. 

The overall appearance of Toby Turtle highlights his conservative nature. Throughout the movie, he wears a brown hat shaped like a boat. But his black spectacles made him a popular cartoon character with glasses.

48. Chuckie Finster | Rugrats 1991

chuckie finster in rugrats

Chuckie Finster is one of the five primary characters introduced in the animated series, Rugrats. Chuckie is a multifaceted fictional cartoon character that even modern-day kids love. Chuckie is the adorable best friend of the main character Tommy and is terrified of monsters. It is shown that Chuckie hates being left behind and thus accompanies Tommy everywhere.

Chuckie has red hair, buck teeth, and glasses. His thick purple square glasses give him an adorable look that most kids cannot miss. Moreover, he is left-handed and usually wears a blue shirt with a picture of Saturn.

47. Gadget Hackwrench | Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers 1988

gadget hackwrench in chin 'n dale rescue rangers

Gadget Hackwrench from Disney’s Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers is an intelligent and inventive mouse who serves as the mechanical genius of the Rescue Rangers team. Gadget is known for her goggles that she always has at the ready, resting on top of her head.

Gadget is a determined and resourceful character, always ready to take on any challenge. Gadget is also known for her adventurous spirit, positive attitude, and love of danger. She always comes up with new inventions and modifications to help the team solve mysteries and save the day. 

46. Inspector Gadget | Inspector Gadget 1982

inspector gadget in inspector gadget

Inspector Gadget is the main character of the cartoon series of the same name. He is a clumsy detective who is always seen wearing his spy goggles, which are a crucial part of his character and allow him to have many gadgets activated through the glasses. 

Inspector Gadget is a well-intentioned but awkward and accident-prone detective who is called upon to stop the plans of the infamous Dr. Claw and his MAD organization. He is known for his catchphrase “Go-Go Gadget,” which he uses to activate his various gadgets.

45. Timmy Turner | Fairly OddParents 2001

timmy turner from the fairly oddparents

Timmy Turner, from the animated TV show The Fairly Odd Parents, is a young boy with fairy godparents Cosmo and Wanda, who grant his every wish. Timmy is known for his dark sunglasses, representing his cool confidence. 

He is an average kid who is often bullied and ignored by his parents and classmates. Timmy often uses his fairy godparents to escape reality and live out his wildest fantasies. However, he’s also known to use his wishes to help others and learn essential life lessons. 

44. Doc McStuffins | Disney Junior Doc McStuffins 2012

doc mcstuffins from doc mcstuffins

Doc McStuffins from Disney Junior’s animated show Doc McStuffins is a young girl with a love of medicine and healing. She is a kind, caring, and compassionate character who diagnoses and treats her stuffed animal patients while her best friends Lambie, Stuffy, Hallie, and Chilly help her.  

In episode 1, she sings a song called “Look Great In Glasses,” and often, Doc McStuffins wears her pink glasses, giving her a thoughtful and professional look.

43. Honey Lemon | Big Hero 6 2014

honey lemon in big hero 6

Honey Lemon is a brilliant chemist who can speak three languages English, Spanish, and Japanese. She has long strawberry-blonde hair and complementary large red-framed glasses. 

42. Gretchen Grundler | Recess 1997

gretchen gundler in recess

Gretchen Grundler is one of the main characters on the cartoon TV show Recess. She is very tall and known for her intelligence. Gretchen is always seen wearing large round glasses with thin red frames. 

41. Tina Belcher | Bob’s Burgers 2011

tina belcher in bob's burgers

Tina Belcher is the oldest child in the Bob’s Burgers series. She goes to the same Wagstaff school as her younger siblings, Gene and Louise. Gretchen is a quirky girl cartoon character who wears thick black-framed glasses.  

40. Roz | Monsters Inc 2001

roz in monsters inc

Roz is a supporting character from the Pixar movie Monsters Inc. Roz works on the same floor as Mike and Sully and holds the keys and paperwork to all the doors on their scare floor F. Roz is a slug with spiked gray hair and pointy black-framed glasses with a beaded chain. 

39. Cyclops | The X-Men 1963

cyclops in x men

Cyclops is the superhero leader of the X-Men. His superpower is the ability to blast a laser beam of red light from his eyes. He wears glasses and special headgear to help control his deadly superpower. 

38. Arthur Read | Arthur 1996

arthur read in arthur

Arthur Read is a friendly aardvark who attends Mr. Ratburn’s third and fourth-grade classes at Lakewood Elementary. Arthur often wears a yellow sweater over a white colored button-up and round brown-framed glasses. 

37. Smee | Peter Pan 1953

smee in peter pan

Smee is a pirate who is Captain Hook’s sidekick crew member in the Peter Pan animated movie by Disney. He serves as the first mate but often needs more help in Hook’s evil plans. Smee is shown wearing bottom-half frame glasses, making it easy for him to peak over to the top of them. 

36. Milo Thatch | Atlantis: The Lost Empire 2001

milo thatch in atlantis the lost empire

Milo Thatch is the hero in the Disney animated movies Atlantis: The Lost Empire and the sequel Atlantis: Milo’s Return. Milo is a brilliant scientist and serves as the cartography expert on a quest to find Atlantis. He wears large round glasses. 

35. Clark Kent | Superman: The Animated Series 1996

clark kent in superman

Clark Kent is the civilian name chosen by Superman by his adoptive parents. Clark Kent works as a reporter and lives in Metropolis as an ordinary citizen. Clark tries to blend into society with a suit, tie, and glasses which he removes when Superman is needed. 

34. Geppetto – Pinocchio 1940

geppetto in pinocchio

Geppetto is a wood carver and craftsman. He specializes in making clocks but becomes best known for his role in the Disney movie Pinocchio where he carves a boy puppet that comes to life. He is an older man with white hair and small glasses. 

33. Chicken Little | Chicken Little 2005

chicken little in chicken little

Chicken Little is a small chicken in the film by the same name. He worries about many things out of his control and, at one point, believes that the sky is falling. Chicken Little has white feathers, red spiked rooster feathers like a mohawk on his head, and green-framed glasses. 

32. Johnny Bravo | Johnny Bravo 1997

johnny bravo in johnny bravo

Johnny Bravo is the star of his cartoon, Johnny Bravo. He is a macho, muscular man whose personality is shallow and mindless. He wears a black t-shirt, blue jeans, blonde hair styled up, and black shades. 

31. John Darling | Peter Pan 1953

john darling in peter pan

John Darling is a young boy in the Disney animated movie Peter Pan. He is the brother of Wendy and Michael. The siblings’ leader is John, who even takes the role of Captain Hook when they play pretend. John is often shown wearing a long white shirt, a black top hat, and round black glasses. 

30. Sadness | Inside Out 2015

sadness in inside out

Sadness is a blue cartoon character from the Pixar movie Inside Out. Sadness represents Riley’s sad emotions and feelings. Sadness wears a sweater and large purple rounded glasses. 

29. Mr. Peabody | Mr. Peabody & Sherman 2014

mr. peabody in mr. peabody and sherman

Mr. Peabody is a brilliant talking dog who lives in a New York penthouse. After adopting Sherman, Mr. Peabody uses his WABAC machine to travel into the past and educate Sherman on world history. Mr. Peabody has white fur, a red bow tie, and round black glasses. 

28. Sherman | Mr. Peabody & Sherman 2014

sherman in mr. peabody and sherman

Sherman is a young boy adopted by an intelligent dog, Mr. Peabody. Sherman enjoys his historical adventures in the WABAC machine with Mr. Peabody and tries to impress a girl named Penny by taking her to Ancient Egypt. Sherman has medium-length red hair styled up and big round glasses with black frames. 

27. Yesss | Wreck-It Ralph: Ralph Breaks the Internet 2018

Yesss in Ralph Breaks the Internet

Yesss is a stylish blue algorithm which works at BuzzzTube in the animated sequel Ralph Breaks the Internet. Yesss controls everything on the BuzzzTube video-sharing platform to try to get the most out of video uploads, marketing, and engagement. 

Yesss wears five different outfits throughout the film made of fiber optics that light up and blue shades that look like ski goggles. 

26. Tiny Diamond | Trolls World Tour 2016

tiny diamond in trolls world tour

Tiny Diamond is an animated character in the movie Trolls World Tour. Tiny Diamond resembles the appearance of a silver glitter troll with large square black glasses. Tiny also stars in the short film Tiny Diamond Goes Back To School and is a member of The Snack Pack. See all of Tiny Diamond’s friends and the rest of the Trolls Characters.

25. Mr. Garrison | South Park 1997

mr. garrison in south park

Mr. Garrison is a fourth-grade teacher at South Park Elementary who eventually runs for President of the United States and wins. He is usually shown wearing a green shirt, green pants, and glasses with square frames. 

24. Mr. Mackey | South Park 1997

mr. mackey in south park

Mr. Mackey is the guidance counselor at the elementary school in the South Park adult cartoon series. In his spare time, he also serves as the leader of Public Health on the City Council. He wears tilted oval glasses. 

23. Jill Andersen | Inside Out 2015

jill andersen in inside out

Jill Andersen is the mom of Riley in the Pixar movie Inside Out. As a supporting character, Jill only appears in a few scenes and is shown wearing red-framed glasses. 

22. White Rabbit | Alice In Wonderland 1951

white rabbit in alice in wonderland

White Rabbit is a popular character in the animated movie Alice In Wonderland. White Rabbit is often late and is followed by Alice in Wonderland one day. He is often seen wearing a red jacket with turquoise blue round glasses. 

21. Callie Briggs | Swat Kats 1993

callie briggs in swat kats

Callie Briggs is a prominent supporting actress from the animated movie SWAT Kats. Callie Briggs is the deputy mayor of Megakat City. 

The glasses worn by Callie Briggs add a bold and professional dimension to her appearance. She wears cat eyeglasses that exude style.

20. Milhouse | The Simpsons 1989

milhouse in the simpsons

It is hard to miss Milhouse Van Houten if you’ve seen the Simpsons series. He is an insecure, gullible, and less popular child than the famed character Bart Simpson. Over time, Milhouse evolves as one of the most prominent recurring characters of the Simpsons.

In the Simpsons series, Milhouse is depicted as a boy with nearsightedness. He has yellow skin and straight blue hair. Red shorts, a light purple tee, and red shoes accompany his red frames.

19. Meg Griffin | Family Guy 1999

meg griffin in family guy

Meg Griffin is a fictional character from the animated TV series Family Guy. Meg Griffin is the family’s daughter and often the scapegoat.

Despite receiving very little attention from her other family members, Meg tends to keep to herself. Meg will easily go down in history as a girl with glasses cartoon fan favorite.

She is always depicted wearing large round glasses that are an inseparable part of Meg Griffin’s character.

18. Peter Griffin | Family Guy 1999

peter griffin in family guy

Peter Griffin is the primary fictional cartoon character from the animated sitcom Family Guy. In the series, Peter Griffin is depicted as someone who isn’t very smart. He is showcased as a stereotypical blue-collar employee.

Peter Griffin always wears his white shirt tucked in with green trousers and a brown belt. Peter’s round-frame glasses are iconic and usually incorporated into his physical comedy act, often dropping and breaking his glasses. 

17. Ernest Penfold – Danger Mouse 1981

ernest penfold in danger mouse

Penfold is the cartoon hamster assistant and best friend of Danger Mouse. He wears a light blue suit, a black and yellow striped tie, and round black glasses. 

16. Clyde McBride – The Loud House 2016

clyde mcbride in the loud house

Clyde is a young African-American boy adopted by a gay couple, Harold and Howard. Clyde has an engaging personality and exhibits many positive traits. He is drawn as a skinny kid with an afro, a blue and yellow strip long-sleeved shirt, and round black frame glasses. 

15. Hans Moleman | The Simpsons 1989

hans moleman in the simpsons

Hans is a supporting character on The Simpsons’ adult cartoon TV show. Hans has the appearance of an older man who walks with a cane and has thick round glasses. Hans is often the joke of deadly accidents but always bounces back in later episodes.

14. Miriam Pickles | Rugrats 1991

aunt miriam pickles in rugrats

Aunt Miriam is a senior citizen character in the Rugrats cartoon series. She wears a large purple wig and pink oval glasses with a green lens tint. She is very active in her community and is known to be a bad driver. 

13. Grandpa Simpson | The Simpsons 1989

grandpa simpson in the simpsons

Abe Simpson II is known as Grandpa for short in the adult cartoon The Simpsons. He is a recurring character who appears many times and was also a World War II veteran. Although he wears many different costumes, Grandpa always wears small round spectacles.

12. Leo | Little Einsteins 2005

leo in little einsteins

Leonardo goes by Leo for short and is an animated character on Little Einsteins. Leo is the leader of the Little Einsteins and enjoys being a music conductor. Leo has red hair and circular green-framed glasses. 

11. Nobita Nobi | Doraemon 1969

nobita nobi or noby in doraemon

Nobita Nobi is a fictional cartoon character from the Doraemon series. Noby is shown as an elementary school student. He is the only child of his parents, but Doraemon, the robotic cat, looks after him and is an inseparable part of his life.

Nobita is a cartoon character with big glasses you can’t miss. He has straight black hair and black eyes. The appearance of Nobita Nobi remains unchanged in every anime and manga adaptation.

10. Professor Ludwig Von Drake | DuckTales 1987

professor ludwig von drake in ducktales

Ludwig is the uncle of Donald Duck and a scientist who was first introduced on a short TV episode of An Adventure in Color and later in DuckTales. Ludwig has made several appearances in other shows and games. He is always depicted in a three-piece suit with thin round glasses balancing on his bill.

9. Connie Maheswaran | Steven Universe 2013    

connie maheswaran in steven universe

Connie Maheswaran from the show Steven Universe is a loyal member of the Crystal Gems. After meeting Steven, Connie Maheswaran developed a strong bond with them. Connie decides to come to the aid of the Steven Universe whenever they are faced with danger. 

Connie Maheswaran wore glasses with a magenta frame with rose-colored lenses until Steven’s healing saliva fixed her eyesight in an episode titled, An Indirect Kiss.

8. Daria Morgendorffer | Daria 1997

daria morgendorffer in daria

Daria Morgendorffer is a fictional character from Beavis and Butthead who eventually gets her own TV series. Daria is the self-named protagonist of this animated series and is a popular cartoon character who wears glasses.

Daria Morgendorffer hates being stylish without any reason. The signature look of Daria Morgendorffer is black military-like boots with matching round glasses. Being opposed to fashion, her glasses depict that she is brilliant. Moreover, she wears no makeup and exudes minimalism.

7. Bart Simpson | The Simpsons 1989

bart simpson in the simpsons

Bart Simpson is a cartoon character from the famous TV cartoon, The Simpsons. Bart wears spikey yellow hair and is sometimes shown with square black-framed glasses. He is the oldest sibling and brother of Lisa.

6. SpongeBob | SpongeBob SquarePants 1999

spongebob in spongebob squarepants

SpongeBob is the main character in the world-famous SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon series. He is a yellow sponge that lives underwater in a Pineapple house. He works as a fry cook at the Krusty Krab, has a pet snail named Gary, and enjoys getting into trouble with his best friend, Patrick. 

SpongeBob may wear his square-framed glasses when he goes jellyfishing at Bikini Bottom with Patrick.

5. Cedric Sneer | The Raccoons 1985

cedric sneer in the raccoons

Cedric Sneer is the primary hero of the Racoon series. Cedric Sneer is the timid son of the famous industrialist Cyril Sneer. He is also showcased as the best friend of Bert Racoon. Cedric is his father’s most trustworthy assistant in managing money-related matters and other accounting tasks. 

Along with his thick black glasses, he has an awkwardly shaped nose that makes him hugely popular among his fans.

4. Professor Frink | The Simpsons 1989

professor frink in the simpsons

Professor Frink, from the Simpsons franchise, is Springfield’s local scientist and college professor. Professor Frink relies on his weird inventions to aid the town in crisis. He is known to be highly brilliant.

Frink wears his customary white lab coat as an inventor and intelligent human being. Moreover, he is always seen with his cloudy-lensed glasses. All admire the nerdish charm of Professor Frink.

3. Eric Cartman | South Park 1997

eric cartman in south park

Eric Cartman is the main antagonist of the animated TV series South Park. He is famous for his heinous acts and rude behavior that make people laugh.

In this series, Eric Cartman sometimes wears mirrored glasses. He usually wears winter attire that comprises a red coat, brown trousers, mittens, and a knit cap.

2. Hank Hill | King of the Hill 1997

hank hill in king of the hill

Hank Hill is the main character of the animated adult series King of the Hill, produced by Fox. Hank Hill has a central role in most storylines of this animated series and a great fascination with propane. Hank is a popular workaholic among cartoon characters. 

Hank Hill has short and wavy hair with pale skin. He wears stylish square glasses that give his overall appearance a clean, refined look. Hank Hill is always depicted wearing white tees and baggy jeans. 

1. Brain | Pinky and the Brain 1995

brain in pinky and the brain

Brain from the animated show Pinky and the Brain is a laboratory mouse who is Pinky’s sidekick and his best friend. He’s known for his intelligence and giant brain. 

Brain and Pinky strive for world domination every night, but his plans never quite go as expected. He’s a clever and witty mouse who always adds a touch of humor and sarcasm to the show. In some episodes, Brain wears his round-rimmed glasses, giving him a nerdy and intelligent appearance. 

cartoon characters who wear glasses

Popular Cartoon Characters With Glasses Questions

What is a famous cartoon that wears glasses?

Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory is a famous cartoon who wears glasses.

What Disney character has glasses?

One of the newest and most popular Disney characters who wear glasses is Mirabel Madrigal from Encanto.

What cartoon character has thick glasses?

The cartoon character with the thickest glasses is Chuckie Finster from Rugrats. His super thick purple glasses frames are a statement piece to go along with his firey red hair.

What is the Mouse with Glasses cartoon called?

Sometimes Pink and The Brain are shown wearing glasses. Many cartoon fans believe Ernest Penfold is a mouse with glasses on the show Danger Mouse, but Penfold is actually a brown hamster.

Who has glasses in Scooby Doo?

Velma Dinkley wears glasses in the animated cartoon Scooby Doo.

Who is the cartoon turtle with glasses?

Toby Turtle is a cartoon turtle with glasses. He is a supporting character in Robin Hood.

What Owl House character wears glasses?

The most popular of the Owl House characters that wear glasses is Willow Park.

Which Flintstones character wears glasses?

Mr. Slate is one of The Flintstones cartoon characters who wears glasses.

What is the cartoon scientist with glasses TV show?

Dexter is a nerdy scientist with glass. He is the main character in his own TV show called Dexter’s Laboratory.

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