23 Ugly Disney Characters We Still Love

Ugly Disney characters don’t often get a Happily Ever After and are not as cute as Mickey Mouse or as pretty as a Disney Princess.

Disney Villains dancing in Mickey's House Cruella, Jafar, Captain Hook, Hades and more

Ugly Disney Characters usually get the short end of the stick even if they aren’t the primary villain in the film. Even though ugly Disney characters aren’t the ones who end up marrying Prince Charming they still serve a vital role to balance the film and storyline.

Each Disney movie has ugly movie characters. Some are funny, kind, heroic, and courageous. An ugly-looking character doesn’t mean they are ugly on the inside. Enjoy our list of ugly cartoon characters.

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As many believe, beauty is more than skin deep, and there are many characteristics to admire about Disney characters, even if they are considered ugly cartoons on the outside.

The next time you see fat Disney characters, be sure to overlook their talents and positive personality characteristics.

23. Ursula – The Little Mermaid

Ursula from The Little Mermaid

Ursula is the ugliest Disney character. From the moment she’s first mentioned, we know she’s a sea witch. Usually, a witch character isn’t associated with beauty; they are opposite Disney Princesses. When we finally see Ursula, she is a heavier-set witch and wears too much makeup. Prince Eric thinks so as well. Surprisingly or not Ursula is only one of the ugly purple Disney characters on this list.

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22. Queen of Hearts- Alice in Wonderland

Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland

The Queen of Hearts is someone we hear a lot about in the entire movie. When we get a good look at her, she’s a red-faced, heavier-set woman. She reminds me of an animated Miss Trunchbull-except with a crown.

20 & 21. Drizella Tremaine and Anastasia Tremaine – Cinderella

Drizella and Anastasia Tremaine yelling at Cinderella

Drizella in a green dress and Anastasia in a purple dress, two gave stepsisters everywhere a bad name. Young girls should avoid their lousy behavior. Not only do these female characters have big feet, but big mouths as well. The duo represents some of the worst Disney characters.

They are constantly bullying Cinderella, even going as far as to rip up a dress she made to go to a ball out of jealousy. The worst thing about these two ugly Disney characters is their personalities and hate for Cinderella. 

These sisters are two of the ugliest Disney characters, not only for their selfishness but also for their big, clunky feet.

19. Scar – The Lion King

Scar trying to provoke Mufasa with his insults

Scar is the less fortunate brother of Mufasa. He will do whatever it takes to get his share of the Kingdom and all its privileges he believes he deserves.

Scar controls the pride lands and group of hyenas. They are the bad guys who want to attack the lions, so they form an alliance. 

The hyenas and Scar devise an evil plan to eliminate Mufasa and take over the pride lands. The Lion King is one of Walt Disney Pictures’ highest-earning films.

18. Yzma – The Emperors New Groove

Yzma from The Emperor's New Groove

Yzma is the funniest character that will probably be on this list. Unlike the Queen of Hearts and Ursula, Yzma is skinny, frail, and has almost no hair. 

She is not attractive or sought after by any other characters in a romantic way. The Emperor’s New Groove is one of the different Disney movies in the bunch, but it has great villains and ugly characters.

17. Quasimodo – Hunchback of Notre Dame

Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Quasimodo is one of the sweetest, ugly Disney characters you could meet. He is very kind and always aims to do the right thing, but he was born with a back deformity that gives him an ugly hunchback, putting him at the top of the list of ugly Disney characters male. Although fans consider him ugly, he remains one of the film’s favorite characters.

16. Edna Mode – The Incredibles

Edna Mode from The Incredibles standing tall with her hands on her hips

Edna is like the tough-love type of person you have in your life. She’s overbearing and demanding. She is the ugly duckling of the film, and the Disney character keeps us laughing in the films The Incredibles and Incredibles 2! 

Although Edna is one of the most popular short cartoon characters, her taste in fashion isn’t exactly the best, though, with ridiculous outfits and oversized glasses.

15. Phil – Hercules

Phil talking to Hercules

He’s a goat man. He’s short, a bit chubby, and has a fiery temper. Only Hercules has the patience to put up with his antics.

14. Mother Gothel – Tangled

Mother Gothel snarling in anger from the movie Tangled

Mother Gothel, in her proper form, is a frail older woman with wrinkled skin and silver thinning hair. Her actual age is hundreds of years old, and she can’t manage to stay alive without using the magic of Rapunzel’s golden hair. 

Mother Gothel is very selfish and uses her acting abilities to manipulate Rapunzel and get what she wants.

13. Jafar – Aladdin

Jafar and Iago on this shoulder from the movie Aladdin

Jafar is one of those people with a vast superiority complex. After many failed attempts, he couldn’t get Princess Jasmine to marry him using his personality alone. 

However, more than Jasmine, Jafar realizes he desires ultimate power and control. His unquenchable thirst for power eventually turns out to be his downfall. Jafar is one of the best characters to cheer against.

12. The Fates – Hercules

The Three Fates from the movie Hercules

Many don’t consider The Fates to be villains. They are a group of three deities simply doing their job and are generally not considered evil characters. However, most cartoon fans can agree this trio is some of the ugliest cartoon characters.

All three of them share one eye that they use to see the future. They also have stringy hair and long, pointy noses.

11. Roz – Monsters Inc

Roz from Monsters Inc

Roz is one of the most iconic ugly Disney characters. She has a memorable voice that fans can hear when they share her memes on social media.

Roz resembles a grumpy slug-like creature with a red coat, pointy eyeglasses, and spiked gray hair. When Pixar introduced Roz to Monsters Inc., she was immediately considered an ugly character from cartoons.

10. The Hag – Snow White

The Hag handing Snow White a poisoned red apple

Also known as the Evil Queen, The Hag is the disguise she picks to get Snow White to trust her as an innocent stranger.

The Hage appears as an older woman with missing teeth, hunched over with a long wrinkled nose and blonde hair. The Hag is known to be one of the most dangerous female Disney villains.

The wicked witches’ disguise works. Snow White is easily fooled because she has a big heart for caring for others.

9. Randall – Monsters Inc

Randall from Monsters Inc talking with an employee

Randall is the mean rival of Mike and Sully in the Pixar film Monsters Inc. In the series of feature films, he constantly competes to be the best scarer, no matter what it takes. 

Scaring is one of Randall’s favorite things. Randall is a purple chameleon but often changes his form to be extra scary or sneaky. 

8. Ugo – Luca

Ugo from Luca talking to Alberto

Ugo is his uncle of Luca, who lives in one of the deepest parts of the ocean; where he tries to take Luca to go live with him because of his mother’s request. You can see through his torso area at his organs. Ugo also has sharp teeth that might scare young children.

7. Smee – Peter Pan

Smee from Peter Pan

Smee is the comedic relief in Peter Pan. He’s Captain Hook’s sidekick. He’s short, a bit chubby, and is balding. Smee is your typical cartoon middle-aged man who is primarily bad but can be a good guy someday. 

It’s too bad Tinker Bell can’t use her magic to make Smee a tall, dark, and handsome Prince.

6. LeFou – Beauty and The Beast

LeFou from Beauty and the Beast

LeFou is Gaston’s supportive but silly best friend. No one takes him seriously. He’s very loyal to Gaston and will do anything to stay on his good side. 

He has a short, overweight frame with a gap in his front teeth and messy brown hair and is one of the most annoying Disney characters. 

5. Jumbo – Lilo and Stitch

Jumbo from Lilo and Stich

Jumbo is the alien who created Stitch in the film Lilo and Stitch. Most people don’t know about this ugly Disney character because he was modeled after a hippo, which explains his giant arms and legs! When he escapes, he’s sent to Earth to find him.

4. The Seven Dwarfs – Snow White

The Seven Dwarfs from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs film

Some fans think the Seven Dwarfs are ugly, and some Disney fans think the Seven Dwarfs are adorable. They are a group of misfits with different distinctive characteristics. 

Their names represent their quirks, such as Grumpy, Sneezy, Dopey, Sleepy, Doc, Bashful and Happy. Meet the Seven Dwarfs at Disney World and decide for yourself.

3. Forky – Toy Story 4

Bonnie holding up her new creation Forky from Toy Story 4

Forky is a toy created from scratch by Bonnie. She put together a spork for his body, popsicle sticks for his legs held on by gum, and red pipe cleaners for his wavy arms. 

Forky is unlike all of the other toys. Forky is one of the most weird cartoon characters in the Toy Story franchise, but he eventually learns to get along with the other toys.

He feels he doesn’t exactly fit in and tries to escape, but Woody won’t let him because he is Bonnie’s new favorite toy. Eventually, he figures out he’s right where he needs to be.

2. Madame Medusa – The Rescuers

Madame Medusa on the phone from The Rescuers

Madusa uses Penny from an orphanage to search for a diamond since the little girl’s size is small enough to get into small spaces like a cave. 

Madame Madusa has grayish-light purple colored skin with bright red short hair and green eyes and is known to be one of the most lazy characters in Disney movies.

1. Cruella De Vil – 101 Dalmatians

Cruella De Vil looking at a photo of Pongo and Perdita with bad intentions

Cruell De Vil is an iconic villain who is very skinny with short half-black and half-white hair.

She also is shown smoking often, which is a disgusting habit. Cruella is one of the most hated Disney characters due to her ugly looks and her cruelty to puppies.

We hope you enjoyed our ugly characters from the movie list. Can you think of any other ugly Disney characters or cute cartoon couples?

Gaston winner of the no Belle prize meme

Although these characters are the ones that stood out from the rest in a not-so-glamorous way, we can conclude they didn’t get the looks in the family. 

A Disney movie would be nothing without its ugly characters and cartoon supporting roles. To see more of your favorite animated characters, visit our cartoon characters article. Also, check out our best 100 animated movies.

A new contender for ugly Disney characters could be Hieronymus Bump from The Owl House characters list.

Popular Ugly Disney Characters Questions

What are some ugly Disney characters?

Some ugly Disney characters include:
Ursula – The Little Mermaid
Queen of Hearts– Alice in Wonderland
Drizella Tremaine and Anastasia Tremaine – Cinderella
Scar – The Lion King
Yzma – The Emperors New Groove
Quasimodo – Hunchback of Notre Dame
Edna Mode – The Incredibles
Phil – Hercules

What are the least-known Disney characters?

Some of the lesser-known Disney characters are Quasimodo, Powerline, Roquefort the Mouse, Tod and Copper, Oliver, and Grandmother Willow.

What are the popular ugly cartoons?

Some popular ugly cartoons include Victor, Hugo, Laverne, Grinch, The Fates, Jumba Jookiba, Ren, Stimpy, Sid, and Shrek.

Who are the tall Disney characters?

Some of the tallest Disney characters include Woody, Jafar, Dr. Facilier, Goofy, Captain Hook, and Tigger.

Who is the ugliest Disney character?

The ugliest Disney character is generally considered to be Quasimodo from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” Quasimodo’s deformed appearance, with a hunched back and facial asymmetry, sets him apart from other Disney characters known for their charm and beauty. However, beauty is subjective, and some may argue that Quasimodo’s kind heart makes him beautiful in his own way.

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