The Grinch Characters: 10 Courageous Characters That Save the Spirit of Christmas

Meet The Grinch Characters characters from Illumination Entertainment and Universal Animation Studios. The Grinch is based on Dr. Seuss’s holiday classic children’s book.

The Grinch Characters

A lonely grouch gets fed up with all the holiday cheer in Whoville and sets out to cancel all the Christmas cheer by stealing all the gifts and decorations on Christmas Eve night. Enjoy our list of The Grinch cartoon characters! 🎄

The Grinch Movie Trailer

Enjoy this introduction to characters from The Grinch film by Illumination Entertainment.

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The Grinch Cast & Characters

  • Benedict Cumberbatch – Grinch
  • Cameron Seely – Cindy-Lou Who
  • Rashida Jones – Donna Who
  • Pharrell Williams – Narrator
  • Tristan O’Hare – Groopert
  • Kenan Thompson – Mr. Bricklebaum
  • Sam Lavagnino – Ozzy
  • Ramone Hamilton – Axl
  • Angela Lansbury – Mayor McGerkle
  • Scarlett – Estevez – Izzy
  • Michael Beattle – Store Clerk

10. The Grinch

Grinch in The Grinch by Illumination 2018

Mr. Grinch is a grumpy character who lives alone on Mount Crumpit with his dog Max. He is terribly shameless and vows to ruin Christmas.

His dislike of the Who’s Christmas time celebrations and the holiday season motivates him to embark on a mission to replace Christmas with what he calls sweet silence. His character traits are also quite mean-tempered and ill-natured until he has a change of heart.

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He has a cat-shaped face, a pear-shaped body, a prominent potbelly, and long fingers and feet. The Grinch is covered in bright green hair and wears a Santa Claus outfit around Christmas.

9. Max

Max in The Grinch by Illumination 2018

Max is the Grinch’s devoted dog and his only friend. He loves Christmas but stays loyal to his master, who treats him poorly. Max loves the Grinch and steals for him even though he doesn’t like to steal.

He has long floppy brown ears, reddish brown fur, blue eyes, and a black nose. He wears a red collar with silver metal studs. During Christmas, the Grinch makes him wear a big horn to resemble a reindeer as they deliver Christmas gifts across Whoville.

8. Cindy-Lou Who

Cindy-Lou Who in The Grinch by Illumination 2018

Cindy-Lou is a sweet, caring, intelligent young girl living in Whoville. Cindy’s mom is Donna, the older sister to Buster and Bean.

Cindy adores her family and likes Christmas. With her best friend Groopert, Cindy loves exploring and adventures. Cindy-Lou aims to trap Santa Claus during Christmas and asks him to help her worn-out mother.

Cindy Lou is a small, slender Who girl. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. She rocks pink outfits that include a pink scar, pink boots, and red bows on her hair. 

7. Donna Who

Donna Who in The Grinch by Illumination 2018

Donna Who is Cindy’s mother. She is also the mother to the twin infants, Buster and Bean. She works as a night nurse and juggles her career with doing housework and caring for her children. She loves her children and would do anything for them.

Donna’s physical appearance is that of a slender and pretty woman. She has blonde shoulder-length hair, a light peach skin tone, and blue eyes. She wears a pink headband across her forehead, an indigo-striped sweater, dark grey sweatpants, and black boots. 

6. Groopert

Groopert in The Grinch by Illumination 2018

Groopert is Cindy-Lou’s adorable best friend. Groopert is part of Cindy’s plan to trap Santa by being her guinea pig. Besides Cindy-Lou, Groopert is friends with Ozzy, Izzy, Axl, the Grinch, and Bricklebaum. However, he doesn’t like Bricklebaum’s dog.

He has curly red hair and blue eyes. His head appears to be bigger than the rest of his body, with thick hair on his head. He wears a teal and white scarf, a red coat, red mittens, and black boots.

5. Axl

Axl in The Grinch by Illumination 2018

Axl is one of Cindy-Lou’s close friends. He likes Ozzy and Christmas. He is depicted as a loyal friend to Cindy-Lou Who and follows her plan to capture Santa.

He has brown curly hair covered with a blue baseball cap with a red W logo. His blue hooded jacket covers the top of his hat, and he wears a blue-striped sweater. Axl also wears blue jeans, black shoes, and a long red-striped scarf on his neck.

4. Izzy

Izzy in The Grinch by Illumination 2018

Izzy is another one of Cindy-Lou Who’s close friends in The Grinch movie. She is a nine-year-old who lives in Whoville. Izzy is a genius who likes to study. Just like Groopert, she doesn’t like Bricklebaum’s dog.

She has long dark hair and brown eyes. She wears soft purples and yellows. Izzy is often seen wearing her purple and yellow-colored ear muffs. She also wears glasses and a purple woolen mask across her chin.

3. Ozzy

Ozzy in The Grinch by Illumination 2018

Ozzy is the fourth friend of Cindy-Lou Who. He is loyal to Cindy-Lou and participates in her plan to capture Santa to make her mother happy. He easily doubles as Izzy’s equal from their appearances and names.

Ozzy has brown eyes and medium-length brown hair. He wears a red plaid bomber hat with fluffy edges and pilot goggles that sit on his forehead. Ozzy wears a green jacket with orange pockets and more fluff around the neck and hands.

2. Bricklebaum

Bricklebaum in The Grinch by Illumination 2018

Bricklebaum is a festive, plump man and the Grinch’s closest neighbor. He embodies the holiday spirit and thinks the Grinch is his best friend.

He loves the true meaning of Christmas and is the most joyful of The Grinch characters, believing everyone should feel the same, even the Grinch. As one of the resident Whoville cartoon characters, he is heavily invested in the season’s decorations and festivities.

Bricklebaum has fluffy brown hair and a brown beard. His festive clothes reflect his strong feelings about Christmas: a red sweater with tiny Christmas trees across the chest area and yellow-and-blue overalls. Bricklebaum finishes off the look with a green and red hat.

1. Mayor McGerkle

Mayor McGerkle in The Grinch by Illumination 2018

Mayor McGerkle is the female mayor of Whoville in The Grinch film. She loves the holidays. She announces to the Whos of Whoville that it will be three times better this year at Christmas as the presenter in the film’s annual Christmas tree lighting celebration.

Mayor McGerkle wears a long purple dress with horizontal stripes. The bottom of the dress has a soft white layer similar to the scarf she wears around her neck. She is tall and pretty with voluminous red hair. She also wears a green flower brooch on the left side of her dress.

The Grinch Movie Characters Questions

Who plays the Grinch’s character in the live-action version?

In the live-action film, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Jim Carrey plays the Grinch.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas cast members? (Live-action movie)

Jim Carrey – Grinch
Taylor Momsen – Cindy Lou Who
Kelley – Max
Jeffrey Tambor – Mayor Augustus Maywho
Christine Baranski – Martha May Whovier
Bill Irwin – Lou Lou Who
Molly Shannon – Betty Lou Who
Clint Howard – Whobris
Josh Ryan Evans – Young Grinch
Mindy Sterling – Clarnella
Rachel Winfree – Rose
Rance Howard – Elderly Timekeeper
Jeremy Howard – Drew Lou Who
T.J. Thyne – Stu Lou Who
Lacey Kohl – Christina Whoterberry

Who is the female character in The Grinch?

Cindy Lou is the main female character in The Grinch.

Is Grinch yellow or green?

The Grinch is green in color.

What is the name of the Grinch’s dog?

The Grinch has a dog named Max.

The cast of The Grinch was directed by Yarrow Cheney and Scott Mosier. Yarrow also directed Minions Holiday Special. Audrey Geisel, Latifa Ouaou, and Chris Renaud were executive producers for the film. Michael LeSieur and Tommy Swerdlow are credited as screenwriters for the movie, and Dr. Seuss, who wrote the book, “How The Grinch Stole Christmas.”

We hope you enjoyed our list of characters from The Grinch and share this list with your friends. The Grinch franchise is an iconic brand of its own that will continue to grow and be remade in the future. Check back for more Grinch movie characters as new movies and Grinch cartoon characters are introduced.

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