The 33 Bluey Characters You Can’t Help But Love

Bluey is an Australian animated television series that has captured the hearts of children and parents alike with its charming characters and relatable storylines. The cartoon TV series is soaring even higher on Disney+ streaming with a new season coming in July 2023.

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Centered on the adventures of six-year-old Bluey and her family, the show has become a worldwide phenomenon, not only in its home country but also in the United States, the United Kingdom, and many other places across the globe. The Bluey characters have become well-loved among fans, each bringing unique traits and qualities that enhance the overall series.

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Main Bluey Characters

The main Bluey characters of the show consist of the Heeler family, including Bluey, a curious and energetic six-year-old Blue Heeler puppy; her four-year-old sister, Bingo, a Red Heeler puppy; and their supportive parents, Bandit and Chilli.

33. Bluey

Bluey in Bluey

Bluey is a girl Blue Heeler puppy who is six years old. Bluey loves to play games with her younger sister, Bingo, and her dad, Bandit. Her favorite games are the ones that she creates herself with her imagination, making up the rules as she goes.

Playing games helps Bluey learn important life lessons and have fun at the same time. Bluey resembles a Blue Heeler pup that has blue fur just like her dad. Bluey often pretends she’s in her own beautiful world by inventing games and enjoying the funny side of everyday life.

32. Bingo

Bingo in Bluey

Bingo is Bluey’s younger sister, a Red Heeler puppy who is 4 years old. She shares her sibling’s energy and imagination and often joins Bluey on their adventures.

Together, they enjoy playing games, learning about Australian culture, and experiencing a variety of childhood moments. Bingo is a little girl who makes household chores fun and shows her creative side when she asks for a Duck cake.

31. Chilli

Chilli in Bluey

Chilli is Bluey’s mother who is a red heeler like Bingo. She is a caring and nurturing figure to her children. After having both pups, Bluey and Bingo, she has gone back to work in Airport Security.

Both parents are actively involved in their children’s lives and provide valuable guidance and role models for exploring the world around them. Chilli loves her two girls and often joins in their favorite games with other kids, especially her dad.

30. Bandit

Bandit in Bluey

Bandit is Bluey’s father who is also a Blue Heeler. Bandit’s day job is working as an archeologist who loves to dig up bones. He is portrayed as a fun-loving, supportive dad who is always willing to play a part in Bluey’s new games.

Bandit Heeler is always there to lead the grown-ups when Bluey asks them to participate in the kids antics no matter how strange they may seem.

Supporting Bluey Characters

In addition to the core family members, Bluey is packed with a rich cast of supporting characters, each with their own personality quirks and contributions to the story. These additional Bluey characters, including the Heelers’ friends and neighbors, help children learn essential life lessons through engaging and enjoyable adventures.

29. Muffin

Muffin in Bluey

Muffin is a young Heeler pup and the daughter of Uncle Stripe and Aunt Trixie. She often plays with Bluey and Bingo and is known for her bossy personality, who always speaks her mind. Muffin often tags along with Uncle Stripe’s wife Trixie, or Stripe himself when they visit Bluey’s family.

28. Jack

Jack in Bluey

Jack is a friendly Jack Russell Terrier who enjoys joining Bluey and her friends in various games and adventures and is best friends with Rusty.

27. Rusty

Rusty in Bluey

Rusty is a young Australian terrier and a good friend of Bluey. He often spends time playing with Bluey and the other kids in the neighborhood and enjoys riding his motorbike.

26. Lucky

Lucky in Bluey

Lucky is an energetic golden Labrador and Bluey’s next-door neighbor. Although Lucky doesn’t play a large role, he is still Bluey’s friend. He loves sports and playing with his father and friends, including Bluey.

25. Mackenzie

Mackenzie in Bluey

Mackenzie is a young Border Collie who is a part of Bluey’s group of friends. Mackenzie is from New Zealand and is often seen joining them in various play activities. Mackenzie is often spotted with Jack, Rusty, and Bluey at the park.

24. Indy

Indy in Bluey

Indy is a lovable Pomeranian and a friend of Bluey. She is often seen participating in games and activities with Bluey and her friends while using her big imagination. She is always shown with pigtails and likes playing pretend with Bluey, sometimes holding a green doll.

23. Honey

Honey in Bluey

Honey is a thoughtful beagle and Bluey’s friend. She is sometimes shy and requires encouragement to participate in activities fully. Honey is the presumed smart pants of the group with her oversized blue eyeglasses. Her parents also wear glasses.

22. Coco

Coco in Bluey

Coco is a young pink Poodle and another of Bluey’s pals. She enjoys engaging in imaginative play with the group and first meets Bluey at the local park when she is asked to play on the teeter-totter.

21. Snickers

Snickers in Bluey

Snickers is a dachshund who loves to partake in games with Bluey and her friends. He brings a fun and playful energy to the group. Snickers has a nerdy side that loves robots, science, and space. Snickers is always the tallest of the group and wears a yellow baseball cap.

20. Chloe

Chloe in Bluey

Chloe is a kind and gentle Dalmatian who is Bluey’s best friend. They often spend time together playing and exploring their surroundings. Chloe is fast and athletic and can easily swing across the monkey bars.

19. Judo

Judo in Bluey

Judo is a quiet and reserved character who occasionally enjoys playing with Bluey and her friends. Judo is often shown wearing a blue headband and appears in several episodes.

18. Jean Luc

Jean Luc in Bluey

Jean Luc is a French-Canadian classmate of Bluey. They interact at school and during playtime with their friends. Jean Luc is also shown playing in the woods and camping with Bluey and their friends.

17. The Terriers

The Terriers in Bluey

The Terriers are a group of dogs that are friends with Bluey. They can often be found participating in games and adventures together. During playtime, they often dress up as three guards equipped with large shields and swords.

16. Socks

Socks in Bluey

Socks is the younger sibling of Muffin and a cousin to Bluey and Bingo. They enjoy spending time and playing together as a family. Socks are often shown interacting with Muffin and Stripe.

15. Missy

Missy in Bluey

Missy is a friend of Bluey’s who loves to join in on games and adventures with the group. Missy overcomes her fear of heights at the park when Bluey and Bingo encourage her to climb up to their hammock and slide down to where they are in the middle.

14. Buddy

Buddy in Bluey

Buddy is another friend of Bluey’s, often seen playing and participating in activities with the group. Buddy is often seen on the side of the group doing his own thing while still having fun.

13. Winton

Winton in Bluey

Winton is a bulldog classmate of Bluey’s and a friend. They enjoy spending time together at school and during playtime with their friends. Winton is highlighted as a superhero in the new season 3.

12. Uncle Stripe

Uncle Stripe in Bluey

Uncle Stripe is Bluey’s uncle, Muffin’s father, and Bandit’s brother. He is often seen spending time with the family during gatherings and play sessions. Stripe is featured in several episodes and is often roped into the kid’s antics with Bandit. Bandit’s younger brother Stripe is a good sport and enjoys his time with the family and kids.

11. Aunt Trixie

Aunt Trixie in Bluey

Aunt Trixie is Bluey’s aunt, Muffin’s mother, and Chilli’s sister-in-law. She is a caring and supportive presence in the family who also loves eating chips. She also enjoys having a drink with Chilli as they cheer on the dads playing games with the kids.

10. Bentley

Bently in Bluey

Bentley is a young dog who enjoys playing with Bluey and her friends. He brings a fun and energetic vibe to the group and takes on the challenge of the monkey bars, never giving up.

9. Nana

Nana in Bluey

Nana is the loving grandmother of Bluey, Bingo, Muffin, and Socks. She is a source of wisdom and guidance for the family. Nana is often shown wearing her glasses and spending time with Bingo.

8. Grandad Mort

Grandad Mort in Bluey

Grandad Mort is a Red Heeler who is the father to Chillie and Brandy. Grandpa Mort is found playing with Bluey and Bingo on hide-and-seek adventures in the woods and pretending to order fast food on an app.

7. Calypso

Calypso in Bluey

Calypso is an Australian Shepard and Bluey’s teacher at school. She is often shown encouraging the kids to play games together and use their creative imaginations to have fun.

6. Grandad Bob

Grandad Bob in Bluey

Granddad Bob is the grandfather of Bluey, Bingo, Muffin, and Socks. Grandpa Bob spends time with the family and enjoys teaching them valuable life lessons. He is known for dancing funny on video calls and is suspected by fans to have passed away.

5. Uncle Rad

Uncle Rad in Bluey

Uncle Rad is Bandit’s brother who helps babysit from time to time. In a game of 20 questions, we discover that Uncle Rad works on an oil rig and that is why they only see him around Christmas. Additionally, Rad is single.

4. Aunt Frisky

Aunt Frisky in Bluey

Aunt Frisky helps Uncle Rad babysit one evening. When the kids play 20 questions, we find out that Frisky isn’t seeing Boscoe anymore, but she would still like to have kids someday.

3. Aunt Brandy

Aunt Brandy in Bluey

Aunt Brandy is a Red Heeler who is the sister of Chilli and occasionally stops by to visit her sister and her nieces. She’s equally as fun as Chili, and they dance down the stairs together to make Bluey and Bingo laugh.

2. Pat

Pat in Bluey

Pat is Lucky’s father and is also a Golden Labrador. Pat and Lucky are Bluey’s next-door neighbors who often jump the fence to play in their backyard.

1. Dougie

Dougie in Bluey

Dougie is a deaf character in the Bluey series. He uses Auslan, which is Australian Sign Language to communicate with other kids.

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As the popularity of the show continues to grow, fans of Bluey have become fascinated with the universe the creators have built around the characters. The show’s ability to teach important values while providing fun and engaging entertainment has made Bluey and its roster of characters an enduring favorite for children and their parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bluey and Bingo a girl?

Yes, both Bluey and Bingo are girls.

Was Bluey always a girl?

Yes, Bluey has always been a girl although some mistake her for a boy because of her blue-colored fur.

Why is Bluey a girl and not a boy?

Bluey’s family is a dog breed called Blue Heelers, which gives Bluey her colorful blue fur. Many casual fans assume Bluey is a boy due to her color, but Bluey is actually a girl.

Is Jack from Bluey autistic?

Jack is one of Bluey’s schoolmates and is considered to have ADHD.

Does Bingo have autism?

Bingo is Bluey’s younger sister, and she does not have autism.

Are Bluey and Bingo biological sisters?

Bluey and Bingo are biological sisters. Bluey is the older sister and a Blue Heeler like her father. Bingo is the younger sister and a Red Heeler like her mother.

Is Mackenzie on Bluey a boy or a girl?

Mackenzie is a boy, Boarder Collie who has black and white fur. He is friends with both Bluey and Bingo.

Why is her name Bluey?

Bluey gets her name from her breed, Blue Heelers, and the color of her blue fur.

Is Bluey a rainbow baby?

Bluey is considered a rainbow baby since her parents have previously lost a child which is revealed in season 2 episode 16.

Are there any boy kids in Bluey?

There are several boy kids in Bluey including Jack, Rusty, Lucky, Mackenzie, Snickers, Jean Luc, Terriers, Buddy, Winton, and the dads.

Does Bluey have a deaf character?

Bluey features a deaf character named Dougie. He uses Australian Sign Language to communicate.

Why is Uncle Rad blue and red?

Uncle Rad is part Blue Heeler and part Red Heeler due to his family genetics.

Why do so many adults like Bluey?

Adults like Bluey because they can relate to their own children, nieces, and nephews who enjoy playing the same games and ask the same questions.

Did Bluey’s mom have a miscarriage?

Bluey’s mom Chilli Heeler had a miscarriage at one time and becomes a serious topic of conversation in season 2.

We hope you enjoyed our Bluey characters list from the smash hit kids (and Adult) show. Enjoy the new season 3 debuts July 12, 2023, on Disney Plus, and check back for more Bluey characters that will be revealed in the new season.

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