13 Elemental Characters You Can’t Miss in Disney Pixar’s Elemental

Meet the Elemental characters from Disney Animation and Pixar’s colorful fantasy where opposites react. Follow Ember a fiery young woman and Wade a go-with-the-flow guy through Element City thriving with diversity and wonder.

Elemental cast of characters

Discover how this growing city of water people, earth people, air people, and fire people attempt to coexist despite their differences. With family loyalty and self-discovery under the microscope how will these elements mix?

I enjoyed seeing this film at theaters because the animators have been pushed to innovate animation to a new higher level. Additionally, the sound plays well with the animation specifically with the fire characters.

Elemental Characters Video

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Elemental Cast and Characters

Leah Lewis, Mamoudou Athie, Wendi McLendon-Covey, and Catherine O'Hara
  • Leah Lewis – Ember Lumen
  • Mamoudou Athie – Wade Ripple
  • Ronnie Del Carmen – Bernie Lumen
  • Shila Ommi – Cinder Lumen
  • Wendi McLendon-Covey – Gale
  • Catherine O’Hara – Brook Ripple
  • Ronobir Lahiri – Harold Ripple
  • Matthew Yang King – Alan Ripple, Lutz, Earth Pruner
  • Lake Ripple
  • Eddy Ripple
  • Ghibli
  • Mason Wertheimer – Clod
  • Joe Pera – Fern Grouchwood
  • Innocent Ekakitie – Marco Ripple, Polo Ripple
  • Wilma Bonet – Flarrietta
  • Clara Lin Ding – Little Kid Ember
  • Reagan To – Big Kid Ember
  • Jeff Lapensee – Sparkler Customer
  • Ben Morris – Wood Immigration Official
  • Jonathan Adams – Flarry
  • Alex Kapp – Customer, Delivery Person, Earth Landlord
  • P.L. Brown – Doorman

13. Ember Lumen

Ember Lumen in Elemental

Ember is a firey character voiced by Leah Lewis. Ember was born in Element City after her parents immigrated through the port. Her family opened The Fireplace restaurant in Fire Town. Ember is always trying to manage her emotions and communication without exploding and burning everything to a crisp.

Ember’s talents include fast deliveries, blowing glass and shaping it in an artistic way, fixing pipes, and creating a hot air balloon but she’s not so good with pushy customers. Ember’s favorite flower is the Vivasteria, and although she couldn’t see it as a child, Wade and Gale helped her see a Vivasteria tree for the first time.

Although Ember has a hot temper at times turning purple, she is also deeply committed to her heritage and caring for her family. While trying to fill her father’s shoes, Ember begins to think about the burden of running her family’s shop and what she really wants to do.

Ember’s physical appearance is a red and orange flame that is always flickering. She has a petite figure with big eyes and a pointy nose. She wears a black sleeveless dress. She also wears a purple hoodie in the film a couple of times. When she zooms around on her motorcycle, she also wears black goggles.

12. Wade Ripple

Wade Ripple from Pixar's Elemental

Wade belongs to the water people who founded the city long ago and is voiced by Mamoudou Athie. Wade goes with the flow and always shows his emotions on his sleeves. Wade’s open-minded and glass-half-full outlook on life is the opposite of Embers.

Wade is the sensitive type who is close to his mom. Wade’s father passed away, but he still has the strength to stand for what he believes.

Wade works as an inspector for City Hall and gets off on the wrong foot with Ember when he is obligated to write several citations to shut down her family’s business. Wade’s favorite game to play is The Crying Game, and he is terrified of sponges due to being sucked up into one as a child.

Wade’s physical appearance is a blue translucent tinted male made of water with a wavy hair curl at the front of his head. He usually wears a purple T-shirt with white stripes on the sleeves.

11. Bernie Lumen

Bernie Luman in Elemental

Bernie is Ember’s father who is voiced by Ronnie Del Carmen. After a natural disaster in Fireland, Bernie migrated himself and his expecting wife Cinder from Fireland to Elemental City where fire, water, land, and air residents live together.

Bernie opened and runs The Fired Place restaurant which imports delicacies from Fireland as well as other goods for fire people. It is no secret that Bernie hopes to pass on the family business to Ember who is trying to fill his shoes.

In the film, the audience discovers that Bernie did not have his father’s blessing to leave Fireland. We also learn during a moving moment that the shop wasn’t the dream. Bernie says to Ember, “You were the dream. You were always the dream.”

Bernie is a short and stocky fire character who glows with flames just like Ember. He wears black shorts, and when he works at The Fireplace, he wears an apron as well.

10. Cinder Lumen

Cinder Lumen in Elemental

Cinder is Ember’s mother and is voiced by Shila Ommi. Cinder has very strong opinions about tradition and deep-rooted beliefs that “elements cannot mix”. She has a protective and fiery personality and is someone nobody wants to mess with.

Cinder runs a small side business of her own as a matchmaker. She has a talent for smelling love on individuals in love and begins to notice a change in Ember. She is a very protective mother and even battles the doorman at the Ripple’s condo to exhaustion.

Cinder is a short fire character that resembles a glowing flame. She has large eyes and a pointed-up nose. She wears a black woven poncho and a red gem necklace. She also accessorizes with a matching black clutch.

9. Alan Ripple

Alan Ripple in Elemental

Alan is Wade’s brother and is voiced by Matthew Yang King. Alan has a similar happy-go-lucky personality shown when Wade introduced him to Ember.

He lives in a large water condo with his mom, Brook, and is constantly losing track of his younger brothers Marco and Polo.

Alan is a water guy about the same height as Wade but fuller in the belly area. He wears a green striped shirt with a folded collar and is shown with a navy blue apron when he meets Ember for the first time.

8. Brook Ripple

Brook Ripple from Elemental

Brook is Wade’s mother and Catherine O’Hara provides her voice. Brook is the cornerstone of the laid-back Ripple family, who is honest about their emotions. Brook connects with Wade on an emotional level, and they often cry together.

Brook sees Ember’s glass-shaping artistic ability firsthand and is really impressed. She encourages Ember to take a chance on an art career.

Brook’s appearance is a tall, slender woman with big fluffy bangs. She wears a white sleeveless dress with teal accents and a teal matching fabric belt.

7. Harold Ripple

Harold Brook Lake and Ghibli playing the crying game

Harold Ripple is Wade’s uncle and Brook’s brother. Harold loves playing the crying game just like the rest of the Ripples and is able to easily get Brook to cry from an old memory from their childhood.

Harold is a stocky guy with a large, full mustache as a prominent feature. He wears a cream and blue striped tunic with gold stitching.

5. & 6. Marco Ripple & Polo Ripple

Marco and Polo Ripple in Elemental

Marco and Polo are Wade’s younger brothers. They are always getting into trouble and enjoy picking on Wade. Their father Alan has his hands full keeping track of the young brother duo. \

The younger brothers Marco and Polo are young boy toddlers who have curly hair and big smiles.

4. Gale

Gale in Elemental

Gale is a stormcloud element of the air people and is voiced by Wendi McLendon-Covey. Gale has a big personality and gets between Ember and Wade at times.

Gale even shoots lighting when she gets angry and is known for shouting, “Break wind!” to support her team the Wind Breakers.

Gale doesn’t aim to be the villain, but as a member of the City Hall leadership, she will lay down the law if she needs to. Gale shows some grace to Ember by allowing her and Wade to try solving their own water leak problem before shutting down the family business.

Gale’s physical appearance is a light pink thundercloud with blue eye shadow makeup and a large smile. She wears a baby blue Wind Breakers T-shirt and a rainbow-colored jacket.

3. Clod

Clod from Elemental

Clod is a 10-year-old brown earth boy who is voiced by Mason Wertheimer. Clod is in love with Ember and always asks her on a date.

His new armpit flowers are growing along with his confidence. Eventually, Clod moves on to flirt with fire girls his own age.

Clod is a short earth boy with green grass spiked hair, wide eyes, and a green and gray flat stone nose. He wears a green camo print hoodie with navy blue tennis shoes with white laces.

2. Fern Grouchwood

Fern Grouchwood in Elemental

Fern is an overworked government employee who is voiced by Joe Pera. Fern is an earth element with vines that have bonded him to his desk he never moves from it. Fern is slow-moving and has a sarcastic sense of humor.

Fern eventually bumps into Gale at Bernie’s Fireplace store where they both discover they cheer for the same Air Ball team, the Wind Breakers.

Fern’s physical appearance is an adult male brown earth element who never leaves his desk. He wears glasses and has a thick green mustache and green hair.

1. Lutz

Lutz on the Wind Breakers team

Lutz is an undersized member of the Wind Breakers. He is an Air Ball player who is on a bad luck streak. Wade realizes Lutz needs support and gets the crowd to start chanting for Lutz to do well.

Elemental city character groups in Elemental

They are always moving like a campfire flame, and you can hear the flames which adds another dimension to the characters.

The water and air element characters are also always moving, and this added an additional element of animation difficulty that really grabs your attention.

Along with the vibrant colors and detailed Element City that Pixar has come to be popular for, this film is likely to be a winner. Join me in getting to know the Elemental cast and Elemental characters in Pixar’s new original film.

Elemental Director Peter Sohn

The cast of Elemental is directed by Peter Sohn, who also directed The Good Dinosaur and voiced several popular characters like Sox in the Pixar film Lightyear and Ciccio in Luca.

Elemental is Pixar’s 27th feature film starring the voice talent of Leah Lewis, Mamoudou Athie, Ronnie Del Carmen, Shila Ommi, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Mason Ertheimer, and more. Enjoy our list of Elemental names from Disney and Pixar’s new film, Elemental.

Ember and Wade characters from Elemental

Elemental Movie Character Posters

Who is Ember’s love interest in Elemental?

Ember Lumen’s love interest is Wade Ripple.

Who is the boy who likes Ember?

The earth boy who likes Ember is Clod.

What is the name of Bernie’s restaurant?

Bernie’s restaurant is called The Fireplace.

Why does Ember change color?

Ember changes color when she touches different types of minerals.

What are the names of Wade’s younger brothers?

Wade’s younger brothers are Marco and Polo.

What is the name of Ember’s air friend?

Ember’s air friend is Gale.

What is the name of the sports stadium in Element City?

The sports stadium is called Cyclone Stadium.

Who plays the cloud in Elemental?

Wendi McLendon-Covey plays the cloud character Gale in Elemental.

Who is the villain in Elemental?

Many view Gale as the main villain in Elemental.

How old is Ember in Elemental?

Ember is in her early 20s.

What movie do Wade and Ember see on their first date?

Wade and Ember meet at the theater to see Tide and Prejudice.

Is Elemental out on Disney Plus?

Elemental is now in theaters and will be on Disney Plus on July 18th.

What is Elemental streaming on?

Elemental is in theaters only and will be streaming on Disney Plus on July 18th.

In the captivating world of the Elemental movie, we are introduced to a diverse array of characters; each exhibiting unique traits and abilities that embody their elemental nature.

From the mystical Element City, we encounter a remarkable cast of elemental characters, each bearing names that resonate with their elemental essence.

The main characters in this extraordinary film venture are Ember and Wade, two elemental beings whose connection with the elemental realm is intrinsic to their very existence.

Ember Lumen, a fiery character, radiates relentless determination, mirroring the strength of the element fire.

Wade Ripple, on the other hand, embodies the fluidity and adaptability of water, seamlessly flowing through any obstacle in her path.

As the narrative unfolds, the audience is introduced to a multitude of elemental characters, all contributing to the film’s intricate plotline. These characters from Elemental, as the movie is aptly named, encompass various elemental representations, such as water, earth, air, and fire.

Their elemental character names further emphasize their core traits and add another layer of depth to their personalities.

Pictures of these mesmerizing elemental characters, their appearances intricately woven with elemental elements, come to life on the silver screen, captivating viewers with their enchanting visuals.

The talented cast of Elemental brings these characters to life, ensuring an immersive experience for the audience.

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