25 Powerful Disney Villains Female

Female Disney villains characters are one of the most overlooked necessities of an excellent animated movie. Without a powerful villain to defeat, an evil plot to stop, or a group of innocent people to save, Disney heroes would have nothing to accomplish to gain their hero status and fame. 

Disney Villains Female

Without Disney female villains, there would be no suspense. There would be no storyline highs and lows and no challenges for the evil Disney characters villains to see what they can become, and cartoon movies would be boring. 

There is a famous saying that “hurt people, hurt people.” Disney female villain characters are just as crucial to the story as the heroes. Many of them are misunderstood or simply lonely and need friendship. 

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Enjoy our list of popular Disney villains female, and see if your favorite female villains made our list. Also, you may see some trends among the Disney female villains. Have you ever noticed that female Disney villain characters almost always have green eyes or often wear the color purple? 

25. Ursula

Ursula in The Little Mermaid

Ursula is the Sea Witch villain from the Disney animated movie The Little Mermaid. Ursula deceives Princess Ariel by getting her to sign a contract with severe consequences. Ursula shows her true villain desperation when she interrupts Ariel’s plans to guarantee her failure. 

Ursula’s physical appearance is a plump half-octopod and half-human with light purple skin and white hair. Her lower half is made of six black tentacles with purple suckers from the waist down. Ursula also wears bright red lipstick, turquoise eye makeup, and a gold shell necklace. 

24. Cruella De Vil

Cruella De Vil in 101 Dalmatians

Cruella De Vil is the main devil woman villain in the animated feature 101 Dalmatians. Cruella is a unique heiress obsessed with fashion, especially the spotted fur of Dalmatians. Her lust for fashionable furs puts 101 Dalmatians in her crosshairs.

Cruella de Vil’s physical appearance is a tall and skinny woman wearing a thin black dress with red sleeves covering her hands and arms and a large oversized fur coat. She has pale skin, red lips, green eye makeup, and hair that is half white and half black. 

23. Maleficent

Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty

Maleficent is the main villain in one of Disney’s classic fairy tales, Sleeping Beauty. Maleficent is the troublemaker in Princess Aurora’s kingdom. Maleficent curses the young princess to die on her 16th birthday when she is not invited to Aurora’s christening. 

Maleficent’s appearance is that of a tall, thin woman with light green-tinted skin. She has a narrow face and a pointy chin. Her lips are bright red, and her eyes are yellow. She does not have hair but rather two large black horns. She wears a long black cape with purple cuffs and collar accents. 

22. Evil Queen

Evil Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The Evil Queen is the first Disney villain in Disney’s first full-length feature animation movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. According to her magic mirror, the Evil Queen clings tightly to her desire to be the fairest one. She becomes extremely jealous of Snow White when she replaces her as the fairest in the kingdom. The Evil Queen hatches a plan to offer Snow White a poisoned apple to take back her title of the fairest of all. 

The Evil Queen’s physical appearance is tall and slender, with red lips, rosy cheeks, and big eyelashes. Her face reveals her pale white skin as the rest of her head and body are covered in a purple dress with a black cape and a gold five-pointed crown. 

21. Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland

The Queen of Hearts is the female villain in the animated movie Alice in Wonderland. Queen of Hearts is the evil ruler of Wonderland who constantly calls for her foes to be beheaded and has the nickname the Red Queen.  

The Queen of Hearts’ physical appearance is a large woman known for dressing in bold red and black colored dresses. She wears short black hair in a bun with a three-pointed gold crown with gold earrings. 

20. Madam Mim

Madam Mim in The Sword in the Stone

Madam Mim is the main villain in the Disney animation movie The Sword in the Stone. Madam Mim, also known as Mad Madam Mim, thinks of herself as a great wizard. 

Madam Mim is a short older woman with a pink and purple dress. Her hair is messy and light purple, and her eyes are green. She also wears purple shoes.  

19. Madame Medusa

Madame Medusa in The Rescuers

Madame Medusa is a villain in the animated feature film The Rescuers. Madame Medusa is the business owner of a corrupt pawn shop in New York City. 

Madame Medusa’s physical appearance is messy. She is thin with short, bright orange hair and green eyes. She wears an unflattering red cocktail dress with green earrings. She is also shown wearing long coats when she’s outside. 

18. Yzma

Yzma in The Emperor's New Groove

Yzma is the main villain in the animated movie The Emperor’s New Groove. Yzma is a powerful sorceress who is good at making devious potions. After getting fired by Emperor Kuzco, she vows to get revenge and take the throne herself. 

Yzma’s physical appearance is tall and skinny, with slim arms and legs. She has big eyes, a big smile, and long lashes with purple eye shadow. Her skin color is light gray. She wears a skinny purple dress with purple feathers spouting out from the collar around her neck and blue earrings. 

17. Mother Gothel

Mother Gothel in Tangled

Mother Gothel is the villain in Disney’s movie Tangled. Mother Gothel has used the magic of a yellow flower for many years to keep her youthful appearance. After the yellow flower’s power transfers to Rapunzel’s hair, Mother Gothel traps her in a tower.

Mother Gothel’s physical appearance changes with the yellow flower’s power. With the flower’s energy, her appearance is youthful and beautiful, with long, curly black hair and smooth skin. She wears a ruby-red dress with gold accents. Her posture slumps over with white hair and wrinkles when she loses power. There is a stark contrast between her with and without power. 

16. Lady Tremaine

Lady Tremaine in Cinderella

Lady Tremaine is the notorious Disney villain in the Disney princesses movie Cinderella. She is Cinderella’s evil stepmother. Lady Tremaine embarrasses Cinderella and humiliates her by forcing her to be the maid for her and her two girls, Anastasia and Drizella. 

Lady Tremaine’s tall and slender physical appearance is further exaggerated by her gray hair styled up. She has a pointed chin and wrinkles on each side of her mouth. Her eyes are green and match her green earrings, necklace, and ring on her right hand. Lady’s dress is scarlet red with purple cuffs and an extended collar around her neck. 

15. Anastasia Tremaine

Anastasia Tremaine in Cinderella

Anastasia Tremaine is a secondary villain in the movie Cinderella. She teases Cinderella, forces her to take care of her, and even rips her dress when she wants to go to the Royal Ball. In the Cinderella sequels, Anastasia Tremaine is friendly toward Cinderella, and they forgive each other. 

Anastasia’s physical appearance is slender and youthful, with fair skin. She has long red hair with a gold hair clip. She wears a pink and purple dress. Anastasia also has large feet that don’t fit the lost glass slipper. 

14. Drizella Tremaine

Drizella Tremaine in Cinderella

Drizella Tremaine is a secondary villain with her sister Anastasia in the Disney Cinderella collection of films. Drizella Tremaine is rude and mean to Cinderella by forcing her to be her maid and tearing her dress before the Royal Ball.

Drizella’s physical appearance is tall and slender with fair-colored skin. She has shoulder-length black hair parted down the middle with a green bow. Drizella wears a dress with dark green around her torso and light green puffed shoulders. She also has large feet that do not fit the glass slipper. 

13. Bellwether

Assistant Mayor Bellwether in Zootopia

Assistant Mayor Dawn Bellwether is the surprise villain in the animated movie Zootopia. Bellwether believes she is underestimated and underappreciated and sets out to frame the predators for turning savage against the prey and putting them behind bars. 

Bellwether’s physical appearance is that of a small sheep with large pink ears and a fluffy ball of fur on her head. Bellwether has large green eyes, and she wears big red glasses. She wears a two-piece outfit, a green and red dress with a navy jacket in red trim. She also wears a gold necklace. 

12. Queen Narissa

Queen Narissa in Enchanted

Queen Narissa is the main villain in the Disney film Enchanted. Narissa is Prince Edward’s stepmom and Giselle’s biggest competition. Queen Narissa aims to keep the two from marrying so that she doesn’t lose her place on the throne. 

Narissa’s physical appearance is tall and slender, with a square jaw, red lips, and exaggerated green eye shadow from her upper eyelid to her eyebrow. Her hair is black, shoulder-length, and styled up to allow her to wear a gold crown. She wears a full-length purple and black dress with long sleeves. Her dress has a cape that arches across the back of her shoulders that frames her head. 

11. Aunt Sarah

Aunt Sarah in Lady and the Tramp

Aunt Sarah is a villain in the Disney animated movie Lady and the Tramp. When left in charge of watching Lady, Aunt Sarah often blames Lady when things go wrong and doesn’t treat her fairly. Aunt Sarah loves cats and does not like dogs. 

Aunt Sarah’s physical appearance is a large older lady with a pointy carrot nose and white hair. She wears a long purple dress with a red and gold gem at the center of her neck. When she leaves the house, Sarah wears an oversized green coat and a brown hat with a pink bow. 

10. Joanna

Joanna in The Rescuers Down Under

Joanna the Goanna is a minor villain in Disney’s animated feature, The Rescuers Down Under. Joanna is the pet monitor lizard of Percival C. McLeach. Joanna is fast and helps McLeach chase and catch Cody, and when McLeach is not looking, Joanna loves to eat his eggs.  

Joanna’s physical appearance is a large green lizard with red eyes, long legs and arms, a long red tongue, and a long tail that is the length of her body. Joanna has sharp claws and pointy, sharp teeth. 

9. Witches of Morva (Orddu, Orwen, Orgoch)

Witches of Morva in The Black Cauldron

The Witches of Morva are a group of three witches, Orddu, Orwen, and Orgoch. The three witches are known for making bargains, and they trade the Black Cauldron for a Magic Sword. They are secondary villains in the animated movie The Black Cauldron

All three witches’ physical appearances have gray skin, red hair, and dark gray cloaks. Orddu is the leader of the three and by far the tallest and skinniest, with bony arms and legs. Orwen is the short, plump witch and the only one to wear makeup and jewelry. Orgorch is smaller than Orddu and is always hunched over in her pointy hat, often disagreeing with the group. 

8. Zira

Zira in The Lion King 2 Simba's Pride

Zira is a female villain introduced in The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride. Zira is the leader of the Outsiders. When her son Kovu was no longer recognized as the heir to the throne, Zira fought back and was exiled by Simba. Zira spent the rest of her life fighting back at Simba’s pride whenever she could. 

Zira’s physical appearance is a slender lion with sharp, angular facial features to help express her evil side. Her fur is light brown, and her belly and neck are a very golden tan. She has a round notch in her right ear and a faint brown stripe down her back to her forehead. Zira’s eyes are yellow and red, and her nose is black.

7. Foxy Loxy

Foxy Loxy in Chicken Little

Foxy Loxy is one of the villains in the Disney film Chicken Little. Foxy Loxy and her best friend Goosey Loosey are bullies who torment Chicken Little at school. Foxy only cares about being popular, becoming famous, and having great hair. 

Foxy Loxy’s physical appearance is a short, stout red fox with thick fur and pointy ears. Foxy wears braces, a blue ribbon in her hair, and blue overalls with a white teeshirt. 

6. Te Kā

Te Kā in Moana

Te Kā is the main villain in the Disney princess movie Moana. When the demigod Maui stole her green heart gem, she became an evil lava monster, and the previously fruitful island began to die. In one scene Moana sings a song to Te Kā to help calm her down. See all of the Moana songs and sing along.

Te Kā’s physical appearance is a molten lava figure of a slender woman towering over the landscape as a massive fire demon. She has large glowing eyes and a frown with fire, ash, and smoke shooting from the top of her head. On her chest is the swirl logo that is also found on the heart of the green Te Feti gem. 

5. Namaari

Namaari in Raya and the Last Dragon

Namaari is a secondary villain in the Disney animated movie Raya and the Last Dragon. She is the princess of Kumandra’s community of Fang. Her dad is Chief Virana and was childhood friends with Raya. Namarri plots to steal the Dragon Gem for her people of Fang to prosper as the Heart’s people have for many years. 

Namaari’s physical appearance is a young and pretty Southeast Asian girl who is slender and toned due to her active lifestyle as a warrior. Her hair is shaved on the left side, with her straight black hair combed to the right. Her hair is cut at an angle down to her jaw. 

She wears a long gold tassel earring on the left side that drops down to the front of her shoulder and a gold bicep bracelet on each arm. She also wears a white sleeveless top, brown baggy pants, brown boots, a red sash around her waist, a gold belt, and two short swords. 

4. Gabby Gabby

Gabby Gabby in Toy Story 4

Gabby Gabby is the main villain in Toy Story 4. Gabby Gabby is a classic toy doll created in the 1950s that needs repairs to her voice box. She believes her damaged voice box is why children do not want to play with her anymore, and she strives to steal Woody’s voice box for herself.

Gabby Gabby’s physical appearance is a light skin colored girl doll with red hair, blue eyes, and freckles. She wears a yellow dress with white polka dots and a white collar. She also has matching yellow shoes and two yellow hair bows for her pigtails with bangs hairstyle. 

3. Darla Sherman

Darla Sherman in Finding Nemo

Darla Sherman is one of the villains from the popular Pixar movie Finding Nemo. Darla is the niece of the dentist, Philip Sherman, and has a bad guy reputation for being harmful to the aquarium fish. 

Darla’s physical appearance is a short young child with red hair, pigtails, green eyes, and large braces. Darla wears a purple sweatshirt with Rock n Roll Girl on the front and a green plaid skirt with white stockings. 

2. Evelyn Deavor

Evelyn Deavor in Incredibles 2

Evelyn Deavor is the main villain in the Pixar animated movie Incredibles 2. Evelyn is a behind-the-scenes villain who uses her mastermind plan to make Screenslaver the Supers’ main target while aiming to keep superheroes illegal forever. 

Evelyn is a skinny and tall woman with short brown hair. Her eyes are blue, which is unusual for a Disney movie villain. She often wears black and gray shirts and pants with lines or stripes on all her clothes. She wears small silver loop earrings and a watch on her right wrist. 

1. Dean Hardscrabble

Dean Hardscrabble in Monsters University

Dean Hardscrabble is the dean and main villain of the school in the Pixar movie Monsters University. Dean Hardscrabble kicks Mike and Sulley out of the School of Scaring when they break the Hardscrabble’s prized scream canister. 

Dean Hardscrabble’s physical appearance is a slender dark red dragon from the waist with large red wings. From the waist down, she resembles a centipede with dozens of tiny pointy legs and hard layered scales down her back to her tail. Hardscrabble wears a matching crimson-red buttoned suit with a tall white collar around her neck.

Female Villain Names Conclusion

Disney is known for creating iconic and diverse characters that captivate audiences worldwide. From beloved princesses to fearless heroes, the Disney universe is filled with memorable personalities. However, it is the female villains that truly leave a lasting impression.

Among the evil Disney characters, female cartoon villains stand out with their cunning and devious nature. From the mischievous Ursula in “The Little Mermaid” to the wicked Maleficent in “Sleeping Beauty,” these female villains bring a thrilling element to the stories.

Disney Female Villains

One cannot overlook the formidable female villains in the world of Disney. These female villains, whether in purple or any other color, possess a certain charm and charisma that makes them unforgettable. Their devious plans and remarkable character designs truly embody the essence of a Disney villain.

Disney has created a plethora of female characters that range from virtuous princesses to conniving villains. These female villains, with their unique personalities and captivating stories, have become an integral part of the Disney universe.

Whether they are dressed in purple, green, or any other color, these characters continue to captivate audiences and remind us of the enduring power of Disney storytelling.

Discover more female Disney characters, villain names female, villain names male, and Disney heroes like Peter Pan. Click here for Disney film villains on YouTube for more fun.

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