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Disney Characters (A to Z)

Popular Disney Characters




Welcome to the ultimate Disney characters list! Disney characters names are famous all over the world. With blockbuster Walt Disney movies translated into dozens of languages.

Every Walt Disney Pictures feature film has famous Disney names. These lovable characters have found their way into the hearts of fans from every nation and background.

If you’re lucky enough to visit Walt Disney World, you might meet Peter Pan, Finding Nemo, Mary Poppins, Tinker Bell, John Smith, or Prince Charming.

Disney Characters List A to Z art with 13 characters

How many can you name on our list of Disney characters A-Z? Can you name the official 12 Disney Princess list?

Above, are all the letters in the Disney alphabet from A to Z. Each letter has its own page of characters listed in order. Jump around to all the letters to find your favorite Disney character.

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Here are some of the best Disney characters around. Enjoy these top 10 Disney names and see how many of your favorites are among the best.

Top 10 Disney Characters

Who are the most popular Disney characters of all time? With so many memorable animated Disney characters over the last few decades, it can be hard to narrow down the list of the most famous Disney characters.

Google searchers have decided! Below are some of the most popular characters searched for on Google worldwide, which clearly indicate the fan-favorite Disney characters. Did your favorites make the list? Find more popular Disney characters by searching the a-z pages above.

  1. Mickey Mouse – Steamboat Willie
  2. Woody – Toy Story
  3. Buzz Lightyear – Toy Story
  4. Baloo – Jungle Book
  5. Lilo Pelekai – Lilo and Stitch
  6. Cruella de Vil – 101 Dalmations
  7. Simba – Lion King
  8. Mike Wazowski – Monsters Inc
  9. Mowgli – Jungle Book
  10. Genie – Aladdin

Top 10 Disney Character Names Male (Male Disney Characters)

Top 10 Male Disney Characters

Male Disney characters launched the Disney brand decades ago and helped the brand soar to unbelievable heights. Male Disney characters have charmed Disney fans for many years with epic adventures, laughs, and world-famous songs.

Here is a list of some of the most famous boy Disney characters over the past several years. To find more of your favorite characters, just use the a-z list above to jump from letter to letter.

  1. Mickey Mouse – Fun and Fancy Free
  2. Woody – Toy Story 2
  3. Buzz Lightyear – Toy Story 2
  4. Baloo – Jungle Book
  5. Simba – Lion King
  6. Mike Wazowski – Monsters University
  7. Mowgli – Jungle Book
  8. Genie – The Return of Jafar
  9. Donald Duck – Ducktales the Movie
  10. Goofy – A Goofy Movie

Top 10 Disney Character Names Female (Female Disney Characters)

Top 10 Female Disney Characters

Female Disney characters are surging past their male costars! While the boys are funny and handsome, the girls bring fans and viewers of all ages and backgrounds.

Female Disney characters relate to us, inspire us, make us laugh, and cry with us, then belt out a beautiful song that becomes our childhood anthem. Here is a list of girl Disney names that are among the most popular. Also, find your favorite character with the a-z list above.

  1. Queen Elsa – Frozen
  2. Minnie Mouse – House of Mouse
  3. Princess Belle – Beauty and the Beast
  4. Princess Ariel – The Little Mermaid
  5. Princess Tiana – The Princess and the Frog
  6. Princess Mulan – Mulan
  7. Princess Jasmine – Aladdin
  8. Ursula – The Little Mermaid
  9. Princess Merida – Brave
  10. Princess Rapunzel – Tangled

For more detailed information and images of the Disney princess names listed above, start at our Disney Princesses page.

Top 10 Disney Female Villains

Disney Villains Female

There are around 25 main Disney villains female in the Pixar and Disney universe. They range from classic princess film villains like the Evil Queen and Ursula to cute and innocent surprise villains like Assistant Mayor Bellwether and Darla Sherman.

  1. Ursula – The Little Mermaid
  2. Maleficent – Sleeping Beauty
  3. Cruela De Vil – 101 Dalmatians
  4. Queen of Hearts – Alice In Wonderland
  5. Yzma – The Emperor’s New Groove
  6. Mother Gothel – Tangled
  7. Lady Tremaine – Cinderella
  8. Assistant Mayor Bellwether – Zootopia
  9. Darla Sherman – Finding Nemo
  10. Namaari – Raya and the Last Dragon

Top 10 Disney Character Names For Dogs (Dog Disney Characters)

Top 10 Disney Dog Characters

Who is the best Disney animal character, probably an adorable dog and puppy? Each Disney dog is a cute Disney character in its own right a bonus dogs are man’s best friends. These furry friends are the perfect sidekick to our favorite animated characters in any Disney animated film.

Whether they are the sidekick or the star, Disney dogs make the world a better place and make films far more enjoyable. Everyone can relate to the unconditional love of a cute pup, and Disney fans everywhere look forward to more great films with man’s best friends. Here is a list of the top 10 Disney dog names.

  1. Bolt – Bolt
  2. Copper – The Fox and the Hound
  3. Goofy – An Extremely Goofy Movie
  4. Lady – Lady and the Tramp
  5. Patch – 101 Dalmations
  6. Pluto – Pluto’s Purchase
  7. Tramp – Lady and the Tramp
  8. Perdita – 101 Dalmations
  9. Pongo – 101 Dalmations
  10. Percy – Pocahontas

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New Updates!

Encanto characters are now added, plus 20 new characters from Pixar’s new movie Luca just added, and Ugly Disney characters list. For more unique Disney characters, see our Disney category page. Our Disney Plus Icons list was also recently updated. See all 264 Disney Plus icons.

Our current list of Disney characters is over 2,100, from A to Z and counting. Only showing you the top 100 Disney characters wouldn’t be fair. Click on a letter in our Disney alphabet above or see our Top 10 Lists below.

As new movies are released, new characters are added to our list. Our goal is to show you all the Disney character names.

The complete list of all Disney character names includes Disney animation studios, Disneytoon Studios animation (Disney sequels), and Pixar movies.

You will find your favorite Princesses, villains, furry friends, out-of-this-world characters, and Disney dog names in our complete A to Z list.

Explore our Disney Musicals, Disney Halloween movies list, and Disney Princes list too.

There are new characters from Luca, Raya and the Last Dragon, older Disney characters from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and classic Disney characters from Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas.

Also, find cool Disney cartoon characters from Big Hero 6 and fun animated Disney characters from Frozen.

Rediscover Disney animation films’ most popular Disney character faces and their sidekicks or redhead cartoon characters. Also, included are all the lesser-known characters that often go unnoticed in the background, and characters do not have any speaking lines at all.

[Our list does not include tv shows, live-action movies, shorts, or cameo appearances.]

Another group of very popular characters is the Lore Olympus characters and their mythological modern flare.

Disney Couples and Best Friends

What is better than one Disney character? Two famous Disney characters! Read our Disney couples list to relive those Disney romantic couples and best friend duos.

For more Disney Cartoon Characters fun, relive the Lady and the Tramp quotes, one of Disney’s classic animated movies, or brush up your memory on the 7 Dwarfs and Mother Gothel.

For a table list of Disney characters, and names, check out Wikipedia. How did you like our animated Disney characters list a-z? Let us know on Facebook.

Popular Questions About Disney Characters

Who are Disney’s main characters?

Disney’s main characters are Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and the Disney Princesses.
Top 10 Disney Characters

How many Disney characters are there?

There are thousands of Disney characters, including over 2,000 animated movie characters.
Disney Characters Elsa, Genie, Moana, Simba, Mickey Mouse, Baloo, and Mogli

Who is the most loved Disney character?

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are the most loved Disney characters and the original inspiration behind the Disney brand.
Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

Who are the first Disney characters?

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is Disney’s first animated cartoon character.
Oswald Disney Plus Icon

Who is Isabella’s mom in Encanto?

Isabella’s mom is Julieta. She is also the mother of Luisa and Mirabel. Julieta’s gift is healing people of their wounds or sickness with the food she cooks.

Why did Mirabel hug Isabella?

Mirabel wants to hug Isabella because she values and prioritizes the good of the whole family while also completing Bruno’s vision.

Who is the youngest Disney villain?

The youngest Disney villain is likely Hans from Frozen, who is 23 years old.

What is the darkest Disney movie?

The darkest Disney movie is The Hunchback of Notre Dame according to most fans.

What have Disney Princesses taught us?

Disney Princesses have taught us to have courage, be kind, push past your comfort zone, work hard, listen to your heart, and your voice is powerful.

Who is the 1st Disney Princess?

The first Disney Princess is Snow White from the animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, released in 1937.

How old is Mirabel?

Mirabel is 15 years old and made her debut in the hit film Encanto 2022.

Does Moana have a husband?

Moana does not have a husband. She is an independent woman who takes care of her tribe and island home.

Is Luisa the middle child in Encanto?

Luisa is the middle child in Encanto and has the gift of super strength.

Are Mirable and Isabella sisters?

Isabella is the oldest sister of Luisa and Mirabel.

Who is the first Disney villain?

The Evil Queen from the animated movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is the first Disney villain.

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