Disney Character Names

Disney Character names Elsa, Genie, Moana, Simba, Mickey Mouse, Baloo, and Mogli

Disney character names are famous all over the world. With blockbuster Disney movies translated into dozens of languages, these lovable characters have found their way into the hearts of fans from every nation and background.

How many Disney characters can you think of? Can you name the official 12 Disney Princess list? Look for princesses under “P” for princess or by their first name.

Here is a list of Disney characters. Our current Disney character list is over 2,100 names from A to Z and counting. As new movies are released brand new characters are added to our list. Found a missing name? Let us know on Facebook.

Our Disney characters list includes Disney animated movies, Disneytoon Studios animation, and Pixar movies.

Our list does not include animated tv shows, live-action movies, shorts, or cameo appearances.

You will find your favorite Princesses, villains, furry friends, and out of this world characters.

There are new characters from Raya and the Last Dragon, older Disney characters from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, classic Disney characters from Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas, cool Disney characters from Big Hero 6, and fun Disney characters from Frozen.

Rediscover Disney animation film’s most popular faces and their sidekicks. Also, included are all the lesser-known characters that often go unnoticed in the background, and characters do not have any lines at all.

How many of your favorite Disney characters can you find? Select each letter below to find the character’s names that begin with that letter. Is your name among the Disney universe? What movies were your favorite characters in?

For a table list of character names check out Wikipedia.

Top 10 Disney Character Profiles

  1. Mickey Mouse
  2. Woody
  3. Buzz Lightyear
  4. Baloo
  5. Lilo Pelekai
  6. Cruella de Vil
  7. Simba
  8. Mike Wazowski
  9. Mowgli
  10. Genie

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