Featured Animation Ethics and Reporting Policy

Featured Animation strives for objective and accurate news coverage. When we do report on sensitive topics, we aim to cover them as objectively as possible.

Featured Animation aims for quick, accurate, and complete reporting at all times. If we ever need to make a correction to our work, we will do so as swiftly as we are made aware of the error. Featured Animation’s goal is to get accurate information to our readers as fast as possible, so any breaking news stories will be expanded on after the publication of the original article if necessary.

When our journalism is factually correct, but the language we use to explain those facts is not as clear or detailed as it should be, the language should be rewritten and a clarification added to the story. A clarification can also be used to note that we initially failed to seek a comment or response that has since been added to the story or that new reporting has shifted our account of an event.

Depending on the extent to which information is reported incorrectly, we may publish a correction on social media. Our corrections might include a comment under the original post or deletion of the original post and a repost with the corrected information.

If you see any errors in our reporting, please email the editor so that we can swiftly correct the error. Please find all our email contacts on our contact page.

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