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Skydance has released some of the most iconic movies of all time like Mission Impossible and Jack Reacher. Now they are branching out into full-length feature animation movies with Skydance Animation.

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Skydance is based out of Santa Monica, California, and was founded in April of 2006. In March 2017 the Animation arm was drawn out and began production on two films, Luck and Spellbound.

Skydance Animation’s first short film Blush can be seen on Apple TV+.

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Skydance Movies Coming Soon

Skydance Animation has announced two films for 2022 in partnership with Apple TV+. Apple has not yet confirmed release dates on their streaming platform but some dates likely are February for the release of Luck and November for the release of Spellbound.

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Skydance Animation Videos

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Skydance Animation Movies List

  • Blush (short film)
  • Luck – 2022
  • Spellbound – 2022
  • Pookoo
  • The Fourteenth Goldfish

Skydance Animation History

Skydance Animation is the animated content division of Skydance Media, a diversified media company with its headquarters located in Santa Monica, California.

The company was founded by an accomplished aerobatic pilot and billionaire David Ellison on April 4, 2006. It was Ellison’s dream to offer engaging and high-caliber media content to the global audience that inspired him to name his company “Skydance.”

As a passionate aerobatic pilot, Ellison named his company after this highly entertaining aerobatic flying technique hoping that it will evoke endless possibilities in the media industry.

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From its headquarters at The Barker Hangar at Santa Monica Air Center, the company currently has two corporate offices for its animation division located in Miracle Mile in California and Madrid, Spain.

The versatility and multi-platform reach of Skydance Media have pushed the company’s growth into different heights, from films to television, games, and animation.

In March of 2017, David Ellison acquired Ilion Animation Studios, a Spanish animation company based in Madrid. It was then that Ellison’s passion for animation was realized to bring forth fantastic, inspiring stories to life and into the homes of the global audience.

Skydance Luck girl and cat flying on golden disc

Following the acquisition, Ilion Animation Studios has been rebranded as Skydance Animation Madrid and will be releasing its feature films “Luck” and “Spellbound” in 2022.

Aside from signing on renowned directors such as Alessandro Carloni, Vicky Jenson, Nathan Greno, and Peggy Holmes, Sundance Animation has also signed on Alan Menken, a legendary composer known for his musical scores in some of the most celebrated Disney Animations.

Alan Menken is a recipient of eight Academy Awards, seven Golden Globes, eleven Grammy Awards, one prestigious Tony Award, and has received multiple nominations from all these award-giving bodies for decades.

Skydance Animation Luck dragon and girl talking

In January of 2009, Sundance Animation hired John Lasseter as its Head of Animation. Lasseter was the chief creative officer of Pixar Animation Studios and Principal Creative Advisor for Walt Disney Imagineering.

He has also received several Oscars and has garnered multiple nominations from the same award-giving body for many years.

The mission of David Ellis to harness the power of animation to bring forth amazing fantasies into life will soon be fulfilled as Skydance Animation reached a multi-year partnership with Apple TV Plus.

Skydance Animation Spellbound

The platform will be the home of Sundance’s upcoming animated movies and series, including Luck and Spellbound. Luck is directed by Peggy Holmes, who also directed Disney’s The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning and is set to release in February 2022.

Spellbound was directed by Vicky Jenson, known for her work in Dreamwork Animation’s Shrek, and is set to release in November 2022.
Both animated films feature music and score composed by the legendary Alan Menken.

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In addition, Skydance Studio has several films in development, including Pookoo, which was written and is being directed by Nathan Greno, the director known for his works in Disney’s Tangled.

As Skydance Animation further expands its reach, the global audience can expect high-caliber animated movies and series that will inspire kids at heart worldwide.

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