36 Admired Cartoon Couples

Cartoon couples make up some of the most iconic cartoon characters in everyone’s favorite animated shows. Our favorite character couples never fail to make you smile, laugh, and love.

Popular Cartoon Couples

Amid all the positive messages and lessons one may take from these animated series, we often forget what makes them appealing. Many of these cartoon duo characters share a close emotional bond.

Popular Animated Show Couples

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36. The Prince (Prince Florian) and Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White being carried by The Prince while looking into his eyes

The Prince and Snow White are the first-ever Disney movie cartoon couple. Although they don’t spend a lot of time together developing a deep relationship, there is a spark from the beginning and a shared love of music and song.

When Prince Florian walks past the castle garden, he hears Snow White singing, and he sings along with her under her balcony. He might not have known then, but he met the love of his life.

Later, he comes to her rescue with true love’s first kiss to save Snow White, and he saves his Princess. Snow White thanks the 7 dwarfs names one by one with a kiss goodbye.

35. Homer Simpson and Marge Simpson from The Simpsons

Homer Simpson and Marge Simpson dancing as a cartoon couple

Homer and Marge are the most iconic cartoon couples of all time. They’ve been married for over 25 years are still in love with each other, and have a strong bond. They represent a classic couple cartoon that has stood the test of time.

Although their relationship has its ups and downs, it’s always apparent that Homer loves Marge unconditionally.

34. Mulan and Li Shang from Mulan

Mulan and Li Shang talking under tree with orange leafs

Disney’s 1998 movie Mulan tells the story of a girl who pretends to be a man to fight for her country in the war against the Huns. 

While pretending to be a guy, Mulan falls in love with Li Shang, her superior officer. The two are meant for each other by the movie’s end, even though they don’t become an official couple until Mulan 2.

33. Hiccup and Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon

Hiccup and Astrid, a young cartoon couple standing in a forest

Hiccup, the awkward teenager who is scared of everything and makes mistakes all the time, falls in love with Astrid, a girl who’s tough as nails and only lets people get close to her after she gets to know them well. 

Their young couple’s relationship is unique because they are equals in a similar situation who share the same values and have similar goals to do great things. They don’t look at each other with admiration or spiritual love. 

They look at each other with absolute adoration, respect, and trust that is battle-tested, which makes them one of the best cute cartoons to watch.

32. Prince Charming and Cinderella from Cinderella

Prince Charming kissing Cinderella's hand

Prince Charming and Cinderella’s love is an example of a perfect fairy tale ending. They are one of the most iconic Disney couples and are immediately attracted to one another when they meet at the Royal Ball. They don’t separate until Cinderella’s spell wears off at midnight.

Even though Cinderella doesn’t have the means to pursue her new love, Prince Charming never gives up on Cinderella and their happy ending.

31. Mufasa and Sarabi from The Lion King

Mufasa and Sarabi nuzzling as on the original cartoon couples

This beautiful animated couple is older than most on the list, making them more beautiful in simplicity and wisdom. The way Mufasa looks at Sarabi is the kind of look someone gives to their partner when they know them on a deeper level.

Mufasa’s love for his wife is one of the reasons that he makes such a great king. Sarabi stands by his side and helps him keep the pride lands safe.

30. Wendy Darling and Peter Pan from Peter Pan

Peter Pan and Wendy Darling with Peter reaching for her hand in the window

One of the things that Wendy and Peter Pan do in Neverland is kiss regularly, which makes their relationship significantly different from most of the ones on this list. 

Wendy and Peter Pan’s love for each other isn’t based on lust but on admiration and respect. They might not be as committed as other couples on this list. They’re perfect for each other, as they share their sense of adventure.

29. Arnold and Helga from Hey Arnold!

Hey Arnold and Helga walking arm in arm

Although this cartoon couple doesn’t have a steady relationship, their feelings toward each other are apparent to cartoon fans. 

Obviously, they love each other unconditionally but are too stubborn to admit it, especially Helga, who’d instead act like she hates Arnold to hide her feelings for him.

Although Helga might be mean and selfish, she’s always looking out for Arnold because she does care about him deep down inside.

28. Plankton and Karen from Spongebob Squarepants

Plankton and Karen Spongebob hugging

Plankton has been trying to steal the Krabby Patty formula from Mr. Krabs for years, and it will probably take him a couple more to succeed, but he remains loyal to Karen no matter what happens. 

Their relationship is different from most of the ones on this list because they’re not the focus of that show, but it’s worth exploring since they are such an interesting match. 

27. Belle and The Beast from Beauty and the Beast

Princess Belle and The Beast dancing as a classic cartoon couple

The relationship between Belle and The Beast is one of the Disney franchise’s most famous love stories of cartoon couples. His love for her makes him a better person. 

The Beast is willing to give up his life to protect Belle, and she falls in love with him. Their mutual love and selflessness eventually break the spell on the Beast, and they live happily ever after.

26. Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry from My Little Pony: Equestria Girls

Twilight Spark and Flash Century talking

Although this animated couple is less known than others on the list, they still make a great couple because they balance each other out.

Twilight is shy and inexperienced in real-life relationships, while Flash Sentry is popular and experienced. 

Twilight’s feelings towards Flash Sentry might be romantic or not, but either way, their relationship is intriguing because it explores what life would be like for Twilight if she lived in the human world.

25. Phil and Lil DeVille from The Rugrats

Phil and Lil Deville from The Rugrats

Even though other cartoon couples characters have sweeter relationships, Phil and Lil are one of the most interesting.

Their relationship isn’t based on love because they don’t know what that is yet, but they enjoy spending time with each other even though it’s hard to tell sometimes.

24. Blu and Jewel from Rio

Blu and Jewel dancing in the movie Rio as bird cartoon couples

Blu and Jewel are the last two Blue Macaws, but they don’t see eye to eye at first. They are both nice birds, but that is where their similarities end.

Rio is a story of opposite cartoon lovers attracting. Blu is domesticated and loves his comfy home life, not to mention he can’t fly.

Jewel is great at flying and is always looking for ways to escape. She is creative and feels a strong calling to be in the wild instead of interacting with humans and scientists.

Blu and Jewel are good role models to show fans how your differences can strengthen your relationship when you work together toward the same goal.

23. Tommy Pickles and Susie Carmichael from Rugrats

Tommy Pickles and Susie Carmichael

Tommy and Susie have a great relationship because they balance each other out. Tommy is selfish and overprotective of his great friends, while Susie is more mature than the others. 

Their feelings towards each other might not be romantic, but whatever they feel for one another, it’s clear that they enjoy being around each other no matter what.

In addition to being extremely sweet, Tommy and Susie are some of the cutest cartoon couples love of all time, making them perfect for this list.

22. Kevin and Kell from Kevin and Kell

Kevin and Kell from Kevin & Kell

Even though Kevin and Kell don’t live in an ideal world, they’re one of the sweetest cartoon couples characters on this list. They balance each other out because he’s confident and ambitious while she’s shy and relaxed.

Their relationship is also based on friendship since they didn’t meet until high school, making it even better.

21. Beast Boy and Raven from Teen Titans

Beast Boy and Raven from Teen Titans

Beast Boy and Raven are perfect for each other because they balance each other out. She keeps him calm while he makes her feel happier about herself, which is why it’s one of the most realistic cartoon relationships ever shown on screen. 

Although their feelings for each other are still unclear, their bond continues to grow throughout the cartoon series, leading to them becoming a couple in the final season of Teen Titans.

20. Peter Griffin and Lois Griffin from Family Guy

Peter Griffin hugging Lois Griffin

Next is the married couple Peter and Lois. Even though some cartoon couples on this list have more interesting relationships than Peter and Lois, their relationship is still worth exploring in more depth. 

It’s different from what you sometimes see in other shows because she genuinely loves him while still keeping her sanity at times is a challenge.

However, he loves her unconditionally, even though he can sometimes be annoying. At the end of the day, Peter tries to be one of the best husbands he can be.

19. Kim and Ron from Kim Possible

Kim and Ron from Kim Possible

Kim and Ron are the best examples of opposites attracting on this list. Even though they bicker all the time, they complement each other perfectly because their strengths compensate for each other’s weaknesses. 

They make a great couple because they balance each other out and make each other better in the process. Visit this post to see more red hair cartoon characters like Kim.

18. Tarzan and Jane from Tarzan

Tarzan and Jane meet for the first time in a tree

Tarzan and Jane might not be as interesting as some of the other cute cartoon couples on this list because they don’t have a lot of interaction initially.

Still, their relationship becomes more charming once he starts interacting with humans. 

Even though they struggle to communicate at times, and he can be overprotective, they balance each other out enough to make a great team.

17. Timmy Turner and Tootie from The Fairly Oddparents

Timmy Turner and Tootie in The Fairly Odd Parents

Although it’s evident that Timmy Turner loves Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof more than anything else, he also has feelings for Tootie. Timmy and Tootie are the only cartoon characters with glasses on this list.

Although their relationship is sometimes rocky, they’ve known each other since they were little kids, and they’re both always willing to forgive each other even though it might take a while.

16. Danny Fenton and Sam Manson from Danny Phantom

Danny Fentom and Sam Mason from Danny Phantom

Even though in this couple’s cartoon they are constantly fighting, their love is undeniable. They’re constantly saving each other’s lives because they can’t stand the thought of losing one another. 

Even though they have a lot of baggage, their feelings for each other never go away, and they’re always there when the other needs them.

15. Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny from Looney Tunes

Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny playing basketball as one of the top Looney Tunes cartoon couples

Bugs Bunny is well known for having many romantic interests throughout his long career as an entertainer. Still, his relationship with Lola might be one of the best cartoons since she can keep up with him better than any other girl he meets. 

Although it’s unclear if their relationship will go anywhere in the future because this is only her second appearance in season 2 of The Looney Tunes Show, their bond is interesting because she’s willing to learn about his past.

14. Donald Duck and Daisy Duck from Mickey Mouse

Donald Duck and Daisy Duck dancing

Even though this is one of the most well-known cartoon couples in history, their relationship isn’t as charming as it once was. Their love has become one-sided since Disney has moved on from Daisy.

These days, it is surprising every time she shows up in film and TV shows. However, even on these rare occasions, Donald’s feelings for her never change. The two are always there for each other whenever they’re needed.

13. Eddy and May Kanker from Ed, Edd n Eddy

May Kanker putting a ring on Eddys finger as he stands in a trash can

Although this cartoon couple has one of the most dysfunctional relationships on the list, it’s clear that they still care about each other in some way. 

They constantly fight because they don’t like admitting their true feelings to themselves or anyone else, but they always come back to each other no matter what.

12. Prince Philip and Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

Prince Philip and Princess Aurora

Although their relationship is limited to a single animated Disney movie, this couple still has a cute dynamic. In their youth, they were attracted to each other, but they got separated by Aurora’s deep sleep curse. 

The trust they built in their youth eventually leads to true love’s first kiss, which awakens Aurora, and they live happily ever after. They never gave up on love and are a great example of the power of love. 

11. Jimmy Neutron and Cindy Vortex from Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius

Jimmy Neutron and Cindy Vortex holding hands

Jimmy and Cindy may seem like an unlikely couple at first glance, but they’re perfect for each other in every way imaginable. They both have big dreams to make the world a better place, even though they come from very different backgrounds. 

They complement each other perfectly, and they’re always there to give the other one a helping hand. Jimmy and Cindy’s relationship shows that love isn’t always spoken but shown through acts of kindness.  

10. Tramp and Lady from Lady and the Tramp

Tramp and Lady eating spaghetti

Lady and Tramp‘s relationship doesn’t go the traditional route, making it unique. They want to be with each other no matter what, even if they must fight against all odds or their family’s disapproval. 

Even though this couple isn’t typically something people aspire to be like, it’s still a great love story everyone can enjoy. This famous couple’s story shows that love can blossom in the most unlikely places. 

9. Spongebob SquarePants and Sandy Cheeks from Spongebob Squarepants

SpongeBob and Sandy Cheeks eating a burger at the Krusty Crab

Spongebob and Sandy Cheeks’ relationship is pretty much perfect, even though it took a long time for them to admit to their true feelings. They had been best friends for a long time, and many fans wondered if there was a possibility for something more. 

Some even point out that they’re constantly fighting with each other. However, this is mostly good fun and entertainment for the viewers to make fans laugh. They’re always there to help each other when it matters.

8. Finn and Flame Princess from Adventure Time

Finn and Flame Princess running together in Adventure Time

Even though this cartoon couple’s relationship is constantly changing, it’s clear that they’re made for one another. 

Even though their first few encounters end badly, they can move on quickly because of the strength of their relationship.

7. Mordecai and Margaret from Regular Show

Mordecai and Margaret from Regular Show leaning in for a kiss

Even though this cartoon couple might not be in the same place in their lives, they’re perfect for one another. They go through some rough times, but it’s apparent that they still care about each other a lot, and they’re always there to help each other out when it matters.

6. Simba and Nala from The Lion King

Simba and Nala on an adventure as cubs

Simba and Nala’s relationship is one of the essential parts of The Lion King film because it teaches kids that you can love someone without overthinking about yourself. 

Even though they’re from two different worlds, their fondness for each other knows no bounds. Simba and Nala go on to have one of the healthiest relationships of all cartoon couples in love.

5. Joker and Harley Quinn from The Batman Animated TV Show

The Joker and Harley Quinn talking to Batman

The Joker and Harley Quinn are a romantic couple famous among villains. They continue to develop a deep love through terrorizing, death, and destruction, in which they find a lot of common interest. They often team up on heists throughout the animated Batman series of shows and movies.

Harley Quinn has also been shown to explore a relationship with Poison Ivy’s female character as more than friends.

4. Bob Parr Mr. Incredible and Helen Parr Elastigirl from The Incredibles

Bob and Helen Parr talking while sitting in bed

This Incredible couple saves the world, raises a family, and still finds time to appreciate and love one another.

Their super abilities and duties often overshadow their loving relationship, but make no mistake; they care for each other a lot, which you can see through their acts of kindness.

In the sequel, Mr. Incredible even gives up his superhero day shift to babysit Jack-Jack and let Elastigirl have her time to shine in the superhero spotlight.

3. Popeye and Olive Oyl from Popeye the Sailor

Popeye and Olive Oyl

Popeye and Olive Oyl are a classic cartoon couple that has been around for many years. Popeye often gets his muscles pumped up on his spinach diet to save Olive Oyl from his nemesis, Brutus, who isn’t much fun.

2. John Smith and Pocahontas from Pocahontas

Pocahontas trying on John Smith's helmet

John Smith meets Pocahontas when he sails to America to explore the land and is based partially on the real-life story of Pocahontas. John first meets Pocahontas by the edge of the water as the two are intrigued by one another.

Their interest and curiosity about each other continue to help their loving relationship thrive, so Pocahontas defends John by putting her life in danger. They end the first Pocahontas film, hoping to have a happy life together someday.

1. Luz Noceda and Amity Blight

amity kissesluz on the cheek

Luz Noceda and Amity Blight are Disney television animation’s first lead bisexual couple. They both star in the hit cartoon, The Owl House which is going on three seasons already. This cute couple cartoon may inspire more similar relationships.

Originally starting out as rivals the two found they had more in common than they thought and began to show feelings for one another. View our full list of The Owl House characters.

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Cartoon Couples Happily Ever After

Cartoon partners are here to stay; they’re always great to watch blossom on screen. We enjoy seeing cartoon characters meet for the first time, get to know each other, fall in love, and live happily ever after. 

Whether our favorite cartoons ride off into the sunset together in love or go their separate ways, there is always a valuable lesson to learn. 

Keep an eye out for new cartoon relationships that turn into something more because you never know when or where one might pop up next! For more of your favorite characters, visit our animated characters page.

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Popular Cartoon Couples Questions

Who is the best couple in cartoons?

The best couple in cartoons are Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse who started it all as the official Disney mascots.

Who is the cutest cartoon couple?

One of the cutest cartoon couples of all time is Lady and Tramp who iconically share a plate of pasta on a romantic evening.

What cartoon has LGBT characters?

Luz Noceda and Amity Blight are the first leading role characters by Disney to be in a bisexual relationship in the series, The Owl House.

Who is the most popular animated couple?

Homer and Marge are the most iconic cartoon couples of all time. They’ve been married for over 25 years are still in love with each other, and have a strong bond.

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Some of these cute cartoon couples in love might seem like they fit together naturally because they look better as a couple than alone, and others have a natural loving connection where their physical appearance doesn’t matter.  

Below is our list of the 30 cartoon couples’ names, the best cartoon couples of all time. Who are your favorite character couples?

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