Top 19 Animation Studios

Here is a collection of the most well-known animation studios and maybe a few you haven’t heard of. Each studio has its own page, and as fresh news is made known, you can find updates on their personal pages.

Click on your favorite animation studios’ names to learn more about their past projects and plans for the near future.

Top Animation Studios

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Walt Disney Animation Studios
Best known for their classics such as The Lion King and Aladdin. They also have some new big hits like Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph, and Frozen.

Disneytoon Studios
This is where huge Disney hits go for spin-offs such as Bambi II, The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride, Tarzan II, and about 60+ other spin-offs. They are also launching a highly anticipated Planes 2(2014) movie which looks very similar to Cars for a younger audience.

Pixar Animation Studios
Now owned by Disney, Pixar Animation has often teamed up with Walt Disney Pictures for their feature films ever since Toy Story. Their recent hits include Brave and Monsters University.

DreamWorks Animation Studios
Pumping out a ton of great movies is DreamWorks. These guys are hitting the gas pedal and still producing mega-hits such as the Shrek series and How to Train Your Dragon with the 2nd of 3 to be released this summer.

Sony Pictures Animation
Lacking the extensive animation library like Disney, Sony Pictures Animation is still producing some good animated movies and they seem to be picking up the pace. They’ve produced one of my favorite animated Christmas movies, Arthur Christmas and they had a big hit with Hotel Transylvania in 2012.

Blue Sky Studios
Closed by Disney in 2021 due to the global pandemic.

If you’re looking for pure, joyful entertainment in animation, then check out Blue Sky Studios. They seem to always over-deliver with creativity, bright imagery, and nonstop laughs. You probably know them from the Ice Age series or Rio. This past summer they branched out with their new movie Epic. This coming summer in 2014 is Rio2.

Illumination Entertainment
Bursting onto the scene with a smash hit, Illumination Entertainment impressed us all with Despicable Me. Continuing their great work with The Lorax and surprising a few people along the way they delivered another big win with Despicable Me 2 last summer.

Laika Animation

Paramount Animation

Aardman Animations

Nickelodeon Animation Studios

Reel Fx Animation Studios

Studio Ghibli

Sullivan Bluth Studios

Warner Animation Group

20th Century Studios

Barbie Movies List

Marvel Animation Movies

Skydance Animation

Netflix Animation


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