The Croods (2013)

The Croods Overview

After a caveman’s family’s home is destroyed, The Croods must trek through an unfamiliar fantastical world with the help of an inventive boy.

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Movie Details

  • Release Date: March 22, 2013
  • Director: Kirk DeMicco, Chris Sanders
  • Run Time: 1h 39min
  • Writers: Kirk DeMicco, Chris Sanders, John Cleese

The Croods Cast and Characters

  • Nicolas Cage – Grug
  • Emma Stone – Eep
  • Ryan Reynolds – Guy
  • Catherine Keener – Ugga
  • Cloris Leachman – Gran
  • Clark Duke – Thunk
  • Chris Sanders – Belt
  • Randy Thom – Sandy

The Croods Quotes

Release the baby!
Three days is not forever!
It is with this family.
Grug and Eep

The Croods Box Office

This Dreamworks Animation production, released in 2013, proved to be a firm favorite. Though it cost $135M to make, this movie went on to earn $587M around the world. It would also spur a sequel in 2020.

The Croods Games & Apps

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The Croods Plot Summary (Spoilers)

Using three Hollywood stars’ vocal talents – Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds & Emma Stone – the characters are given strong personalities. With some high-quality animation coupled with a strong script, The Croods was a success.

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The main character of The Croods is a teenage girl called Eep, who lives in the Prehistoric Age with her family of cavemen. They all live inside a cave and are one of the few Neanderthal families to survive.

Her father, Grug, is overprotective and lives by strict rules, which is a cause of friction for Eep, who has a more curious and adventurous nature. She lives with her mother, Ugga, her brother and sister, Thunk & Sandy, and Ugga’s mother, Gran.


The Croods: A New Age movie trailer, cast, videos, and plot.

One night, Grug tells his family a story about someone who is very curious about the outside world. This person let their curiosity lead them away from the safety of their family, and they died.

This bedtime story was aimed at Eep’s curious nature and to warn the family that anything new will threaten their survival. Grug’s story irritates Eep even more and, against her father’s advice, she slips out of the cave when everyone is asleep.

When she gets outside, she sees a flickering light in the darkness. As she tries to locate the mysterious light source, she comes across a boy named Guy.

The Croods Family Road Trip

Her first reaction is to attack him, but she soon becomes too fascinated with this light. Guy explains that it’s fire, and she is eager to learn more. He is a clever and inventive boy, and he tells Eep of his theory that the world is coming to an end and asks her to join him.

She knows she can’t leave her family and declines his offer. He gives her a shell, which makes a noise when blown through and tells her to use it and he will find her.

After Guy has gone, her father appears as he is searching for her. He brings her back to the cave and tells her she’s grounded.

The Croods Eep looking into the sun

Eep tells all the family about Guy and shows them the shell. But, fearing it as a new thing, they smash it. Suddenly, an earthquake shakes the ground and they run to their cave.

Grug blocks them from going inside just as falling rocks demolish their cave. But when they climb over the remnants of their home, they see a whole new vista.

In front of them is a vast lush green land that is very different from the rocky terrain they call home. With their home destroyed, Grug takes The Croods into the forest in search of a new cave.

The Croods new world

Various strange animals attack the Croods. Eep panics and finds a new horn to blow and hopefully get help from Guy. Hearing this, Guy finds them and scares off the animals by making fire.

The Croods are captivated by this fire and snatch his torch from him. They accidentally set fire to the plants around them, which causes a big firework display of exploding corn kernels.

Grug is so impressed with his bright ideas and intelligence that he decides to bring him with them. He stuffs him into a hollow log, and they carry him along.

The Croods looking into a new vibrant world

On Guy’s suggestion, Grug decides to head for a specific mountain range on the horizon. They force Guy to show them how to get there, and along the journey, he discovers The Crood’s strange way of life.

Using Guy’s creativity, they can catch some turkeyfish to eat. After the meal, he tells The Croods his own story about a paradise called, Tomorrow.

The next day, they come across a path that is strewn with sharp rocks. Guy, using his bright ideas, makes shoes out of whatever is close at hand, and they can continue.

The Croods movie Guy, Eep, and Belt under and umbrella

As the family shows him more respect, Grug begins to feel jealous. But, it seems Guy’s innovative thinking is rubbing off on the others. Ugga, Gran & Sandy think of ideas to get past carnivorous plants while Thunk befriends a new pet, a crocodile dog he calls Douglas. Guy and Eep are becoming closer as well.

The following day Grug shows everyone his ideas though they fail, which only humiliates him. Soon they reach the mountain, but Grug cannot convince them that they should find a cave here.

In his anger, he attacks Guy, which ends up with both of them stuck in tar. Guy reveals that his family had died in a tar pit, and it was their final, inspiring words that gave him his idea about Tomorrow.

Grug has a significant change of heart, and they try to think of how to escape the tar. They trick their pet Macawnivore, Chunky, to free them by impersonating a female bird in trouble.

The Croods movie family waving to Grug

As they are about to reach their desired location, another earthquake strikes. The quake splits the land beneath their feet. Grug quickly grabs and throws the family across and, by experiencing his first hug with Eep, they are reconciled.

However, he and their pets, Douglas & Chunky, are still stuck on the wrong side. Taking shelter in a cave, he lights a torch and creates a cave painting that depicts The Croods with Guy.

Chunky discovers him there and tries to attack him, but then the torch goes out, leaving both of them frightened.

It is now that Grug gets his first good idea. He makes a giant torch and, using a large rib cage, can capture many Piranhakeets, transporting him and the pets over the ravine and out of danger behind him.

Reunited with his family, he shares the hug with his daughter then the rest of the family joins them as they experience their first group hug.

They find themselves in an area near the ocean where the sun sets behind it. Here all The Croods settle down, and Grug learns to be less overprotective and become more adventurous.

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