Flynn Rider Disney Tangled Heartthrob

Flynn Rider Disney Tangled Prince

Eugene Fitzherbert is better known as Flynn Rider. He is the fictional character heartthrob of the Disney animated feature movie, Tangled. 

Some fans know his character as Eugene Fitzherbert, his real name. He later changed his name to Eugene, finally settling on his popular true name, Flynn Rider, for which he is best known today. 

He’s an animated character in the Disney series Tangled from the Walt Disney Animation studio. 

He first starred in the feature film Tangled. Next, he appeared in the short Tangled Ever After, a quick Frozen cameo, and then again the animated series on television, Tangled: Before Ever After.


Tangled (2010)

Tangled Ever After (2012)

Frozen – cameo (2013)

Tangled: Before Ever After – TV series (2017)

Flynn Rider and lights

The Casting of Flynn Rider

Zachary Levi voices Flynn in the series. He’s an American actor who accepted the audition for the voicing role after learning that he would also be required to be the series’s singing voice. Zach has the opportunity to sing a duet with Mandy Moore, “I See the Light,” which became his first professionally recorded song.


The film is based on a Brothers Grimm fairy tale of Rapunzel’s tower. Flynn, a talented thief with good looks, is running for his safety after stealing a precious crown and mother Gothel keeps Rapunzel, a young girl, under lock and key to use her long beautiful hair as her eternal life secret weapon.

Flynn Rider tied up by Rapunzel

After hitting bad boy Flynn over the head with a frying pan, Rapunzel succeeds in compelling him to go with her to witness the floating lanterns of their kingdom. Rapunzel will be celebrating her 18th birthday outside for the first time, and she doesn’t want to miss the good part.

Flynn is now beginning to enjoy the company of the beautiful Rapunzel, and over time he has a new dream of falling in love with her. 

The Disney princess and Flynn face many challenges like the Stabbington brothers, palace guards, and snuggly duckling thugs in her kingdom of Corona. Still, these Disney heroes answer the big question of the mysterious tower.

Flynn Rider standing with arms crossed

Flynn Rider Character Development

Flynn’s character is a product of film’s directors, Byron Howard and Nathan Greno. After considering that the imprisoned lost princess, Rapunzel would need a strong character as her security once she is out of the tower. 

The vision was for him to be a professional thief rather than a cookie-cutter Walt Disney World prince. The aim is to get a courageous and street smart character rather than the traditional prince. 

He’s initially was thought of as possibly being a farmer. As character development progressed, he was changed into an extremely daring thief from the inspiration of various characters like Errol Flynn, Indiana Jones, and Han Solo.

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Flynn Rider Criticism 

While Flynn’s character receives praise from the various film reviewers, he receives critics in equal measures. 

For instance, some audiences find the Flynn character to create a lot of refreshing humor, sarcasm, and rebelliousness compared to the previous Disney princes. 

However, some consider his attitude to be quite distasteful and annoying. Additionally, Flynn is accused of working for Disney films as a marketing tool proxy to attract mostly the Tangled male audience. 

All in all, Flynn’s romantic nature with Rapunzel, in addition to the amazing vocal performance by Levi, has been highly praised.

Flynn Rider smolder facial expression

Flynn Rider (Ryder) Fun Facts

Flynn was initially designed to be a British farmer by the name of Bastian. However, this doesn’t come about until the voice actor is cast. 

Rider won a sexiest Walt Disney Pictures hero of all time from Vanity Fair voters, beating out Prince Eric by just a little bit, less than 1%.

Flynn’s character is an inspiration from various actors, including Han Solo, Gene Kelly, and Errol Flynn. Greno admits that the introduction of Flynn’s character gives the series a fresh beginning. 

Flynn Rider portrait photo

Flynn also helps compliment Rapunzel, who is currently imprisoned in the tower. Locking her away had limited her world even though she is a smart girl. Flynn is the perfect addition to Rapunzel’s genuine ideals as her worldly guy. 

Introducing Flynn’s character in the film influences the title to become a less gender-sensitive title, the Rapunzel tradition to Tangled. 

Over time, Flynn develops into a fan-favorite character which also begs for a title change since much of the film is about the two main characters, Rapunzel and Flynn.

Could there be a live-action remake in the works? Check back often for new news about the Tangled series and its lovable characters. View more Rider info on Wikipedia.