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There’s no guarding the galaxy against this mischievous toddler! So get ready as Baby Groot takes center stage in his very own I Am Groot show, a 2 season collection of 10 short Disney movies, exploring his glory days growing up and getting into trouble.

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The highly anticipated “I Am Groot” series has finally made its way to Disney+. Consisting of ten original shorts, this delightful collection features the beloved character, Baby Groot, showcasing his adventures and mischief in the Marvel universe.

Each short in the series offers a fascinating glimpse into Baby Groot’s life. These playful and captivating narratives are perfect for both long-time fans of the Marvel franchise and newcomers to the world of Groot.

With “I Am Groot” now available on Disney+, fans can easily watch the series in their desired order. The collection of shorts is a testament to the beloved character’s popularity, further expanding the Marvel universe and offering a lighthearted take on Groot’s adventures.

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Series Details

  • Release Date: August 10, 2022
  • Director: Kirsten Lepore
  • Run Time: Varies
  • Writers: Stan Lee (based on characters created by)
  • Executive Producers: Kevin Feige, Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso, Brad Winderbaum, and James Gunn
  • Production Company: Marvel Studios

I Am Groot Cast and Characters

  • Vin Diesel – Groot
  • Bradley Cooper – Rocket

Season 2

Below is a list of all the new I Am Groot episodes from season 2. The episodes are about 4 minutes long if you skip the intro and credits at the end making the total watch time of season 2 around 20 minutes.

Are You My Groot?

Are You My Groot image

Groot finds a strange egg while he is backpacking through the woods. Soon, the egg hatches and Groot befriends the little bird.

The two quickly bond as Groot teaches the bird how to catch treats and burp. Unable to get his new friend to sleep, Groot puts him in his backpack.

Suddenly, several birds start chasing Groot who quickly pass him up and reunite with their giant bird mom.

Groot Noses Around

Groot Noses Around image

While looking for a new set of batteries for his gaming controller Groot rummages around and finds an orange nose.

Now with the sense of smell, Groot finds the good and bad smells around his house, enjoying flowers, markers, and candles but staying away from the bathroom.

When Groot returns to his gaming room he is smacked by the bad smell he created in his favorite space.

He spots a duster but rather than cleaning he uses it to try cleaning his nostrils, eventually choosing to lose the nose altogether and get back to his games.

Groot’s Snow Day

Groot's snow day image

Groot gets a chance to play in the snow. While throwing snowballs he has an aha moment and decides to build a snowman.

To make his snowman bigger and more epic, Groot grabs some mechanical parts out of the spaceship and makes a giant snowman-robot that turns its laser eyes on Groot and then the spaceship.

Groot’s Sweat Treat

Groot's sweet treat image

An intergalactic ice cream truck approaches Groot’s location and mesmerizes him with bright neon signs, flashing lights, upbeat music, and tasty ice cream treats.

He frantically searches for some coins to pay for some ice cream but has a hard time finding any loose change.

He first loses his piggy bank coin through a floor grate and then mistakes a stale chip for a coin. In a claw game machine, he finds chocolate coins but not money until the machine breaks open.

With the ice cream spaceship long gone Groot jumps in the pilot’s seat and takes off after them finally getting his tasty treat.

Groot and the Great Prophecy

Groot and the Great Prophecy image

A fifth-dimensional being narrates Groot’s arrival at an ancient temple where he is expected to save a magical seed and usher the universe into a glorious new age.

Through many distractions and traps, Groot fails to save the seed and the narrator realizes the seed is a metaphor for Groot who emerges from the temple ruins.

Season 1

Below is a list of all the original I Am Groot episodes from season 1. The episodes are about 3 minutes long if you skip the intro and credits at the end making the total watch time of season 1 around 15 minutes.

Groot’s First Steps

I Am Groot poster Groot's First Steps

The first episode of the short film series, Groot’s First Steps follows the charming and adorable Baby Groot as he learns to walk and interact with his surroundings.

This episode focuses on the comedic adventures and missteps that Groot experiences while discovering his newfound capabilities.

The audience gets to observe the development of Groot’s character as well as other Guardians of the Galaxy members who help guide him along the way.

The Little Guy

I Am Groot poster saving little guy

The second episode, The Little Guy, showcases Groot’s ability to adapt and make friends in different situations.

Even though he is smaller than most beings in the universe, Groot uses his charm and charisma, to capture the hearts of those he meets.

In this episode, Baby Groot encounters several new and unusual characters that help to expand the fascinating world of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Groot’s Pursuit

I Am Groot poster Groot's pursuit

In Groot’s Pursuit, the third episode, Baby Groot finds himself on an action-packed adventure where he must save his friends from impending danger.

The episode highlights Groot’s bravery and determination as he navigates various obstacles and challenges, providing viewers with an exciting and engaging storyline.

Groot Takes a Bath

I Am Groot poster Goot Takes a Bath

A light-hearted and fun-filled episode, Groot Takes a Bath finds Baby Groot getting into a messy situation and requiring a clean-up.

His fellow Guardians join him in this hilarious escapade, resulting in humorous and endearing interactions.

The camaraderie between the characters shines through, as fans of the franchise have come to expect and adore.

Magnum Opus

I Am Groot poster Magnum Opus

The final episode, Magnum Opus, demonstrates Groot’s growth and maturity throughout the series.

Facing his most significant challenge yet, Groot showcases his newfound strengths and abilities to help the Guardians in their latest mission.

This action and adventure-driven episode creates a thrilling conclusion to the I Am Groot shorts, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what’s next for the beloved character.

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