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Lore Olympus is a webcomic filled with romance. The story is a modernized retelling of the Greek Goddess Persephone and Hades’ journey together.  

Lore Olympus webcomic greek mythology modern love story

Lore Olympus was created and owned by Rachel Smythe, a New Zealand artist. Lore Olympus started publishing every week on Webtoon in March 2018 and is currently the most in-demand comic on the Webtoon platform. 

Meet Rachel Smythe, Creator of Lore Olympus

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Lore Olympus is the modern conversion of the first-class Greek mythology, The Abduction of Persephone Lore Olympus. 

The webcomic even includes current technology such as sports cars, smartphones, and tabloids which helps it feel more current. However, some parts of the realm of humans take place in the original mythical time. 

Lore Olympus Characters List

Lore Olympus Goddesses


Persephone Lore Olympus

The goddess of spring is shown as a young pink woman around the age of 20 years old. She is known to be kind-hearted and innocent and considered a new member of the Olympian lifestyle. 

Her hair is grasping in nature and changes based on her emotions. Sometimes her hair even grows flowers. 

Persephone is also one of The Goddesses of Eternal Maidenhood who have all sworn an oath of virginity. This purity was stolen from her when Apollo rapes her in a terrible turn of events. 


Artemis Lore Olympus

The goddess of the hunt. Artemis is shown as a purple young woman who is best friends with Persephone. She is also one of the three members of The Goddesses of Eternal Maidenhood. 

Artemis is the twin sister of Apollo and is described as a fearless tomboy who tries to protect Persephone.


Hera Lore Olympus

The goddess of marriage and family. She is also Zeus’ wife and Queen of the gods. She is shown as a gold-colored woman with long beautiful hair. She is often drinking or smoking, likely a result of her unhappy marriage to Zeus. She is also a member of the Six Traitors Dynasty. 


Aphrodite Lore Olympus

The goddess of love. She is shown as a light purple-colored woman. She is the mother of Eros with Ares, and they have an open relationship. 


Demeter Lore Olympus

The goddess of agriculture and harvest of the Mortal Realm. She is shown as a green-colored tall woman with long purple hair. It is made known that she can be a very protective parent figure to Persephone. Demeter is a member of the Six Traitors Dynasty. 


Hecate Lore Olympus

The goddess of magic. She is shown as a blue-colored woman with yellow eyes and black hair. She works as Hades’ assistant and has often protected Persephone while in the Underworld. 


Hestia Lore Olympus

The goddess of the home and hearth. Hestia is the creator and leader of The Goddesses of Eternal Maidenhood and a member of the Six Traitors Dynasty. She is shown as an orange-colored curvy woman. 


Athena Lore Olympus

The goddess of wisdom. Athena is shown as a silver-colored woman with short silver hair as well. She may be in a relationship with Hestia. 


Amphitrite Lore Olympus

The goddess of the sea. She is shown as a dark green-colored woman with long curly light green hair. She is married to Poseidon and appears to allow him to date other women. 


Hebe Lore Olympus

The Goddess of Youth. Hebe takes after her mother’s appearance with yellow-colored skin and long yellow hair. She is the youngest child of Zeus and Hera, and her older siblings are Ares, Athena, and Hephaestus. 

Lore Olympus Gods


Hades Lore Olympus

The ruler of the Underworld and God of wealth and the dead. Hades is shown as a handsome blue character and often shown as a businessman due to his job as Underworld Corp CEO. 

Hades is the older brother of Zeus and Poseidon and a member of the Six Traitors Dynasty. 


Zeus Lore Olympus

The King of the Gods. He is also the youngest brother of Hades and Poseidon. Zeus is shown as a purple businessman with long straight hair. Zeus thinks very highly of himself and has shown free-flowing sexual behavior. He is also a member of the Six Traitors Dynasty. 


Poseidon Lore Olympus

The King and God of the sea. Poseidon is shown as a green-colored character with long wavy hair and a scar near his eye. He is the middle brother between Hades (older) and Zeus (younger). 


Eros Lore Olympus

The God of love, Eros, is the son of Aphrodite and Ares. He is shown as a maroon-colored and muscular physique young man. He enjoys creating new relationships and supporting love in any way he can. 

Eros has seven younger siblings and a relationship with a human from the Mortal Realm, Psyche.  


Hermes Lore Olympus

The God of speed and travel. Hermes is shown as a red-colored athletic man. He works for Hades as a soul collector. He has been friends with Persephone long before she came to Olympus. 


Apollo Lore Olympus

The God of the sun, music, and prophecy. Apollo is shown as a strong purple man and believes he is great with the ladies. He is very attracted to Persephone and rapes her after she rejects him. 


Ares Lore Olympus

The God of war. Ares is shown as a strong orange-colored man with red eyes. He is one of the sons of Zeus and Hera. Ares is also the older brother of Hebe. He is romantically involved with Aphrodite, and they both have a son, Eros. He has a unique talent for making people outraged. 


Thanatos Lore Olympus

The God of death. He is shown as a gray-colored young man with light blue eyes. He often hangs out with Minthe and Thetis and is one of the least productive soul collectors for Hades. 


Hephaestus Lore Olympus

The God of forging and fire. Hephaestus is shown as a dark orange-colored man with glasses, prosthetic legs, and a robotic arm. He also has hobbies as a computer coder and hacker. 


Astraeus Lore Olympus

The God of the Dusk and Winds. Astraeus is shown with light purple-colored skin, white freckles, and a bald head. He works at dusk by lowering the sun. 

Lore Olympus Titans


Kronos Lore Olympus

The Titan of Time. Kronos is Hade’s father, who swallowed him as a young boy. He was jailed for 13 years before Zeus rescued him and Poseidon. 


Rhea Lore Olympus

The Titan of Motherhood. Rhea is shown as a dark pink-colored tall woman. She is the mother of Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus. She is known as a kind and gentle mother. 


Helios Lore Olympus

The Titan of the Sun. Helios is shown with golden-colored skin and hair. He has been seen in the mortal world without his shirt on, wearing a headband and a short-sleeve button-up shirt in Olympus. He circles the world and moves the sun. 


Metis Lore Olympus

The Titan of Wisdom. Metis is shown as a dark orange-colored woman who is tall with wings. She is the mother of Hestia, Demeter, and Hera. She used to be a fertility goddess and was consumed by Zeus because of her unique abilities. 


Nyx Lore Olympus

The Primordial Goddess of the Night. Nyx is shown with dark navy blue skin, long blue hair, and large blue wings. She also has five eyes on her face. She is the mother of Thanatos and lives in the Underworld. 


Styx Lore Olympus

The Titan Goddess of the River Styx. Styx is shown as a woman with light gray-colored skin and dark gray-colored hair. She has one yellow eye and one white eye color. Her skin is always has a shiny wet look. 


Prometheus Lore Olympus

The Titan God of Fire. Prometheus is known for being punished by Zeus for stealing fire and giving it to humans. He is punished by being chained to a rock and having an eagle eat his liver day after day. 


Leto Lore Olympus

A Titan of Motherhood. Leto is shown as a yellow woman dressed in long veils that hide part of her face. She is the mother of twins Artemis and Apollo. Leto was once good friends with Hera but is considered a social outcast after an unfortunate incident. 

Lore Olympus Nymphs


Minthe Lore Olympus

A red river nymph from the Underworld. She has a wild personality and thinks very little of herself. Minthe is Hades’ abusive ex-girlfriend, and she desperately wants to get back together with him.


Thetis Lore Olympus

A gray and blueish green sea nymph. Thetis is Minthe’s best friend and Zeus’ secretary. Sometimes she sleeps with Zeus, and she wants him to leave Hera and commit to her. 


Daphne Lore Olympus

A flower nymph is shown with pink and blue patches. Daphne is one of Persephone’s friends from the Mortal Realm. She works as a fashion model and yoga instructor. Daphne is currently dating Thanatos. 


Echo Lore Olympus

A navy blue nymph with short hair and pointed ears. Echo is Hera’s new personal assistant hired by Zeus. She is also Daphne’s friend and roommate. 

Lore Olympus Mortals


A human from the Mortal Realm. She was a princess who was arranged to be married to an elderly and wealthy merchant. Eros abducted her, and she lives in Olympus, serving Aphrodite as a purple nymph. 


Odysseus Lore Olympus

A mortal young man who attends one of Zeus’ parties. Odysseus is shown with tan-colored skin, a green coat, and a white shirt. At the party, Poseidon appears to be bothered by his attendance. 


Semele Lore Olympus

A young mortal woman who is dating Zeus. Semele is shown with bronze-colored skin, long brown hair, and hazel-colored eyes. She wears a green dress and a golden jewelry headpiece, and pearl hair ties. 


Cadmus Lore Olympus

A mortal father of Semele. Similar to Semele, Cadmus is shown with bronze-colored skin and a thick dark beard. He also wears a jewelry gold headpiece like his daughter. 

Lore Olympus Pets


Cerberus Lore Olympus

A three-headed dog. Cerberus is Hades’ oldest dog that he had since he was a tiny puppy. He is the gatekeeper of the Underworld, and he can change his size from average dog size to gigantic.

Cordon Bleu

Cordon Bleu Lore Olympus

A white Pomeranian dog. Cordon Bleu is one of Hade’s many puppies. He is a small white fluff ball dog that barks and growls a lot, especially at Persephone. He is never left alone at the house and goes to doggy daycare daily with Russell. 


Mushroom Lore Olympus

A husky dog. Mushroom is one of Hade’s many puppies and appears as a husky dog. He is fluffy and black and white.


J.P. Lore Olympus

A large tan dog. J.P. is one of Hade’s several puppies and lives at home with Hades. He has been shown at the vet getting treatment. 


Russell Lore Olympus

A Shiba Inu puppy. Russell is a tan-colored small dog and one of Hades’ many pups. He is an active puppy with a lot of energy. He eats clothes and goes to doggy daycare with Cordon Bleu since they can not be trusted at home alone. Russell has also been shown to take ear drop medication.


Fudge Lore Olympus

A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy. Fudge is a small dog and one of Hades’ many puppies. He especially enjoys getting bubble baths from Hades.

Big John

Big John Lore Olympus

A possible Samoyed dog. Big John is a sizeable white-colored dog. He loves to cuddle and enjoys spending quality time with Hades after a bad day. 


Retsina Lore Olympus

A female cat. Retsina is a fluffy black cat with gold-colored eyes. She lives with Artemis at her apartment and has also taken a liking to Persephone. She has been shown waiting outside for them to come home. 

Artemis’ Wolf

Artemis' Wolf Lore Olympus

A large wolf with long dark gray fur. Artemis steals the wolf from Poseidon’s house out of anger because he doesn’t have a car for her to vandalize. 


Meli Lore Olympus

A possible Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Meli is a small light brown and white-colored dog with long fluffy fur. She is one of Hades’ seven puppies. He found her in the Mortal Realm and brought her home with him. 


Sweetpea Lore Olympus

A small piglet. Sweetpea is shown as a pinkish brown-colored piglet that belongs to Eros and Psyche. Eventually, Eros decides to bring Sweetpea back to Olympus with him. 

Lore Olympus Erinyes


Alecto Lore Olympus

The Punisher of Moral Crimes. Alecto is shown as a yellow scaly-skin woman with yellow snake hair. Her serpent hair shows her true feelings and emotions. She is a sister to Megaera and Tisiphone. 


Tisiphone Lore Olympus

The Punisher of Murderers. Like her sister, Tisiphone has scaly skin that is gray-colored and gray serpents for hair that show her emotions and feelings. Her face and hair also have red spot accents that give her some color. She is the sister of Alecto and Megaera and appears to be the tallest of the three. 


Megaera Lore Olympus

The Punisher of Infidelity. Like her two sisters, Megaera also has scaly skin that is purple along with purple eyes. Her hair is also made up of purple serpents that show her emotions and feelings. 

Lore Olympus Fates


Clotho Lore Olympus

One of the three fates who spins the thread of life. Clotho appears with turquoise-colored skin and hair tied up with a pink headband. She also wears pink shoes and pearl earrings. She is the youngest of the fates. Her sisters are Lachesis and Atropos. 


Lachesis Lore Olympus

One of the three fates that determines one’s mortal life fate. Lachesis is shown with turquoise-colored skin and hair tied up with a pink hair tie. She also wears pink glasses and has yellow eyes. Her sisters are Clotho and Atropos. 


Atropos Lore Olympus

One of the three fates that cut the thread of life. Atropos can determine how someone will die. She is shown with turquoise-colored skin and hair. She wears a black and white striped shirt with light blue overalls with the left side unfastened. She also wears a red magnifying glass strapped to her head. Her sisters are Clotho and Lachesis. 

Lore Olympus Muses


Calliope Lore Olympus

A music and poetry Muse. Calliope appears with dark green-colored skin and light green hair. She wears thin black glasses and a gray apron. She owns an instrument shop in Olympus. 

Lore Olympus Aphrodite’s Kids


Agape Lore Olympus

Teen daughter of Aphrodite. Agape is shown with green-colored skin and long yellow hair. She is often on her phone and is the social media know-it-all of the family and offers to help Persephone with her online profiles. 


Philia Lore Olympus

A young girl of Aphrodite. Philia is shown with light purple skin and purple hair. She also has a white bow holding up a ponytail on the top of her head and white wings. 


Ludus Lore Olympus

A young boy of Aphrodite. Ludus is shown with reddish brown-colored skin and hair. He is introduced wearing a black eye mask and a black tank top with blue jeans. 


Philautia Lore Olympus

A young girl of Aphrodite. Philautia is shown with dark blue-colored skin and long eyelashes. She is introduced wearing a banana costume, so her hair color is unknown at this time. 


Pragma Lore Olympus

A young girl of Aphrodite. Pragma is shown with purple skin and hair with a dark-colored bow holding up a ponytail. She is often seen with her stuffed animal cat toy. 


Mania Lore Olympus

A young baby girl of Aphrodite. Mania is shown with pinkish-red skin wearing a blue outfit and white beanie hat. Mania is a tiny baby and is often carried around in a baby carrier or held by someone.  


Storge Lore Olympus

Pre-teen boy of Aphrodite. Storge is shown with pink-colored skin, and pink wavy hair combed over. He wears a white-colored button-down shirt. He has a pet hamster and quickly gets his feelings hurt when insulted. 

Lore Olympus Underworld Employees


Charon Lore Olympus

Deity of the Underworld. Charon is shown with a bronze-colored skin and a long hooded cloak. He is the ferryman of the river Styx that brings the souls of mortals to the Underworld. 

Rental Lady

Rental Lady Lore Olympus

Mortal realm clothing rental employee. The Rental Lady is shown with blue skin, blue hair, and two blue horns on the front of her head. She wears a white dress and a thin black headband, and black armbands. 

Bank Manager

Bank Manager Lore Olympus

Bank Manager at Hades and Persephone’s bank. The Bank Manager is shown as a humanoid yellow cat with yellow eyes and white whiskers. She wears a black business suit with a gold nametag on her left front.

Additional Olympus Characters


Tori Lore Olympus

A classmate of Persephone. Tori is shown with green skin, green horns, and light green eyes. He wears a black turtleneck shirt. 


Alex Lore Olympus

A photojournalist. Alex is shown with green skin and short green hair with green horns coming out of his forehead. He usually has his camera, and he took a photo of Persephone and Hades together. 


Professor Lore Olympus

A Biochemistry Theory Professor. The centaur professor is shown the light brown skin on his arms and face with short brown hair, and the lower part of his body is blue. 

Wing Girl

Yellow Wing Girl Lore Olympus

A classmate of Persephone. Wing Girl is shown with yellow skin, hair, and wings. Her hair is a short pixie cut, and her eyes are white. She has shown to be honest and outspoken. 

Fire Man

Fire Man Lore Olympus

A clinic employee. Fire Man is shown as a dark red-colored person overall. Red skin, hair, clothing, and white eyes. He is engulfed in red flames that fade out to orange and yellow at their tips. He works at a clinic that Persephone visited in one episode and appears to take his work seriously. 


Chiron Lore Olympus

A centaur therapist. He appears as a dark orange-colored centaur. Chiron helps Persephone with her therapy. 

The Beginning of Lore Olympus

Lore Olympus characters pinterest

The story starts with Hades taking part in a celebration of Zeus after his companion Minthe broke up with him. Persephone has been permitted to pull out of the mortal realm and go to Olympus by her mom, Demeter. 

Hades noticed Persephone and told his brothers, Zeus and Poseidon, that the beauty of Persephone is a challenge to Aphrodite. Because of jealousy, Aphrodite summons Eros, her son, to get Persephone intoxicated.

Lore Olympus cover art

Eros places her in the seat of Hades’ car in an attempt to have Persephone embarrassed in front of Hades. After their first encounter with this incident, Persephone Lore Olympus, and Hades show interest in each other and become a couple.

Lore Olympus Season 1 Storylines

There are some intense plotlines seen in season one of Lore Olympus. One part of the story has Persephone asking for Hades’ assistance to bring back her friends. They died when sacred plants were uprooted by mortals, a scheme by Thanatos, Minthe, and Thetis to destroy the reputation of Persephone.

Lore Olympus Webtoon logo black and white

Another complicated and sad part of the storyline is when Persephone is raped by Apollo and the conflicted thoughts of Persephone over a college scholarship that needs her to avoid sex.

One dramatic scene is when Persephone meets Apollo, who is instantly attracted to Persephone. Persephone was not interested in him. However, Apollo does not like rejection, and he thinks he can take what he wants, which leads to raping her and taking photos. 

Hades Persephone and Hades 3 headed dog embracing

Apollo thinks he is entitled to having Persephone, despite being rejected by her constantly. However, in the last episode of Season 1, Apollo goes after Daphne, Persephone’s friend. When Persephone discovers this, she gives a warning to Apollo to stay away.

Persephone must also figure out what is the best thing to do about her scholarship. Persephone’s education has been financed by being a Goddess of Eternal Maidenhood, avoiding sex at all costs. 

Hades kneeling down and looking up at Persephone

Additionally, Demeter is only permitting Persephone to be on Olympus due to the scholarship. Persephone begins having second thoughts. However, if she turns down her scholarship, Persephone risks her education and independence. 

Persephone must think of an effective plan that permits her to live a free life without being bound to TGOEM. However, it will be more challenging with Demeter in town.

For more fun facts and photos of the Lore Olympus characters and the Mortal Realm or Olympus see their Wiki. Find more cartoon characters lists and Disney characters here on this site!

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