17 Animated Movie Lists

Explore the animated movie lists of all your favorite film studios, from Disney and Pixar to up-and-coming studios like Illumination.

62 Disney Animated Movies: A Complete List

Disney animated movies have been enchanting audiences for nearly a century, and here is the complete list beginning with the newest releases. From the early days of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) to modern masterpieces like Encanto, Frozen, and Moana, Disney has been a pioneer in the animation industry. With a wide range …

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All 44 Barbie Movies (Complete List)

Barbie movies are popular with every generation of young girls. With over 44 Barbie movies and counting, the iconic Mattel doll inspires us all. Barbie Roberts, the main character, builds long-lasting friendships with many lovable Barbie characters. Along the way, she explores enchanting worlds and expresses herself through singing. If you’re wondering how many Barbie …

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