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Olaf singing When I Am Older in the woods

When I Am Older Lyrics

When I Am Older is a song by Olaf, who sings about his confusing interactions with the element spirits in the…
Olaf singing in a grass field with the bright sun above

Unmeltable Me Lyrics

Unmeltable Me is a deleted song by Olaf who sings about his new unmeltable composition.
Elsa and her White ice horse in the song Show Yourself

Show Yourself Lyrics

Show Yourself is a song by Elsa as she explores an ice cave and seeks out the mysterious voice that keeps…
Kristoff and Sven lost in the woods

Lost in the Woods Lyrics

Lost in the Woods is a song Kristoff sings about his love for Anna. When Kristoff is not with Anna he…
Elsa singing while looking in the mirror

Into the Unknown Lyrics

Into the Unknown is a song where The Voice calls out to Elsa, and she goes back-and-forth on whether follow the…
Elsa showing Anna a castle playhouse for her birthday

Home Lyrics

Home is a song Anna sings about her love and appreciation for her home.
Kristoff on one knee ready to purpose to Anna

Get This Right Lyrics

Get This Right is a song from Kristoff to Anna who tries to express his love and how he wants to…
Iduna singing to Anna and Elsa

All Is Found Lyrics

All Is Found features Iduna singing to young Anna and Elsa about a special river that holds all the answers to…
Maui singing to Moana

You’re Welcome Lyrics

You’re Welcome features Maui singing to Moana about pulling together the tides, the sun, and the sky. The tattoos on his…
Young Moana giving Pua coconut water

Where You Are Lyrics

Where You Are features Chief Tui taking baby Moana around the island as she matures into a young woman learning about…
Sailing boats at sunset

We Know The Way Lyrics

We Know The Way features Moana’s tribe sailing the ocean. The tribe sings about knowing the way to sail between islands…
Tamatoa singing Shiny to Moana and Maui

Shiny Lyrics

Shiny features Tamatoa who is a giant turtle singing to Moana and Maui as they battle for his giant hook.
Moana walking along the parted ocean floor toward Te Kā

Know Who You Are Lyrics

Know Who You Are features Moana singing to Te Kā. The ocean parts and Te Kā rushes to attack Moana but…
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