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Powerhouse Animation TV Series List

Powerhouse animation

Powerhouse Animation Studios is an animation studio based in Austin, TX that was founded in 2001. Powerhouse specializes in 2D animation for all different mediums and entertainment sources.

Here you will find more about this young animation company.

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Powerhouse Animation TV Series List

  • It’s a Small World: The Animated Series (2013)
  • Henry Danger Motion Comic (2015)
  • OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes (2017-2019)
  • Castlevania (2017)
  • The Adventures of Kid Danger (2018)
  • Seis Manos (2019)
  • Epithet Erased (2019)
  • Santiago of the Seas (2020)
  • Blood of Zeus (2020)

Powerhouse Animation History

Do you know Powerhouse was established back in 2001? The motivating factor was to make life better by promoting capitalism, justice, and truth through animation cartoons. 

Powerhouse is a TX-based animation studio with expertise in designing and production of 2D animation. Their experienced team is experts in developing and producing Flash animation and traditional animation for ad campaigns, video games, and more. 

This means having a great team of professional animation specialists who could design and produce high-quality 2D animations and Flash animations for video games, television, firms, campaign ads, and commercial purposes, among others. Besides, they can also create Flash-based games for your console games and mobile devices.

Services Offered

One of the most amazing things about Powerhouse is that they offer a wide range of creative animation services. 

For instance, their team will handle your concept design, character design to animatic and storyboards, to the final product of high-quality traditional animation, commercial animation, and motion comics.

Why Should You Consider Powerhouse?

With many years of experience in animation production, they work in all types and styles of traditional animation.

So far, Powerhouse has been trusted by some of the world’s most famous cartoon and animation brands, such as Mickey Mouse, DC Comics, and Marvel Comics, among others. 

Additionally, their team is experts in advertisement and video game production. They have worked with big brands such as Airship Syndicate, Coca-Cola, Riot Games, New Balance, Activision, to mention a few.

Projects Completed

Powerhouse animation shows created The Heroes, an animated short film for Marvel Comics and the Clerks character. When Kevin Smith learned about the short, he subsequently contracted the firm to create a partial commercial work. 

Once the short was ready, Smith then contracted Powerhouse to develop a typical arcade machine and custom video game. 

Powerhouse has also produced several animated comic strips, such as the Pearls, Dilbert, and Pooch Café. 

Powerhouse has animated over 300 Dilbert shorts. They have also produced various animations for Educational companies such as Brain Chase, Compass Learning, and others. 

Powerhouse Studio is known for its development and production of high-quality 2D animation, motion graphics, digital paint, art assets, television series illustrations, video game cinemas, advertising campaigns, entertainment companies, and educational properties. 

They have also produced animated music videos such as the Lonestar, French Montana, Wale ft., and Sound of Thunder, among others.  

In 2015, Powerhouse wrote, designed, created, and voiced short series specifically for Dream Works TV.

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