Rumble (2021)

In a world with heart-pounding excitement, Monster superstars collide in the ring to compete in a worldwide sport, Monster Wrestling. A young girl named Winnie wishes to follow her father’s career and become a manager for an elite wrestling monster.

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She takes on a big project with a loveable but hard-to-motivate monster named Steve. Winnie sees great potential in the underdog Steve and plans to mold him into his best self to challenge the defending champion, Tentacular.

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Movie Details

  • Release Date: December 15, 2021
  • Run Time: 1hr 44min
  • Director: Hamish Grieve
  • Writers: Hamish Grieve, Matt Lieberman, Rob Harrell

Rumble Cast and Characters

  • Geraldine Viswanathan – Winnie
  • Will Arnett – Rayburn
  • Stephen A. Smith – Marc Remy
  • Terry Crews – Tentacular
  • Jimmy Tatro – Lights Out McGinty
  • Tony Shalhoub – Fred
  • Susan Kelechi Watson – Maggie
  • Tony Danza – Siggy
  • Bridget Everett – Lady Mayhen
  • Fred Melamed – Mayor
  • Michael Buffer – Stoker Announcer
  • Ben Schwartz – Jimothy Brett-Chadley III
  • Brian Baumgartner – Klonk
  • Great Lee – Councilwoman
  • John DiMaggio – Betting Guy, Tattoo Guy
  • Brian Hopkins – Underground Referee
  • Rebecca Quin – Axehammer
  • Joe Anoa’i – Ramarilla
  • Fred Tatasciore – Referee
  • Jamal Duff – Denise
  • Don Priess – Docks Announcer
  • Kaya McLean – Young Winnie
  • Gracen Newton – King Gorge’s Couch
  • Candi Milo – Docks Referee, Jane, Director
  • Carlos Gómez – Jimbo Coyle
  • Charles Barkley – Rayburn Senior
  • Phil LaMarr – Security Guard
  • Amber West – Maricella
  • Carlos Alazraqui – Nerdle
  • John Gluck – Boy in the crowd
  • Owen Batty – Confused boy
  • Chris Eubank – King Gorge
  • Chris Anthony Landsdowne – Farmer
  • Brian Delaney – Burly Guy 1
  • Alastair James – Burly Guy 2
  • Christophe Lautrette – French Announcer
  • Toshiji Takeshima – Japanese Announcer

Rumble Poster

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Rumble Plot Summary (Spoilers)

Rumble is a movie where monster wrestling is a popular worldwide sport, and each city has its own monster. The town of Stoker has its monster and manager tandem in Rayburn and Jimbo Coyle. However, both passed away in an unfortunate tragedy.

Stoker eventually moved forward in a new monster and manager tandem in Tentacular and Siggy. All eyes were on Tentacular as he took on King George.

Jimbo Coyle’s daughter Winnie is a huge wrestling fan who knows every move in the book. She also knows many of the fans in attendance at the Jim Coyle stadium.

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She was pretty active in getting everyone to cheer for Tentacular. She eventually saw what King Gorge was doing, and he fed the strategy to Tentacular so the monster would know what he was supposed to do to get a victory.

In his post-match interview, Tentacular thanked Stoker for everything. Unfortunately, he announced he decided to take his talents to Slitherpoole, where he would make his history because the Stoker already has a lot of history.

The crowd was shocked, and in a townspeople meeting, the mayor told the people that Slitherpool offered to buy their stadium and turn it into a parking lot.

Winnie did not want to bite into this deal though, as she explained, Stoker would lose what it stands for without any monster wrestling.

Winnie decides to search for another monster wrestler in place of Tentacular. In the world of Rumble, it would be impossible since she was offering several monsters at underground arenas her services as a trainer.

All the monsters turn her down until she comes across Rayburn Jr. While Winnie is talking to Rayburn Jr. (Steve), she ends up helping him win.

However, the arena owner wanted him to lose, or she would lose tons of money. Now, Rayburn Jr. has to pay her back the money she lost.

Winnie eventually tells Rayburn Jr. about what is going on in Stoker and how the Coyle Stadium will get turned into a parking lot. However, Steve tells her it would probably be for the best since saving the stadium won’t bring back their fathers.

Rayburn Jr. tells Winnie the only reason he is doing this is for money. Winnie tries to train Steve, but he refuses as the monster tells her to get him a match, and he will take care of the rest.

Winnie gets him a match against Ramarilla, and at first, Steve decides to fake it like he is knocked out after Ramrailla misses a punch. Unfortunately, Winnie tells him that he needs to win to get the prize money.

Rayburn Jr. eventually defeats Ramarilla. However, it was seen as the worst match of the week while Tentacular is making headlines at his new home.

Winnie and Steve go back to the drawing board, and Winnie tries to train him by showing him old tapes of his dad. Unfortunately, Steve tells Winnie that is the very reason he left Stoker in the first place.

Everyone there wanted him to be like his father, and he wanted to be nothing like him.

Winnie finds out Rayburn Jr. is good at salsa dancing, so their training takes a drastic shift for the better. Now, they no longer need to look at Jimbo Coyle’s playbook.

Believe it or not, Steve wins his first match thanks to salsa dancing. Unfortunately, the stadium goes ahead with getting torn to shreds because Tentacular bought it.

Tentacular tells Winnis it is not all about the money but how he never wanted to live in Rayver’s shadow. With the stadium gone, Steve goes back to pay his debt to Queen Mayhem.

The good news is that Queen Mayhem offers to accept him back to be a jobber, a wrestler who gets paid to lose his matches and makes his opponent look good.

Fortunately, Steve decides to reject Lady Mayhem’s offer and confront Tentacular about saving the stadium. Winnie ends up challenging Tentacular to a match where the stadium will be saved if they win.

Tentacular questions why he would be facing a new wrestler like Steve, who has no experience. Steve admits to the entire world that he is indeed the son of Rayburn.

The world is shocked, and Tentacular accepts its challenge as worldwide media covers the action. Rayburn Jr. looks up and sees a picture of his father. He tells Winnie he may not live up to the pressure.

As Rayburn Jr. tries to dance his way to victory, Tentacular gains the upper hand. Rayburn Jr. gets saved by the bell as he goes back to the drawing board in an attempt to figure out how he would last three rounds going into the last one.

Winnie gets informed that if she wants to be a good coach, she has to think of her monster’s well-being. Winnie thinks of giving up until her mother informs them that the stadium isn’t their father’s legacy.

It was them, so they decided to continue the match. Tentacular comes charging at Rayburn Jr. and has him in a tight headlock. Tentacular would not even stop with his trash-talking as he kept telling Rayburn Jr. that he would end him just like what happened to his father.

After a flurry of high-powered wrestling moves, Rayburn Jr. gets knocked down flat on his back. The hometown crowd claps their way as they try to get Rayburn Jr. to get up.

After a while, they successfully got Rayburn Jr. to get back on his feet and defeat Tentacular. After saving the town’s stadium, the pair were seen enjoying a yummy dessert to celebrate their tremendous victory.

It was indeed a moment their fathers would be proud of. It was terrific how Rayburn Jr. went from being a nobody to a huge hero.

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