Rob Dyrdek’s Wild Grinders

Rob Dyrdek’s Wild Grinders is an American skateboard cartoon show that revolves around Lil Rob, an energetic skater kid, and his friends, the Wild Grinders.

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This Rob Dyrdek cartoon aired on Nicktoons, a sister channel of Nickelodeon. It ran for two seasons, from 2012 to 2015. 

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Wild Grinders Background

Wild Grinders cartoon is based on events when Robert Dyrdek was a young skateboarder. The show is inspired by Rob’s group of skater friends who called themselves the Wild Grinders when they were kids. 

Rob Dyrdek is a reality TV personality and a former professional skateboarder. He starred in the TV shows Rob & Big and Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. 

Lil Rob and Meaty skaters

When Dyrdek was in his pre-adolescent years, he had fun and unique adventures and now wants to tell his story through TV animation. He has so many talents that he even voiced the show’s main protagonist.

The series began in 2009 with a series of shorts created by MoonScoop Group and a toy line by Mattel. After some success, the show got the Green Lite to release season one in April 2012 and later season two in December 2013.

The last episode of the final season was aired on February 12, 2015, and there’s no news for future follow-up episodes yet. 

Wild Grinders group photo

If you are a fan of this fun show or at least interested in skateboarding, you can continue the fun by playing the ‘Wild Grinders video Game.’ It is a fun skateboarding game that the skating cartoon inspired.

Wild Grinders Synopsis

The ‘Wild Grinders’ includes Lil’ Rob’s group of energetic skateboarder friends who live and skate in a fictional town called Sprawl City. 

The thrill-seeking group spends their day filming skateboarding stunts in parks and big skate ramps but not without a nemesis that’s determined to give them trouble. 

Wild Grinders Skater Group

Wild Grinders Rival

Stubford Hucksterball is the main nemesis of the whole series and is powerful because he happens to be the son of a successful businessman in Sprawl City. 

Stubford is a rich and spoiled kid but clumsy at skating. He likes to provoke Lil Rob by calling him Lil Slob. Although he has funds for his innovations, it still isn’t enough to compensate for his lack of talent. 

The Wild Grinders group about to drop in to the skate ramp

The Wild Grinders spend their day with unforgettable adventures. Some include having to escape from trouble. 

They even manage to all return home in time for dinner every day, no matter what trouble Stubford lays on their path.

Wild Grinders Main Characters

Lil’ Rob

Wild Grinders Lil Rob

Lil’ Rob is the series’ main hero and leader of the Wild Grinders. Lil’ Rob is an active and adventurous pre-teen who likes to prank his sister Denise, hang out with his dog, and skate around Sprawl City. 

Wild Grinders Lil Rob is the ultimate rival of Stubford Hucksterball, who relentlessly wreaks havoc on his life.

Lil’ Rob is the lead singer in his band, the Backside Grinders. 

Lil’s Rob’s popular phrases include, “Wild Grinders!Amazing!, and Whaaaaat?” Rob Dyrdek voices Lil’ Rob. 


Wild Grinders dog Meaty

Meaty is a talking dog, although he did not talk in the preliminary episode. He is a bulldog and a loyal pet of Lil’ Rob. He loves eating burritos, bacon, and Stinkies products, which are hard to find.

Meaty is the drummer in the band Backside Grinders.

Sterling “Steelo” Brim voices Meaty in season one and Lee Harrell in season two. 


Wild Grinders Googles

Goggles is the forgetful but loyal friend of Lil’ Rob. Goggles served both as the cameraman and the inventor of the group. Goggles is known for his deep voice and being the least skilled skater in the group. 

Goggles is also the cameraman of the band Backside Grinders. 

Goggles is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal and credited as Jimmy Benedict. 

Emo Crys

Wild Grinders Emo Crys

Emo Crys is one of the primary skaters in the group and good friends with Lil’ Rob and Jay Jay. Emo is the artist of the group and also enjoys poetry. Emo is shown to be the group’s most sensitive and sometimes even girl crazy. 

Emo Crys is the cowbell percussionist of the band Backside Grinders. 

Cam Clarke voices Emo Crys in seasons one and two. Charlie Schlatter voices Emo in the pilot episodes. 

Jay Jay

Wild Grinders Jay Jay

Jay Jay is the smart hipster of the group and is most notable for his extreme fear of dirt and germs. Jay Jay is shown to be Lil’ Rob’s best friend in the pilot episodes. 

Jay Jay is the Backside Grinders keyboard player. 

Kel Mitchell voices Jay Jay. 

Jack Knife

Wild Grinders Jack Knife

Jack Knife has a big heart and lacks smarts. He has a southern accent, and his family runs a local circus in Sprawl City.

Jack Knife plays the electric guitar in the band Backside Grinders. 

Yuri Lowenthal voices Jack Knife. 


Wild Grinders Spit Ball

Spitball is considered the silent ninja and is called Street Ninja. Spitball only speaks Spanish in the pilot episodes. 

Spitball is the bass player for the band Backside Grinders.

Yuri Lowenthal voices spitball.

Stubford Hucksterball

Stubford Hucksterball in Wild Grinders

Stubford Hucksterball is a short kid and the main nemesis of the show. He builds himself up to be taller than the Wild Grinders with mechanical stalls. 

Stubford often teases Lil’ Rob by calling him Lil’ Slob. 

Erin Fitzgerald voices Stubford Hucksterball. 


Wild Grinders skater gril Flipz

Flipz is the only female skater in the group and likes to challenge Lil Rob to attempt big tricks. Although she is considered part of the Wild Grinders, she does not appear with the group in all episodes. 

Chanel West Coast voices Flipz.

Wild Grinders Recurring Characters

  • Denise – voiced by Erin Fitzgerald
  • Lackey – voiced by Yuri Lowenthal
  • Gene – voiced by Rob Dyrdek
  • Patty – voiced by Erin Fitzgerald
  • Track Hucksterball – Cam Clarke
  • Chip Fligginton – voiced by Kel Mitchell
  • Queen of Moronico – voiced by Kel Mitchell
  • Prince of Moronico – voiced by Yuri Lowenthal
  • Jankins – voiced by Cam Clarke
  • Freddie – voiced by Cam Clarke
  • Captain Grindstar – voiced by Tracy Tubera
  • Agent 1 
  • Agent 2
  • Mr. Sprinkles
  • Squeak – voiced by Yuri Lowenthal
Lil' Rob getting ready to perform a trick

Wild Grinders Trivia and Fun Facts 

  • Rob Dyrdek directed the TV series Wild Grinders.
  • Tracy Tubera is credited with being the creator of Wild Grinders.
  • Both season one and season two have 26 episodes each, for a total of 52 episodes. 
  • The title of the show in Brazil is Detonadores. 
  • Wild Grinders has a rating of 2.1 on IMDb and is considered by many to be one of Nickelodeon’s worst shows. 
  • The Wild Grinders game was an app for iPhone and iPad called Wild Grinders Downhill Grind that was released in 2015 by Bubble Gum Interactive. 
The Wild Grinders crashing into each other in mid air

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