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max and goofy

What Animal is Goofy: Is the Funny Disney Character a Dog or a Cow

Goofy has long been a topic of debate amongst Disney fans regarding his true species. What animal is Goofy, a dog or a cow?
the owl house characters cast

The Owl House Characters 15 Heroes and Villains

Meet The Owl House characters presented by Disney. Luz, a teenage girl, accidentally finds herself transported to the Boiling Isles and discovers a new world.
trolls characters

40 Trolls Characters Meet the Colorful and Lovable Cast

Get to know the Trolls characters from all 3 movies with movie trailers and photos.
the super mario bros. movie characters

The Super Mario Bros Movie Characters 12 Classic Characters Come to Life

Meet The Super Mario Bros Movie Characters from Illumination Entertainment and Nintendo.
Animated Movies 2024

New Animated Movies (2024)

New animated movies list and trailers for 2023 and beyond.
studio ghibli fest 2023 logo art

Studio Ghibli Fest 2023

For over 35 years, Studio Ghibli Fest 2023 has retained its title as the most prominent and highly praised animation …
puss in boots the last wish characters artwork

12 Puss in Boots The Last Wish Characters

Meet the Puss in Boots The Last Wish characters from DreamWorks Animation and join Team Friendship to find the last wishing star.
Maui singing You're Welcome to Moana

5 Disney Movies With The Rock w/ Dwayne Johnson

Jungle Cruise, Moana, Race to Witch Mountain, and The Game Plan are all Disney movies with The Rock. Dwayne Johnson …
cartoon characters with glasses

65 Best Cartoon Characters with Glasses

Characters with glasses are intelligent, clever, honest, and stylish. View our full list of cartoon characters with glasses.
characters from the most popular basketball anime

Top 14 Basketball Anime That Are A Slam Dunk

Basketball anime has been an action-packed anime genre since the 1980s. Here is a list of our editor’s top picks and 41 basketball anime movies.