Barbie in ‘A Christmas Carol’ (2008)

Barbie in ‘A Christmas Carol’ Overview

Intent on spending Christmas Eve at home rather than going to the hospital’s annual charity ball, Barbie’s little sister, Kelly, dreams of eating cookies and drinking cocoa in front of her fireplace.

Barbie dressed up for the Christmas ball

Barbie recounts the story of the famous Victorian singer, Eden Starling, who demands that her crew cancel their Christmas plans, to rehearse her upcoming show. Will the night-time visitations by the Spirits of Christmases Past, Present, and Future help Eden change her mind?

Barbie in ‘A Christmas Carol’ Trailers & Clips

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Movie Details

  • Release Date: November 4, 2008
  • Run Time: 1h 16min
  • Director: William Lau
  • Writers: Elise Allen, Charles Dickens, Ruth Handler

Barbie in ‘A Christmas Carol’ Cast and Characters

  • Kelly Sheridan – Barbie
  • Morwenna Banks – Eden Starling
  • Melissa Lyons – Eden Starling (singing)
  • Prudence Edwards – Young Eden Starling
  • Leanne Araya – Young Eden Starling, Spirit of Christmas Past, Ann, Nan (singing)
  • Kandyse McClure – Catherine, Young Catherine
  • Shauntia Fleming – Catherine (singing)
  • Kathleen Barr – Chuzzlewit, Spirit of Christmas Present, Mrs. Dorrit
  • Pam Hyatt – Aunt Marie
  • Tabitha St. Germain – Spirit of Christmas Past, Seamstress, Baby
  • Lisa Roth – Spirit of Christmas Present (singing)
  • Gwynyth Walsh – Spirit of Christmas Future
  • Kelly Bixby – Spirit of Christmas Future (singing)
  • Amelia Henderson – Kelly, Tammy
  • Michael Ann Angone – Tammy (singing)
  • Fabrice Grover – Maurice, Orphanage Head
  • Tim Fett Maurice (singing)
  • Shannon Chan-Kent – Ann, Nan
  • Luck Smith – Freddy
  • Anthony Fett – Freddy (singing)
  • Melissa Lloyd – Mrs. Beadnell
  • Morgan Roff – Jacob
  • Terry Klassen – Hypnotist, Boz
  • Chicago Children’s Choir – Child Singing Voices

Barbie in ‘A Christmas Carol’ Plot

Kelly is apprehensive about going to a Christmas Eve ball, but Barbie shares a story with her about Eden Starling, a legendary musical diva and theater owner from Victorian England.

Barbie In 'A Christmas Carol' 2008 movie poster

Eden is a talented singer. However, she is egotistical and only cares about herself. She is arrogant and believes that “the selfish succeed in a selfish world.”

Chuzzlewit, her snooty cat gray cat, frequently joins her. Eden does not observe Christmas and requires all employees to work on Christmas Day, threatening to fire everyone who does not comply.

Eden’s coworkers Freddy, Nan, Ann, Maurice, and Eden’s childhood closest friend Catherine, the fashion designer, were devastated. Catherine aims to convince her differently but to no avail.

Barbie talking to Kelly about the Christmas Ball

Later that evening, Eden is visited by the spirit of their late Aunt Marie, who is bound by mirrors for her inhumane treatment of her. Aunt Marie will send three souls to meet Eden. They’ll help show Eden’s past, present, and future to urge her to make a lifestyle change.

The Spirit of Christmas Past shows Eden how Aunt Marie was once stern around the holidays. Eden was required to learn music and piano during the holidays, and she was not allowed to celebrate.

Eden spent Christmas at her best mate Catherine’s home in secret. When Aunt Marie arrived, she forbade Eden from celebrating Christmas. It revealed her arrogant and self-centered personality. Eden implores the Christmas Spirit to take her back to her chamber.

Eden and her coworkers

The Spirit of Christmas Present shows Eden what Christmas might be like today. Eden sees her employees making jokes about her behind her back.

One of her coworkers claims that they have always wanted to like her but have never had the opportunity. The Spirit of Christmas Present demonstrates Catherine’s generosity by dressing and assisting the orphans.

Eden is stirred and has a change of heart. She hears the owner and Catherine debating the orphanage’s potential closure due to funding concerns, and she is worried about the orphans’ future.

Eden Starling standing by a Christmas tree

Eden is furious when she finds the Spirit of Christmas Gift reiterating to Catherine the dreadful statements Eden made about them living as street urchins. She insists they leave right away if their lone home closes.

The Spirit of Christmas Future showed what might happen if Eden’s egotistical and selfish ways do not change.

Eden’s theater is marred by the failure of the substitutes she brought in to replace her fired Gadshill Theatre comrades to meet her expectations. Eden had lost her status and became so poor that Chuzzlewit’s lone meal, a mouse, ran away.

Eden meets the spirit of Aunt Marie

The spirit opens a window with her magic wand to inform her that this possibility is genuine. Eden becomes cold and shuts the window. She does, however, notice an ad promoting Catherine’s new fashion studio.

Eden asks her ideal future to visit her, confident that Catherine will never allow her to live in such an impoverished way. Eden informs Chuzzlewitt that they are paying a visit to an old acquaintance. Eden and the Spirit of Christmas Future rushed to the design studio after her.

Catherine has unfortunately become a well-known and affluent fashion designer, and she shares Eden’s unrelenting negative attitude. She has her staff work through the vacations to keep the new fashion brand on track.

The Spirit of Christmas Past

Catherine declines to aid a troubled Eden since she is angered by her treatment and has given up celebrating Christmas. She also claims she tried to be philanthropic by assisting the town’s most vulnerable orphanage.

When Eden dismissed Catherine over showing up late on Christmas morning, Catherine had to seek work. Her recovery, however, took months.

By Christmas, she became financially secure and ready to adopt Tammy, an orphaned girl with a disability. Catherine was heartbroken since this orphanage had closed down while she was gone.

The Spirit of Christmas Present and Eden

Tammy had become a street child, like the other orphans. Catherine demonstrated that she took Eden’s advice by ceasing to care and focusing solely on herself to cope.

She pushes Chuzzlewitt and Prospective Eden away, leaving just a scarf in the snow. Eden asks the ghost for another chance and awakes in her bed, horrified by what she sees.

Barbie and The Spirit of Christmas Future

Eden decides to change for the better. She treats her workers well by giving them the day off for Christmas. She and Catherine also adopted the orphanage, instructing them to go to her if any orphans needed assistance.

Eden attempts to keep the Christmas spirit throughout the year by doing good things. Eden’s adventures teach her to help and love others, and she alters her life for the better.

Eden, Catherine, Chuzzlewit giving out gifts with Kelly

Kelly has second thoughts about Christmas after hearing Barbie’s stories. Just as Nikki enters Barbie’s room, she receives the donation.

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