50 Barbie Memes For Barbie Fans Only

Barbie memes bring back memories to the fan favorite princess movie franchise. With 37 movies and counting Barbie is not going away anytime soon.

Barbie fans love their childhood favorites and are slowly warming up to the new Netflix adoption of the film series.

If Netflix can crank out some winning Barbie films and keep the fan base happy then there will be plenty of funny memes and stories to come.

Here is a list of clean Barbie memes and Barbie movies memes created by fans for fans! Below you will see memes with Barbie, memes about Barbie by other characters, Barbie doll memes, and memes related to Barbie such as the adorable Bibble.

Barbie loves desserts meme

I have to agree with Barbie I would never skip out on desserts!

Barbie laying down the law meme

This is one of the best Barbie quotes from her appearances in the Toy Story series. She really stands up for her friends in this scene.

Barbie surfing meme

It is true! You should watch Barbie Dolphin Magic and you will see it for yourself.

Barbie felt inferior meme

No one can make Barbie feel inferior or you either. Remember, hurt people hurt people. If someone hurts you then they are probably hurt as well.

Barbie dancing with friends meme

Pinching on St. Patrick’s days is totally legal. Add some green to your wardrobe.

Barbie makeup look over time meme

Take it easy on the makeup, beauty comes from within.

Barbie loves Hillsong United meme

If you can find someone who likes the same music as you do then that’s a win-win.

Link choosing a Barbie movie for a sleep over meme

Yes, you should take turns picking out the movie for sleepovers as long as they are Barbie movies.

Barbie in Toy Story meme

Barbie watch party and everyone is invited!

Barbie if I go missing meme

Also, if you go missing call the cops. It’s just the smart thing to do.

Barbie Tik Tok meme-min

Barbie was creating Tik Tok dances before it was cool.

You're like a rock meme

Don’t tell the boy you like that he is a rock. Bad Barbie advice there.

Barbie spilling the tea meme

The best part about keeping a secret is keeping a secret and your friend is surprised you didn’t tell anyone years later.

Winnie the Pooh talking Barbie movies

Winnie the Pooh can be a fan of anyone, even Barbie movies.

Barbie pursue your dreams meme

Always pursue your dreams, life is too short to be miserable.

Barbie bad memories meme

Everyone makes mistakes. Forgive yourself and get some sleep.

Barbie character different voice meme

Kelly Sheridan did an awesome job as Barbies voice and even sang some songs. Start at the beginning with the originals and enjoy.

Barbie let's go shopping meme

Of course, Barbie loves shopping. These days it looks a little different on Amazon.

Barbie movies meme is Barbie gay?

She loves her friend and goes away with her, no big deal. Have fun.

Barbie movie twin characters meme

Yes, animators are lazy. Nice job spotting the twins.

Barbie messy room meme

They got this because they are glamourous ladies.

Original Barbie movie scenery meme

Some of the originals have some amazing scenic views, however, the people don’t look very real. It’s a give and take.

Chubby Barbie loves tacos meme

Yes, you can be pretty and chubby at the same time. Also, tacos are the best food in the world, no shame in chowing down some delicious tacos.

Barbie waving meme

You’ll get your turn, settle down and take a deep breath.

Bibble alphabet meme

Sing the alphabet song to get this one quick.

Barbie song meme

This is a fun meme to sing in your head. No Ken, she’s not coming with you.

Barbie projects meme

Pinterest boards are hard so be kind and share some pins.

Barbie looks like Elsa meme

Obviously, this is not Elsa but Barbie and Else both got their 23 and Me test results back and they are from England.

Barbie butterfly fairy meme

Just when you thought Barbie couldn’t be any cooler, she’s a flying fairy!

Ken defends Barbie meme

Ken is such a great guy. Barbie found a good one.

Kermit never got the Barbie dreamhouse meme

Nobody got the Barbie Dreamhouse so don’t feel bad.

Barbie princess start pack meme

Might as well stream as many as you can on Netflix.

Barbie gets fat after Thanksgiving dinner

That’s how everyone looks after a Thanksgiving feast and it’s ok.

Barbie non essential worker doll meme

Wine o’clock is the best time of the day but you must be 21 or older.

Barbie Alexa and Liana singing meme

If Barbie can be in a band then so can you. Rock on!

Barbie perfume meme

Of course, Barbie smalls good, she’s near perfect.

Shrimp on the Barbie meme

Those Australians have Barbie jokes too.

Bibble pin quote meme

I don’t often were pins in public but I would rock this pin at the gym.

Barbie selecting a gift meme

If someone asks you to take a gift then just say ok.

Barbie looking cool while dancing meme

Yes, girls can look stylish in a cowboy hat.

Barbie feeling sick meme

Don’t party too hard like Barbie, learn from her mistakes, and drink lots of water.

Barbie Breaking Bad starter kit meme

Breaking bad Barbie is a brilliant idea. Only watch Breaking Bad with your parents’ approval and stick with the easy bake oven.

Sad Barbie meme

Your crush does notice. He is just so stunned by your beauty that he forgot he should compliment you.

Barbie talking about cute boys meme

Talking about your crush is so much fun. Cherish those moments with your friends.

Barbie rock meme

Oh, he isn’t as dumb as a rock. He’s actually beautiful on the inside.

Barbie locked door meme

Learning to pick locks is a valuable skill that is often overlooked.

Barbie dreamhouse mortgage meme

Yes, the mortgage is expensive but that’s not even the worst part. The worst part is the taxes.

Barbie and Bibble meme

Always study hard and get good grades. Your first employer will hire you if you have good grades.

Barbie detective work meme

He’s on to something. Shhhh, no one give him any clues.

Barbie put on some weight meme

Facebook Barbie needs to become friends with Exercise Barbie. It’s important to have friends of all shapes and sizes.

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