50 Best Christmas Movies on Netflix for Kids

Christmas spirit is on the way to your home this winter with the best Christmas movies on Netflix!

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During this holiday, movie fans all over look forward to entertaining their loved ones with the best holiday season content on the Netflix streaming service. 

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Especially your kids, who are waiting for December with joy and excitement. This list covers the most captivating and fun Christmas movies on Netflix for kids.

50. A Boy Called Christmas

A Boy Called Christmas on Netflix

A young boy named Nikolas takes off on a cold journey north to follow in his father’s footsteps and find a rumored elf village called Elfhelm. 

Nikolas discovers many surprises about himself and his purpose with his sturdy reindeer Blitzen and trustworthy mouse. 

49. The Claus Family

The Claus Family movie on Netflix

After his father’s passing, Jules Claus no longer enjoys the holidays and hates Christmas. While spending time in his grandfather’s toy shop, Jules finds a magic snow globe. 

The magical globe takes Jules around the world, and he finds out his grandfather is Santa Claus, with whom he helps deliver presents during Christmas time. 

48. An Elf’s Story: The Elf on the Shelf

An Elf's Story The Elf on a Shelf movie

An Elf named Chippy is tasked with helping a boy question the magic of Christmas. 

When Chippy discovers how challenging his new assignment is, Santa helps him realize his job’s importance. 

47. Puppy Star Christmas

Puppy Star Christmas movie

Four new puppies are introduced in this holiday film musical. The pups hide on Santa’s sleigh and get stuck at the North Pole. 

Will the Pup Star and friends be able to save the holiday spirit?

46. Chico Bon Bon and the Very Berry Holiday

Chico Bon Bon and The Very Berry Holiday movie on Netflix

Barry never shows up on a magical holiday called Blunderberry to deliver his famous Blunderberry cakes. 

Will the town and friends be able to find Barry and celebrate their beloved Blunderberry holiday again?

45. Spirit Riding Free: The Spirit of Christmas

Spirit Riding Free Spirit of Christmas movie on Netflix

Lucky’s Christmas plans are in danger after a snowstorm prevents him from getting home on time for the festivities. Even his life will be at risk at some point. Will he find his path home?

44. Trolls Holiday

Trolls Holiday movie on Netflix

Queen Poppy and the Trolls celebrate Christmas differently than the Bergens. This time, Queen Poppy will try for the Bergens to adopt their way of celebrating, but will things go alright?

43. Angela’s Christmas

Angela's Christmas on Netflix

This heartwarming animated film starts with Angela visiting the church on Christmas Eve with her parents. There, she comes up with a great idea. 

The six-year-old wishes that the statue of baby Jesus would not be out in the cold anymore. It’s a 30-minute Netflix original movie based on a children’s book called Angela and the Baby Jesus.

42. A Castle for Christmas

A Castle For Christmas movie on Netflix

An American writer named Sofie travels to Scotland and decides to buy a charming castle. A Scottish Duke named Myles refuses to sell to a foreigner. 

The two struggle to find some middle ground and continually disagree about the castle purchase. In the end, Sofie and Myles find more than they thought possible.

41. The Princess Switch

The Princess Switch movie on Netflix

The Princess Switch is a great Christmas movie if your children are a bit older. Vanessa Hudgens brings to life a bakery girl from Chicago who competes in a Christmas contest in Belgravia. 

But things will soon get more exciting for her as she meets a girl who looks just like her. But that’s not all; this girl is a prince’s fiance. The two exchange lives for a couple of days.

40. The Princess Switch: Switched Again

The Princess Switch Switched Again movie on Netflix

A surprise to all, Dutches Margaret inherits the throne to Montenaro, but her relationship with Kevin takes a turn for the worse. It is up to Margaret’s double Stacy to save the day from a new lookalike troublemaker named Fiona. 

39. The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star

The Princess Switch 3 Romancing The Star movie on Netflix

A priceless relic is stolen from the kingdom. Queen Margaret and Princess Stacy team up with their cousin Fiona to find the relic. Fiona recruits a man from her past to help find the relic, and unexpected romance blossoms. 

38. Elliot The Littlest Reindeer

Elliot The Littlest Reindeer movie

Elliot the Littlest Reindeer is an animated movie for the whole family. Elliot is a miniature horse who will have only three days to fulfill the dream of his life after Blitzen retires on December 21st. 

His dream is to accompany Santa to the North Pole and help him deliver gifts under the Christmas tree.

37. Angela’s Christmas 2

Angela's Christmas 2 movie on Netflix

Angela’s Christmas Wish is a Netflix animated movie, the sequel to Angela’s Christmas (2017). 

Angela’s father works far from where Angela is, so she comes up with a clever plan to reunite the family and spend the holidays together.

36. Klaus

Klaus movie on Netflix

Jesper is a postal delivery worker, although he is far from the best. He is sent to a cold island where people barely talk to each other and write letters. 

However, Jesper and his ally, Alva, deal with a toymaker to change the island’s kids’ mood. Enjoy this new award-winning classic Christmas movie. See our list of Klaus characters.

35. Mariah Carey’s Merriest Christmas

Mariah Carey's Merriest Christmas movie

Although it’s not a movie per se, it’s a 40-minute performance with Mariah Carey and other artists. 

Watching Mariah Carey signing Christmas songs has become a Christmas classic, and Netflix has it for you.

34. All I Want For Christmas Is You

All I Want For Christmas Is You animated movie

Mariah is a little blonde-headed girl who desperately wants a puppy for Christmas. Will her wish to get a puppy finally come true this year?

 To prove she is ready and responsible, she puppy-sits her uncle’s dog, Jack, who is challenging to control during the family’s holiday celebration.

33. White Christmas

White Christmas movie on Netflix

If you didn’t know, Netflix does not offer too many classics on its platform. But as the years go by, the all-time favorite White Christmas has stuck around. 

32. 48 Christmas Wishes

48 Christmas Wishes movie on Netflix

Two young elves lose the Christmas letters of a whole town. They go to a small town to recover the wishes of all those people. 

However, it is more complicated than they expected, as they have trouble blending into the life of this little town.

31. Dreamworks Holiday Classics

DreamWorks Holiday Classics movie

Your kids indeed like Dreamworks animated movies. Madagascar and the Penguins of Madagascar, Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, and more! Watch your favorite Dreamworks cartoon characters on fun Christmas adventures.

30. Dragons Rescue Riders: Huttsgalor Holiday

Dragons Rescue Riders Huttsgalor Holiday movie on Netflix

This film is a short Christmas special for the little ones at home. The holidays are always fun for kids, especially if there is snow. 

But what happens when there are dragons in town? Will they ruin the festivities?

29. A StoryBots Christmas

A Storybots Christmas movie on Netflix

A StoryBots Christmas movie is a short animated film for little kids. In this story, one StoryBots has trouble deciphering what to gift on Christmas, and he seeks none other than Santa for advice. 

The StoryBot will learn that Christmas goes beyond the presents.

28. Alien Xmas

Alien Xmas movie on Netflix

It’s Christmas, and aliens want to steal everything on Earth and ruin the holidays for kids. 

However, one of these little aliens, X, learns the true meaning of Christmas and tries to stop his fellow aliens. One of the more out-of-this-world original Netflix animated Christmas films for your kids.

27. The Christmas Chronicles

The Christmas Chronicles movie on Netflix

Netflix released The Christmas Chronicles in 2018 with Kurt Russell as Santa Claus. A heartfelt film that kids and parents can watch together, where two siblings join Santa on an exciting adventure on Christmas Eve.

26. The Christmas Chronicles: Part 2

The Christmas Chronicles 2 movie on Netflix

In the sequel of The Christmas Chronicles, Kate has grown up and runs away to the North Pole only to find a discontent elf (Belsnickel) trying to cancel Christmas. Will the kids save the North Pole?

25. Arthur Christmas

Santa, Arthur, and Steve at the North Pole headquarters

Arthur is Santa’s son; this time, his father made a little mistake by forgetting to deliver a kid’s gift. With Santa traveling worldwide, Arthur must prove his worth to his father and deliver that gift to him before Christmas morning. See all the Arthur Christmas characters.

24. Robin Robin

Robin Robin movie on Netflix

You can find this stop-motion film on Netflix starting on November 24th. It is about the adventure of a peculiar bird, a robin. What is unique about this robin? Well, a family of mice raised him.

23. Holiday Rush

Holiday Rush movie on Netflix

A famous radio DJ gives his kids a luxurious life after his wife dies. However, Rush is left unemployed shortly before Christmas, and he and his sons will have to adapt to a new lifestyle.

22. Christmas Inheritance 

Christmas Inheritance movie on Netflix

Ellen is a highly motivated heiress who plans on inheriting her father’s business soon. Ellen takes a trip to deliver a Christmas letter to her dad’s previous partner in Snow Falls. 

A snowstorm traps Ellen at the local inn, and she puts in some hard work to earn the warm roof over her head. During her journey, Ellen falls in love and embraces the gift of Christmas. 

21. A Family Reunion Christmas

A Family Reunion Christmas movie on Netflix

The McKellans try to spread some Christmas values like forgiveness and gratefulness. They participate in a Christmas pageant that will spark differences between the Williams sisters.

20. Spookley and the Christmas Kittens

Spookly and the Christmas Kittens movie

Your kids may know Spookley from other holiday specials. He has to help a group of cats at the farm during Christmas. It is a fun short film that also includes a couple of memorable musical numbers.

19. A Christmas Prince

A Christmas Prince movie on Netflix

Amber is a young student who is sent to cover the life of a handsome prince ready to become king. She goes incognito, but love and some royal inconvenience will put her disguise at risk.

18. Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

A Christmas Prince Royal Wedding movie on Netflix

A year has passed since Amber helped Richard get the throne in this Christmas Prince sequel. Amber is set to become queen when she marries Richard, which will be the biggest test she has ever faced. 

17. A Christmas Special: Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir

A Christmas Special Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir movie

Adrien has to spend his first Christmas without his mom, and his dad does not seem too excited to see him. As a result, he runs away to the cold and snow of Paris. 

When the news says Adrien is missing, Marinette puts on her ladybug costume. She and some friends will look for Adrien, but they accidentally put the city and Christmas in danger.

16. Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square

Dolly Parton's Christmas on the Square movie on Netflix

A rich woman inherits a town days before Christmas after her dad dies. Her only interest is to sell the city and clear the land. It is up to the citizens to use the magic of Christmas to make her change her mind.

15. A Go! Go! Cory Carson Christmas

A Go! Go! Cory Carson Christmas special on Netflix

A familiar stranger arrives at Carson’s yard, but he has lost his memory. Cory will try to make him remember why Christmas is a magical time. If he cannot do it, that will ruin Christmas for Cory and everyone around.

14. Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas

Shaun the Sheep The Flight Before Christmas movie on Netflix

Netflix will launch this Shaun the Sheep holiday special on December 3rd. This time, Timmy the Sheep wanders away, looking for Christmas stockings. 

Shaun and the rest of the flock will have to find and get him back to the farm safely and sound.

13. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

Jingle Jangle A Christmas Journey movie on Netflix

Jeronicus Jangle is a legendary toymaker in the town of Cobbleton. Each of his toys and inventions is better than the last one. However, one day, his most loyal apprentice betrays him and steals his most precious toy.

12. Captain Underpants Mega Blissmas

Captain Underpants Mega Blissmas movie on Netflix

George and Harold go back in time to make this Christmas more interesting. Things will get weird after they change some beloved traditions.

11. A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish

A Cinderella Story Christmas Wish movie

A young singer has to deal with a presumptuous mother and selfish sisters to fulfill her dream of becoming famous. You will enjoy a classic plot with music and a Christmas theme, perfect to see with your loved ones.

10. Christmas in the Heartland

Christmas In The Heartland movie

Kara and Jessie meet on a plane before Christmas. They were visiting their grandparents, whom neither of the two had seen before. However, they come up with an idea: they will take the place of the other when the plane lands.

9. Home For the Holidays

DreamWorks Home For the Holidays movie on Netflix

Oh, the alien will spend Christmas on Earth for the first time. He and his friend Tip will make you laugh as they try to explain Christmas to the rest of the Boov aliens.

8. The Knight Before Christmas

The Knight Before Christmas movie on Netflix

Vanessa Hudgens is again the star of a great Christmas film. She and a knight who travels from the medieval era to the future meet. 

However, she believes that she will never find love. Will this knight in shining armor change her mind?

7. Elf Pets: A Fox Cub’s Christmas Tale

Elf Pets Fox Cubs Christmas Tale movie

A team of hard-working elves and their fox cub friends have a Christmas mission. They have to cheer up a young boy whose mother is overseas.

6. Elf Pets: Santa’s St. Bernards Save Christmas

Elf Pets Santa's St. Bernards Save Christmas movie

Christmas spirit is fading, and Santa doesn’t have enough Christmas cheer to make the season magical. 

Elf on a Shelf Elves finds St. Bernard puppies and a caring family to help save the community’s Christmas spirit.

5. Elf Pets: Santa’s Reindeer Rescue

Elf Pets Santa's Reindeer Rescue movie

It is the Christmas season, and Santa is preparing for his long flight to deliver gifts worldwide. Santa’s sleigh test flights are not going according to plan. 

The Elf on the Shelf helpers jump into action to save Santa’s sleigh and ensure Christmas isn’t canceled. 

4. Super Monsters Save Christmas

Super Monsters Save Christmas short movie

On the night of Christmas Eve, the Super Monsters decide to work together as their interests collide. Their mission will be to find one of Santa’s missing reindeer and save the holiday festivities.

3. Super Monsters and the Wish Star

Super Monsters and the Wish Star

The Super Monsters get together to celebrate the holidays. This festive holiday blend includes Christmas, Hanukah, and Winter Solstice.

Lobo’s Christmas wish comes true when his favorite cousin arrives for a surprise visit.

2. Super Monsters: Santa’s Super Monster Helpers

Super Monsters Santa's Super Monster Helpers movie

Santa needs help preparing gifts for children from all over. The Super Monsters jump in to help Santa finish present prepping. 

With a little monster magic to get every present wrapped up before Christmas day, Santa’s Super Monster Helpers gives Christmas joy to all the children. 

1. Christmas Break-in

Christmas Break-In Movie

A little girl gets stranded at school before Christmas vacation. But she will be of value to the school janitor after three burglars take him hostage.

Streaming Christmas Movies on Netflix

Netflix screen shot of cartoon Christmas movies

Watch these Netflix Christmas specials with your loved kids while they wait for Santa. It could be the start of a long-cherished tradition in your family.

With the help of this guide, you will make no mistake entertaining your children or teens at home during the holiday weeks. 

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