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Home Movie Review Boov On The Run

Home 2015 movie poster

DreamWorks Animation introduces Home, their newest animated movie, and tops the box office opening weekend! Although Boov topped the box office this weekend, it’s fair to say the critic-smashed animation film isn’t expected to top Furious 7, debuting next weekend.

Home is a wholesome movie built on a foundation of good intentions. Its heartwarming message is well received as the lead characters, Oh and Tip, learn that it’s okay to be different and make mistakes, and family is most important above all! 


We are first introduced to Boov, a colony of cute little aliens fleeing from their enemy, the Gorg. The story then quickly jerks you into high gear, and in just a few minutes, the Boov are taking over planet Earth, relocating the humans, and taking over their homes.

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The story then slows down a bit as we are introduced to Tip, a bright young girl who eluded capture and is committed to reuniting with her mother. At this point in the film, the story moves along at a comfortable pace, and the movie’s direction is clear.

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Not too much further along in the story, it looks as if Oh and Tip will easily succeed and accomplish their goals. Then as if the writers needed to extend the movie another 40 minutes, they introduced a whole new set of objectives for Oh and Tip. 

The transition was rocky at best, but it came full circle and eventually connected back to the story’s beginning.

Home Oh with a cat on his head

The Boov are an exciting set of characters. They almost look like the aliens from Toy Story. Unfortunately, they pretty much all look the same. 

DreamWorks Home makes up for their lack of Boov character creativity by empowering them with a unique ability to show their feelings and emotions. 

As the Boov experience different emotions, they change color. For example, when they tell a lie, they turn green. The Boov also turns red when angry, which helps translate their genuine feelings despite what they might say.

Home Tip and Oh flying in her car

Home has a unique rounded look to its characters, and the animation feel and design are consistent with all the structures and transportation. 

At times the animation of characters added humor to the story, like the Boov dance moves. The Gorg enemy also was a sharp contrast with sharp lines and angles from the character to the mother ship.

However, the Gorg enemy reveals its true self, which is weird and over the top. As strange as this scene was, this did show how the Gorg was seemingly edgy and sharp from an outward appearance but soft and tender at the core.

Home Oh and Tip standing by their car

There are some great songs by Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna during the film, which you can find on the Home soundtrack on iTunes. At times the music feels unrelated to the mood of the movie. The songs in the film were hit-and-miss. 

Home is a younger audience film with an enjoyable and positive overall message! Beyond the wholesome message, the storyline jerks you around. 

It appears to be two separate stories, the first half and a second half unwillingly shoved into one another to become one more important story. 

Home Captain Smek

The animation is acceptable but doesn’t appear to push the limits, and the voice acting sometimes seems out of place, which can be distracting.

Home 2 Boov Sequal

There are rumors of a direct-to-video Home 2 sequel. The DreamWorks Home 2 film could be based on one of the books in the series. At this time, there is no Home 2 Boov sequel release date.

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Is the movie Home based on Rihanna?

the true meaning of smekday by adam rex book cover

The movie Home is based on the children’s book, The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex. The movie Home is not based on Rihanna.

What is the point of the movie Home?

Home Tip

The point of the movie Home is to strive to be a better person by reflecting on how your decisions can impact others in a positive way.

Will there be a Home movie 2?

Home Captain Smek

A Home 2 movie release date has not been announced, and there does not appear to be a sequel to Home in the works at this time.

Is Home a good movie?

Home Tip and Oh flying in her car

The movie Home has good reviews from over 100,000 votes on IMDb, scoring 6.6 out of 10.

Is Oh from Home autistic?

Home Oh with a cat on his head

Oh shows some signs of being autistic in the movie Home. Oh is a very nice alien and doesn’t notice that he gets on everyone’s nerves.

What does it mean if a Boov turns pink?

Home Oh and Tip standing by their car

The Boov turn the color pink when they feel loved.

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