Coco (2017)

Coco story – Despite his family’s baffling generations-old ban on music, Miguel dreams of becoming an accomplished musician like his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz. Read a review or read the plot.

Coco Trailer

PG | 1h 45min | Adventure, Fantasy, Music, Mystery

Release Date: November 22, 2017 | Director: Lee Unkrich, Adrian Molina

Coco Cast and Characters

  • Anthony Gonzalez – Miguel
  • Gael García Bernal – Héctor
  • Benjamin Bratt – Ernesto de la Cruz
  • Alanna Ubach – Mamá Imelda
  • Renee Victor – Abuelita
  • Jaime Camil – Papá
  • Alfonso Arau – Papá Julio
  • Herbert Siguenza – Tío Oscar, Tío Felipe
  • Gabriel Iglesias – Clerk
  • Lombardo Boyar – Plaza Mariachi, Gustavo
  • Ana Ofelia Murguía – Mamá Coco
  • Natalia Cordova-Buckley – Frida Kahlo
  • Selena Luna – Tía Rosita
  • Edward James Olmos – Chicharrón
  • Sofía Espinosa – Mamá

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Coco Verdict

Coco is a colorful adventure about the importance of family and following your dreams until the end.

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Coco Quotes

[Sneezes] I am terribly allergic. – Clerk

But Dante doesn’t have any hair. – Miguel

And I don’t have a nose, and yet, here we are. – Clerk


This isn’t a dream, then – you’re all really out there. – Miguel

You thought we weren’t – Tía Victoria

Well, I don’t know – I thought it might have been one of those made-up things adults tell kids! Like Vitamins. – Miguel

Miguel, vitamins are a real thing! – Tia Victoria

Well, now I’m thinking maybe they could be. – Miguel

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Coco Review

Coco is one of the fascinating American computer-animated films you will ever come across. It was released in 2017 by Disney Pixar. The original film idea was from Lee Unkrich, the film director, while Adrian Molina co-directs the film.

The story is about a boy aged 12 years by the name of Miguel. He finds himself in the Land of the Dead. There he meets his great-great-grandfather, and he decides to seek his help to have him come back to his living family members and reverse the family’s curse of playing music.

Coco 2017 movie poster

The Coco film concept was conceived from the inspiration of the Mexican’s Day of the Dead holiday by Unkrich while Matthew Aldrich and Molina scripted the film.

In 2016, Pixar began creating the animation, and one year later, it was ready for release. The film cost approximately $175–225 million, and it’s the first film to cost such a huge budget and feature an entire Latino principal actors.

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Coco Plot Summary (Spoilers)

Miguel, a young boy and a resident of Santa Cecilia in Mexico, has a great passion for becoming a famous musician. However, his family has already forbidden learning or playing music.

Imelda, his great-great-grandmother, was left by her husband and their daughter named Coco when he went to learn a music career, but unfortunately, he never returned.

This disappointed Imelda and her response were cursing any form of a music career by her family lineage, but instead, she began a shoemaking business to sustain her family.

Coco Miguel watching tv and playing along with guitar

Miguel and Coco now live together with the rest of the family members, talented shoemakers in the town. However, Coco ails from dementia, loss of memory, and she is almost becoming non-verbal.

It could be due to Miguel idolizing popular musicians like Ernesto de la Cruz and practicing the famed musician’s guitar skills secretly while at home.

On the Day of the Dead, Miguel realizes something strange in Coco’s photo with her parents. The face of her father has torn off the rest of the picture.

Additionally, a hidden section on the family’s photographs shows their great-great-grandfather with Ernesto’s famed guitar. Miguel determines that Ernesto is his great-great-grandfather, so he decides to join a local talent show against the family’s wish.

Coco Miguel playing guitar alone

On seeing him join the local show, Miguel’s grandmother destroys the guitar. He later manages to steal Ernesto’s guitar by breaking into his mausoleum.

He intends to use the guitar while in the show since it would make him famous, just like Ernesto. The consequence of stealing the guitar from the Ernesto mausoleum is that he loses his visibility such that the living can’t see him.

However, he gains powers to interact with his deceased relatives’ skeletons joining the Land of the Dead. While interacting with them, they discover that Imelda can’t join them since Miguel had mistakenly removed her detached her photo from the family’s ofrenda.

Meanwhile, Miguel discovers he has been cursed by the dead for stealing the deceased Ernesto’s guitar, and this implies he must come back to the living before dawn; otherwise, he will join the dead.

Coco Miguel and dog crossing the Marigold Bridge

This is only possible if a member of the family blesses him to go back to the living. Imelda agrees to bless Miguel, but if he agrees, never play music once again. However, Miguel declines the offer but instead opts for Ernesto’s blessing.

The main challenge is reaching Ernesto, but a trickster by the name of Hector offers to help him trace Ernesto. The agreement is that Miguel would, in turn, help Hector meet his daughter before she losses her entire memory and fail to remember everyone, including his father, which would mean him disappearing forever.

The only way to enter Ernesto’s mansion is through winning a competition with Hector, but unfortunately, Miguel runs away when his family members trace him.

He finds his way inside the mansion by sneaking, and by good luck, he meets Ernesto, and he receives a warm reception as they are relatives.

Coco Miguel and family standing at the Marigold gate

Hector finds his way inside the mansion and starts a confrontation with them, thus rekindling Hector and Ernesto’s arguments due to their unsettled partnership deal while alive.

The confrontation gives Miguel a chance to learn that Ernesto poisoned Hector after he had made his thought to go back to his family and, to make the matter worse, stole his popular guitar.

Ernesto further possesses Hector’s songs which made him famous. To conceal his ill-gotten fame, Ernesto snatches their photos and shamelessly throws them into a pit.

This incident gives Miguel a chance to learn that his real great-great-grandfather was Hector and that his main intention was to return to the Living land to see Coco, who was now losing her memory.

Coco Miguel and Abuelita standing by day of the dead shrine

Afterward, the family discovers the truth and joins effort with Imelda to rescue them. Miguel now discloses to Imelda whose Hector in that family, which results in a reconciliation between Hector and Imelda. They now pursue Ernesto snow to reclaim Hector’s photo.

This exposes Ernesto’s evil deeds to his audience, and Imelda’s spirits manage to fling him out. However, in the commotion, Miguel misplaces the photo.

He is, however, blessed by both Hector and Imelda without attaching conditions on his blessing as his gate pass to the land of living before the sunrise.

When Miguel reaches home, he plays the song Remember Me’ to Coco, a song that Hector had written for her. It was the most famous song that Ernesto played though it wasn’t this original work.

The song brightens Coco, who then joins Miguel in singing the song. While singing, she remembers where she had saved the family photograph’s missing part since it included Hector’s face.

She is also able to narrate the various family stories, including those of her father. This saves her father’s from disappearing completely from the place of the Dead. Besides, Miguel gets reconciled to his father, thus ending the curse of playing music.

A year later, Miguel gladly shows his sister’s new baby a complete family ofrenda, Hector, and Coco’s photos, who died lately.

Coco’s letter enables the family to end Ernesto’s evil legacy and thus reclaim Hector’s honor in the Land of the Dead. Besides, Imelda and Hector reawaken their old romance where they join Coco in her way to visit the living.

Coco Soundtrack

Coco soundtrack album cover
  1. Remember Me – Ernesto de la Cruz, Benjamin Bratt
  2. Much Needed Advice – Benjamin Bratt, Antonio Sol
  3. Everyone Knows Juanita – Gael García Bernal
  4. Un Poco Loco – Anthony Gonzalez, Gael García Bernal
  5. Jálale – Mexican Institute of Sound
  6. The World Es Mi Familia – Anthony Gonzalez, Antonio Sol
  7. Remember Me (Lullaby) – Gael García Bernel, Gabriella Flores, Liberated García Fonzi
  8. La Llorona – Alanna Ubach, Antonio Sol
  9. Remember Me (Reunion) – Anthony Gonzalez, Ana Ofelia Murguía
  10. Proud Corazón – Anthony Gonzalez
  11. Remember Me (Dúo) – Miguel feat. Natalia LaFourcade
  12. Will He Shoemaker?
  13. Shrine and Dash
  14. Miguel’s Got an Axe to Find
  15. The Strum of Destiny
  16. It’s All Relative
  17. Crossing the Marigold Bridge
  18. Dept. of Family Reunions
  19. The Skeleton Key to Escape
  20. The Newbie Skeleton Walk
  21. Adiós Chicharrón
  22. Plaza de la Cruz
  23. Family Doubtings
  24. Taking Sides
  25. Fiesta Espectacular
  26. Fiesta con de la Cruz
  27. I Have a Great Great Grandson
  28. Blessing and a Fessing
  29. Somos Familiar de Rivera
  30. Reunión Familiar de Rivera
  31. A Family Dysfunction
  32. Grabbing a Photo Opportunity
  33. For Whom the Bell Tolls
  34. One Year Later
  35. Coco – Día de los Muertos Suite