Drizella Tremaine: A Cruel Disney Step Sister

Drizella Tremaine is the oldest of the Tremaine daughters in the Cinderella film series. Drizella plays the secondary antagonist and is the sister of Anastasia.

Drizella Tremaine

Drizella only cares about status and power, which she learned from her mother, Lady Tremaine. When her mother remarried, she also became a sister to Cinderella.

Drizella’s Story

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Who is Drizella? Drizella is grumpy, lazy, cruel, and obnoxious. She is much worse than her younger sister Anastasia, and Drizella’s anger is on display at times, making her unpredictable.

Unlike Anastasia, Drizella cannot change and remains faithful to her evil mother’s wishes, often called the evil queen.

Drizella teasing Anastasia

Her overbearing mother continues to push her to improve, but she is talentless. Her mother’s cruel treatment continues to encourage Drizella’s hurtful behavior.

Lady Tremaine continues to teach Drizzella the skills she needs to marry into a noble family and cement her high status and wealth. 

Drizella Tremaine’s Personality and Characteristics

Although some may not consider her a central character, in the original classic Cinderella film, Drizella Tremaine proves she has many personality flaws. 

Like her sister Anastasia, she has an ugly personality and outward appearance. She is greedy, selfish, cruel, envious, and spoiled, just like her mother and sister Anastasia.

Drizella walking away from Anastasia laughing

Despite being cruel, evil, and arrogant, she can show that she cares for her sister Anastasia and her mother as they often team up against Cinderella.

Drizella is cruel to her stepsister Cinderella because she is beautiful and kind. Her hatred of Cinderella causes her to treat Cinderella as the worst of the three Tremains.

While Anastasia realizes that she is unattractive and clumsy, Drizella cannot believe it because she is too arrogant and refuses to admit that she has flaws. 

Drizella standing next to Lady Tremaine

Drizella Tremaine’s Physical Appearance

Drizella’s appearance is that of a slender young woman with fair skin and dark brown hair with curlers that reach her shoulders. 

She always wears her hair combed with a blue ribbon on her head and has black eyes. In Cinderella 3, Drizella has black hair.

Her original outfit is a short-sleeved dress in various shades of yellow and light green, and she also has matching yellow shoes.

Drizella Tremaine with brown hair green hair bow and a green dress

Her feet are enormous, as evidenced by trying on Cinderella’s glass slipper. When Prince Charming asks the Grand Duke to search for Cinderella with the one remaining glass slipper, Anastasia and Drizella try it on, and their feet are way too big to fit, no matter how hard they try.

In the royal ball scene, her dress is various shades of green with cyan outlines, and she wears only a light blue feather on her head.

In both of the film’s sequels, Drizella has black hair. The color of her dress is also different in each of the sequels.

Drizella trying on the glass slipper that doesn't fit

In Cinderella 2, her dress is olive and chartreuse, and in Cinderella 3, it is various shades of green.

In her childhood, Drizzella had lighter brown hair and wore a short-sleeved dress of various shades of yellow with a white necklace and a red gem in the center.

Drizella Tremaine’s Strengths and Abilities

Drizella Tremaine has very few strengths and abilities. Other than being talented at being lazy and cruel, Lady Tremaine teaches her to sing. 

Drizella is a bad singer, and her sister is terrible at playing the flute. They practice their music with their mother, Lady Tremaine but never show any improvement. 

Drizella singing and Anastasia playing the flute

Although Anastasia and Drizella seem to change for the better at times, only Anastasia shows the ability to ask for forgiveness from Cinderella. Drizella never shows this change of heart or emotional intelligence. 

Drizella Tremaine Pictures

Films, Shows, and Video Game Appearances


In this animated feature film, Drizella Tremaine’s first appearance is in the classic Disney movie about Cinderella’s life.

In this film, Drizella is a cruel, envious, and selfish person who mistreats and humiliates Cinderella with her mother and sister’s help. She is only interested in staying with the Prince for financial gain.

All unmarried women are invited to the Prince’s ball. She attempts to meet him at the palace ball, but Cinderella wins his attention.

Drizella Tremaine in her green dress and Anastasia Tremaine in her purple dress

Before the ball, Drizell’s mother, Lady Tremaine, points out that Cinderella’s necklace adds a charming touch to her look. This infuriates Drizella, and the evil stepsisters snatch the necklace from Cinderella and tear her dress to shreds.

Later, Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother saves the day by waving her wand. She creates Cinderella’s dress in a beautiful flowing blue ball gown.

Drizella, Anastasia, and Lady Tremaine are all envious of Cinderella’s success despite their best efforts to derail her dreams.

Cinderella 2: Dreams Come True

In this movie, Drizella only appears in the last three segments, becoming a minor antagonist. Here she only shows that she is still on the side of her evil mother and is against her sister Anastasia’s love for the Baker of low-birth.

Drizella and Lady Tremaine at the bakery

After Anastasia reveals herself against her mother and defends her love, Lady Tremaine storms off. Her mother leaves Drizella in awe, but Drizella returns home to her mother.

Cinderella 3: A Twist In Time (Also called Cinderella iii)

Although Anastasia has changed and becomes a reasonable person in this feature film, Drizella maintains her secondary antagonist role and remains envious, cruel, selfish, and evil until the end. Drizella and Lady Tremain even become scullery maids for a short time.

Drizella cleaning a large pot with her sister Anastasia

Cinderella (Live-Action 2015)

This movie is a remake of the original film released in 1950. In this live-action movie, the Disney character of Drizella is played by actress Sophie McShera.

Drizella’s name is Drisella, and she doesn’t have dark brown hair. Instead, Drizzella’s hair color changes to red.

Drisella’s outfit is the same as Anastasia’s, but she wears yellow instead of pink like Anastasia’s.

Drisella in the 2015 live action remake

This movie shows that Drisella is not as pretty as Anastasia, but she is more brilliant. Her voice is so terrible that she very badly scares people by singing and playing the piano.

Drisella prefers to sleep and care for her appearance, just like Anastasia.

Drizella also appears in season 7 of the Once Upon A Time series and briefly goes by a different name in Hyperion Heights, Ivy Belfrey.

Mickey’s House of Villains

Drizella talking with her eyes closed


  • Walt Disney Anthology Series
  • House of Mouse
  • Once Upon a Time

Video Games

  • Disney Princess
  • Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
  • Kingdom Hearts Unchained X
  • Disney Magic Kingdoms
  • Disney Emoji Blitz
The Prince walking past Drizella and Anastasia to see Cinderella

Drizella Tremaine Trivia and Fun Facts 

  • Drizella Tremaine was animated by Ollie Johnston and Marc Davis. 
  • Rhoda Williams voiced Drizella Tremaine in the original Cinderella film. Russi Taylor later voiced her from 2002 to 2007.
  • In the Cinderella live-action remake (2015), Drizella was played by Sophie McShera. 
  • The original fairy tale by Charles Perrault inspired Drizella and Anastasia. 
  • In the 2015 live-action remake, Drizella spells her name differently, Drisella. 
  • In Descendants 2, Drizella has a daughter named Dizzy. 
  • Jiminy Cricket gives Drizella the nickname Driz for short in the 1957 Disneyland Records Storyteller edition of Cinderella. 
Drizella and Anastasia running towards a large cake

Drizella Tremaine Quotes

“Take that ironing and have it back in an hour! One hour, you hear?”
Drizella Tremaine
“Why, that’s my slipper!”
Drizella Tremaine
“Hah! Her, dancing with the Prince.”
Drizella Tremaine
“Our scullery maid.”
Drizella Tremaine
Drizella ripping Cinderella's pink dress
“Why, you little thief! They’re my beads! Give them here!”
Drizella Tremaine
“You ungrateful little…!”
Drizella Tremaine
“You did it on purpose!”
Drizella Tremaine
“Mother! Do you realize what you just said?”
Drizella Tremaine
Drizella and Anastasia walking side by side
“It’s ridiculous.”
Drizella Tremaine
“She’s out of her mind.”
Drizella Tremaine
“Why, that’s us!”
Drizella Tremaine

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