Anastasia Tremaine: The Forgiven Step Sister

Anastasia Tremaine is an antagonist in the 1950 Disney animated film Cinderella. She is the second child of Lady Tremaine, Drizella Tremaine’s younger sister, and one of Cinderella’s two evil stepsisters.

Anastasia Tremaine

Anastasia Tremaine also appears in the Cinderella sequels and becomes a supporting character. 

Anastasia’s Story

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When Lady Tremaine married Cinderella’s father, Anastasia became one of her stepsisters.

The moment Cinderella’s father dies, Anastasia, her sister, and her mother begin to mistreat Cinderella. With time, they made her a servant and humiliated her on many occasions.

Anastasia Tremaine posing

Anastasia Tremaine’s Personality and Characteristics

Anastasia has many ugly personality traits that mirror her outward appearance. She shows many times that she is selfish, spoiled, and mean. 

Anastasia has many of the same jealous feelings towards Cinderella as her mother and sister, who dislike Cinderella for being more beautiful and kind than them. 

In the Cinderella sequels, Anastasia’s personality shows a loving side. She pushes aside her mother’s status aspirations; instead, she shows that she is ready to find love of her own. 

Anastasia and Drizella putting on makeup

Anastasia Tremaine’s Physical Appearance

Anastasia Tremaine has a tall and skinny build with a light skin tone and black eyes. Her hair is red with bangs cut straight across her forehead and ringlet curls in the back with a gold hair clip decoration. 

Anastasia often wears a purple and pink dress. The torso area of the dress is purple, and the puffy shoulders and dress from the waist down are pink. 

Anastasia Tremaine with red hair and a purple dress

She wore her hair shorter in her childhood and an elegant dress in various pink shades, with a white-winged collar and a blue jewel in the middle.

Anastasia also has large feet, which is obvious when the glass slipper doesn’t fit. 

Anastasia Tremaine’s Strengths and Abilities

Anastasia Tremaine has minimal strength and abilities. Besides being very good at being lazy and mean, Lady Tremaine teaches her to learn to play the flute. 

She doesn’t play very well and often fights with her sister Drizella, about her poor playing. 

Anastasia playing the flute

Anastasia Tremaine dreamed of marrying the Prince, not for love, but for money like her mother taught her. At the Royal Ball, Anastasia failed to get the attention of the Prince and was never able to dance with him. 

Cinderella is the one who manages to keep the Prince’s heart, leaving Anastasia and her sister shocked.

In the sequels of the Cinderella movie, Anastasia’s character had a considerable change; while her mother is obsessed with her status, she is more interested in finding someone special.

The Baker and Anastasia look into each others eyes

Anastasia’s relationship with Cinderella was terrible in the original film, but Cinderella forgave her in the sequels when Anastasia showed her more sensitive side.

As time passes, Anastasia realizes that she misbehaved with Cinderella and dreams of living a true romance as happy as hers.

Anastasia Tremaine Pictures

Films, Shows, and Video Game Appearances


Anastasia Tremaine’s first appearance is in the movie “Cinderella.”

In this film, Anastasia is spoiled, cruel, and selfish; she spends her time humiliating Cinderella with her mother and sister’s help.

Cinderella 2: Dreams Come True

Anastasia has a change; she goes from being one of the antagonists to being a good-hearted person when she finds true love.

In this animated film, Anastasia falls in love with the baker, and it is Cinderella who helps her become a nice person, good and kind to everyone.

Although her mother forbade him to see the baker again, Anastasia paid attention to her heart.

Anastasia thanks Cinderella

Cinderella 3: A Twist In Time

In this movie’s plot, Lady Tremaine casts a spell that succeeds in making the prince fall in love with Anastasia.

But finally, Anastasia realizes that her wish is for someone to love her for who she is, and she refuses to marry the Prince.

Cinderella (2015 Live-Action)

This movie is a remake of a film released in 1950. Here, Anastasia is played by actress Holliday Grainger.

In this movie, Anastasia wears the same clothes as her sister Drizella, but while Drizella’s clothes are yellow, Anastasia’s are pink.

Anastasia Cinderella is not as bright as Drizella, but she is cuter. She prefers to take care of her appearance, sleep, and draw in her free time.

Mickey’s House of Villains

The Fairy Godmothers magic wand lands in front of Anastasia


  • Walt Disney Anthology Series
  • House of Mouse
  • Once Upon a Time

Video Games

  • Disney Princess
  • Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
  • Kingdom Hearts Unchained X
  • Disney Magic Kingdoms
  • Disney Emoji Blitz
Lady Tremaine playing the Piano and Anastasia playing the flute while Drizella sings

Anastasia Tremaine Trivia and Fun Facts 

  • Lucille Bliss provided the voice for Anastasia Tremaine in the original film Cinderella. 
  • Holliday Grainger played Anastasia Tremaine in the 2015 live-action remake of Cinderella. 
  • The fairy tale by Charles Perrault inspired Disney’s take on Anastasia and her sister Drizella. 
  • Anastasia Tremaine’s late father was Sir Francis Tremaine, and her mother was Lady Tremaine. 
  • Anastasia finds love with the Baker in Cinderella III; however, it is unknown if they marry and live happily ever after. 
  • Anastasia Tremaine was animated by Ollie Johnston, Marc Davis, and later Lily Dell. 
  • Anastasia is the youngest Tremaine sister. Her older sister is Drizella.
  • Anastasia is allergic to roses, as shown in Cinderella III.
  • Anastasia’s nickname is Stash, given to her by Jiminy Cricket from Disneyland Records. 
Anastasia and Drizella bow to the Prince as he sees Cinderella walking by

Anastasia Tremaine Quotes

“Well, it’s about time. Don’t forget the mending! Don’t be all day getting it done, either.”
Anastasia Tremaine
“It’s only Cinderella.”
Anastasia Tremaine
“She put it there! A big, ugly mouse! Under my teacup.”
Anastasia Tremaine
“And I’m so eligible.”
Anastasia Tremaine
Anastasia drawing with Lady Tremaine in the room
“I’d be honored, Your Highness. Would you mind holding my broom?”
Anastasia Tremaine
“I don’t see why everybody else seems to have such nice things to wear, and I always end up in these old rags! This sash! I wouldn’t be seen dead in it.”
Anastasia Tremaine
“I knew it was my slipper. Exactly my size. I always wear the same size.”
Anastasia Tremaine
“Well, it may be a trifle snug today. You know how it is, dancing all night.”
Anastasia Tremaine
Anastasia as a small girl
“It’s always fit perfectly before. I don’t think you’re half trying.”
Anastasia Tremaine
“Oh, and look, that’s my sash! Wearing my sash, she can’t!”
Anastasia Tremaine
“This is the answer to all our problems!”
Anastasia Tremaine
“But I want someone to love me for me!”
Anastasia Tremaine
Cinderella puts her hand on Anastasia's shoulder
“This is the real Cinderella, your one true love.”
Anastasia Tremaine
“Ah! It fits! Oh, Mother! Mother, it fits!”
Anastasia Tremaine
“Your majesty, I don’t deserve this.”
Anastasia Tremaine
“It is an honor, Your Majesty.”
Anastasia Tremaine
Anastasia looking in the mirror at Cinderella

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